Hacktive Security - IT Security Services


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Hacktive Security - IT Security Services

  1. 1. Make your future safe stone by stone
  2. 2. Hacktive Security is avendor independentsecurity consultingcompany thatprovides top qualityservices in theInformation & Communication Technology filed. With an extensive range of services to ensure secure information systems the companyoperates into markets such as Telco, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Education, and Government. Hacktive security, your missing brick! Excellence Our main competency is security assessments, however as our business has grown we now complement this ability with a wider range of security services thanks to our team of security experts and business partnerships. With Hacktive Security on board your company join a leading source for security services with depth of experience, expertise, and skill. Thanks to our clients we have a reputation of trust that they express with admiration and with continuous job orders. WE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING SERVICESASSESSMENT DETECTION F O R E N S I C PROTECTION R E S E A R C H T R A I N I N GServices to ensure the Services you need to Services to identify and Services to proactively Innovative services to Courses and workshopsintegrity of information be sure that you can resolve incidents that manage your security develope solutions that tailored to meet yousystems, against data detect any problem as can negatively impact risk. gives added value. necessities.theft and fraud. soon as possible hence your business. better fix it.Team and Technical Expertise Our Customers Hacktive Security’s customers are primarily mediumThe company is born from the vision acquired by two professionals with and large enterprises from Italy.more than 10 years of international experience in the service of both civilianand military organizations. Hacktive Securitys technical leaders are bothindividually widely recognized expert in the security field.MissionHigh security standards, the best reference methodologies, an innovativeapproach and a wide know-how on the cutting edge technologies are justsome points on which Hacktive Security built its identity. Aiming toexcellence to preserve and protect information is the first step toward ouridea about security.AttitudeSecurity changed from products focused on solving specific problems, to thedesign, support and implementation of a comprehensive, integrated solution.Hacktive Securitys response to this challenge a structured approach,analyzing the scenario and risks involved, and then using this information tocreate a fully customized solution.Commitment➡ Provide services only around security➡ Understand your business risk➡ Help with compliance to legislation and regulations➡ Implement strong security solutions➡ Provide understandable results➡ Ethical, transparent and professional Hacktive Security is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for meeting the quality management systems requirements defined by the International Organization for Standardization.
  3. 3. assessmentSystems and Wired Networks - Web Applications -Data Base Management Systems - SAP SystemsWireless NetworksWireless GSM/UMTS (2G/3G) NetworksInternal and External IntrusionsMobile Technology (smartphones and tablets)Source Code AnalysisSecurity Architecture ReviewSecurity Awareness detection Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) Host based Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS) Security Information/Event Management (SIEM) forensic Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)Incident Response and Digital InvestigationMalware AnalysiseDiscoveryLitigation Support - Expert WitnessData Recovery protectionInternal Forensic Lab Security Architecture Design & Review Firewalls and VPNs System and Network Devices Hardening Network and Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (NIPS/HIPS) Wireless Networks Security Database Security Hardening researchMobile Application SecurityBackend Security Project (OWASP) trainingHekidna System Protection Security assessment courses Forensic analysis courses Hands-on security workshops
  4. 4. www.hacktivesecurity.com