Positivo in 2012


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Positivo in 2012

  1. 1. Who is @shitadewiAn Astra’s WorkerWork at ORENZ Taxias Sales & Marketing HeadA Single, Be Married soonOne of The Authors #1111Founder of Sby Tarot ClubLove music & booksLove to cook,Love artworks,Love people,Love & enjoy life
  2. 2. Do you believe in HEAVEN?
  3. 3. Is it Heaven?
  4. 4. Is it Heaven?
  5. 5. Is it Heaven?
  6. 6. So where is your heaven?Does it really matter to you?
  7. 7. A New Understanding about : HEAVEN VS HELL
  8. 8. Movie : Heaven AppealsWhat’s the INSIGHT of the movie?
  9. 9. Heaven Hell
  10. 10. Heaven Hell
  11. 11. Heaven Combined 7 color to get WHITE A JOURNEY from Red to White Where are YOU now? Hell
  12. 12. Heavena world where one is in positive stateOf mind So where is your heaven?
  13. 13. This is my HEAVEN What’s Yours?
  14. 14. Positive state of mind :Is temporary or Permanent? How to keep it in balance?
  15. 15. FEAR is LOVE is EGO based HEART-centeredEvery moment we are asked to choose between Love & Fear
  16. 16. FEAR is LOVE is EGO based HEART-centeredEvery moment we are asked to choose between Love & Fear
  17. 17. Attitude is a mental position relative to away of thinking of being
  18. 18. If you think YOU CAN? Yes, you’re rightIf you think YOU CAN’T? Yes, you’re also right It’s a matter of A T T I T U D E
  19. 19. Movie : Don’t Judge Too QuicklyWhat’s the INSIGHT of the movie?
  20. 20. Positive Thinker sees the INVISIBLE, feels theINTANGIBLE, achieves the IMPOSSIBLEAre you? The choice of your attitude will decide The OUTCOME of your life
  21. 21. Movie : Positive Attitude is EverythingWhat’s the INSIGHT of the movie?
  22. 22. Attitude Behavior Only happen PERSONALLY from the Thinking INSIDE - OUTSelf Change Process
  23. 23. How To Be A POSITIVE Being?It’s not just a perceptionIt’s not just a feelingIt’s not just a dream or hope It’s a matter of a process Take a step
  24. 24. Movie : Piano Stair : FUN THEORYWhat’s the INSIGHT of the movie?
  25. 25. Why we Have to BE POSITIVE ? NOW? WHY? It’s not about GOOD or BAD Choosing This, Avoiding That It’s about to HOW TO BE BALANCE in times of constant CHANGEIt’s about A WHOLENESS
  26. 26. How To Be A POSITIVE Being?The key is ACCEPTING & BEING RESPONSIBLE for:1. Who I am : SELF IDENTITY2. What I have : POTENCY & TRAITS3. What I do : ACTUALIZATION
  27. 27. Thinking OBSERVE your thinking Observe in silence Observe not judging Observe not taking assumption Observe to understand, knowing MANAGE your talk Talk only good thing or be silent
  28. 28. BehaviorTo change behavior needs : True assessment Determination DisciplineChoose your behavior through your response
  29. 29. What you will have depend on the choice of yourattitudeWith a bad attitude you will not have a positive dayWith a positive attitude you will have a good day + attitude is like a magnet for + results
  30. 30. Always choose POSITIVE WAY OF LIVE Don’t give up,…Hap Hap Hap ^^ Attitude Behavior Thinking
  31. 31. Let’s TALK & SHARE
  32. 32. ENDThank You