Selecting employees


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Selecting employees

  1. 1. Selecting Employees To FitThe Job And Organization Fatemeh Hashemi
  2. 2. SelectionSelection is the process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualification to fill jobs in an organization. It is a process of obtaining and using information about job applicants to determine who should be hired for long or short-term position in an organization.Selection process is necessary when the number of available candidates for the job open is more than the number of people to be hired. It is mean that if the number of available candidates is only equals the number of peoples need, there is not selection, the choice have already been made. 2
  3. 3. Job fit & organization fitJob fit seeks to match an individual’s abilities and interests with the demands of specific job. It is help select employees who are the good fit in the specific job. For example some jobs require detail work. In order to use job fit, manager reviews the list of job facets (competencies and technical questions) and select the must important in the job.Organization fit is concerned with how well the individual’s characteristics math the broader culture, values, and norms of organizationJob and organization fit is extent to which job activities, responsibilities, and values associated with the position are consistent with the type of environment that provides personal satisfaction. 3
  4. 4. Strategic importance in selectionSelection practices ensure that employees are:• Capable of high productivity• Motivated to stay with the organization for as long as the organizationwants to employ them• Able to engage in behaviors that result in customer satisfaction• Capable of implanting the strategy of the company. 4
  5. 5. Strategic framework for employee selection 5
  6. 6. The selection process Applicant comes to organization ReceptionThe selection process generallyinvolves several steps. Variationon this basic process depend on Applicant completes Initial Screaming No matchorganizational size, nature of job Application Form Interviewto be filled, number of people tobe select, and pressure of outsideforces such as a equal employeeopportunity considerations. The Testing In Depth Selection Interview No matchtypical selection process startswhen applicant comes to No matchorganization until job offer. Background Investigation No match Physical examination No match Job Offer 6
  7. 7. The selection process1. Reception2. Initial screening interview3. Application forms4. Selection testing Ability tests Aptitude tests Work sample Assessment center Psychological and Ability test5. Selecting interview Structured Interview Nondirective Interview Stress Interview6. Background investigation7. Physical examination8. Legal consideration selection