Strategic importance of HR


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Strategic importance of HR

  1. 1. The Strategic Importance OfManaging Human Resources Fatemeh Hashemi
  2. 2. The Strategic Importance OfManaging Human Resources For every organization human resources are like thier assests so it should be treated very carefully and effectively. Today’s most competitive organizations are working to ensure that now and a decade from now they have employees available who are eager and able to address key competitive challenges. İn other words every organization wants to attract and retain potential and talented employees to work for them at top level. So along with other factors effecting the success of an organization it is very dificult to succeed without managing human resources effectively.
  3. 3. Satisfying Multiple Stakeholders An organization’s approach to managing human resources is central to its ability to satisfy its many stakeholders. Who Are The Stakeholders? 1. Owners & Investors 2. Customers 3. Society 4. Other Organizations 5. Organization Members
  4. 4. Types Of Stakeholders
  5. 5. A Framework For Managing Human ResourceThe centre part of the framework are the activities formanaging human resources like recruitment,selection,compensation, performance measurement,training, and so on. These activities are importantbecause they partly determine how well a companysatisfies the concerns of its multiple stakeholders andare shaped by various forces in the externalenvironment and by several organizational factors.
  6. 6. The Importance Of The ExternalAnd Organizational Environments
  7. 7. The Human Resource Triad HR Professionals Whether a company chooses its human resources policies and practices systematically or somewhat haphazardly, those policies and practices can have powerful effects. Ensuring that those effects are positive rather than destructive requires the involvement of three keyLine Managers All Other Employees players.
  8. 8. Five Special ThemesIn managing people and organization today, manycommon themes seem to pop up all the time. Thesethemes are important because they help shape andinfluence human resource management policies andpractices, and thus how companies manage theiremployees.These five themes are:1. Managing Teams2. Managing Multicultural Workforce3. Managing Globalization4. Managing Ethics5. Managing With Metrics