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Karomi Artwork Managment


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Presentation on Karomi Artwork Management Solution. Contact for more details

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Karomi Artwork Managment

  1. 1. Karomi Artwork Management System
  2. 2. Current Challenges• Multiple Stakeholders• Long lead times• Missed Deadlines• Compliance Issues• Increased Costs• No auditable workflow of all approvals• Paper based artwork feedback and comments• No central repository of all Artworks, Key Line Drawings, Proofs, etc.• Collaboration between Internal and External users are limited
  3. 3. Multiple Stakeholders Multi-function inputs create high complexity
  4. 4. FeaturesArtwork Repository• Central Artwork repository, accessible using web browser anywhere• Manage multiple versions of Artwork as changes are made• Access control (who can view, update & administer)• Extensive Search option across all artwork data and content• Audit LogWorkflow• Customizable Artwork request and approval workflow• Alerts, reminders and escalations through Email, SMS and Portal• Customizable data entry forms for capturing inputs of each department• Approval status and tracking• Workflow can include design agencies and printers
  5. 5. FeaturesCollaboration• Annotation tool for easy feedback• Artwork Image comparison tool for seeing difference between versions• Artwork Text comparison between original and different versions• In-built measurement tool for verifying dimensions• Automatic recognition of Barcode, Pharmacode and BrailleCompliance• CFR Part 11 compliant• Audit log of who updated what and when• Audit log of who approved which artwork and when
  6. 6. Features Color Separation • Create separate CMYK color separations • Separate Spot colors and Pantones • View combination of colors and spot colorsPre-Flight checks • Verify ink coverage • Verify font sizes • Verify image resolutions • Verify bleed areas
  7. 7. Factory QASpecial Tool to compare hardcopy with approved Artwork • Shows minute differences in text, image and color • Inspection of labels, cartons, inserts and press sheets • Automatic detection of step and repeats • Supported file types include BMP, JPEG, TIFF and PDF • Automatic alignment, regardless of position on page • Automatic location of cartons and labels • Detailed defect reporting • Language independent • Optional Braille Module • Optional Barcode Module • Supports all paper sizes
  8. 8. Artwork Repository Artwork Repository by Brand/Product/Category
  9. 9. Artwork Version Control Security Version History Artwork Version Control, Security, Audit Logs
  10. 10. Artwork RequestCustomizable eForms to capture artwork request and department inputs
  11. 11. Department Inputs Department specific data entry formats
  12. 12. Artwork Approval WorkflowCustomizable Workflow
  13. 13. ChecklistCustomizable Approval Checklist for each department
  14. 14. Measurements Measurement tools to measure dimensions
  15. 15. Pharmacode Recognition Automatically recognize 1D and 2D Pharmacodes
  16. 16. Barcode Recognition Automatically recognize barcodes in the artwork All 1D and 2D Barcodes recognized in any orientation
  17. 17. Braille Recognition Automatically recognize and decode Braille in the Artwork
  18. 18. AnnotationsOnline annotations for quick feedback. Panel on right shows whomade what comment and when. Includes option to reply to thecomment
  19. 19. Text Comparison - Compare text between 2 versions of Artwork - Multilingual comparison supported
  20. 20. Artwork Image Comparison Side-by-side Artwork comparison of current and previous versions
  21. 21. Artwork Image Comparison Overlay two versions of the artwork and highlight differences.
  22. 22. Identify Ink Coverage
  23. 23. Color Separation Individual separation of CMYK
  24. 24. Pantone Separation Individual separation of Pantone and Spot colors
  25. 25. Small Text Identification
  26. 26. Bleed Area Zones
  27. 27. Status Tracking Track the status of all Artwork Approvals
  28. 28. Artwork Audit Who did what work and when
  29. 29. Artwork Dashboard
  30. 30. Karomi Artwork SystemBenefits• Structured Workflow• Improved Communication• Improved Collaboration• Increased Quality• Compliance• Reduced Time to Market• Cost Savings
  31. 31. ContactKaromi TechnologyWeb: www.karomi.comEmail: sales@karomi.comPhone: +91-44-28345314 / 15 / 16 / 17