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  1. 1. DEVELOPMENT OF A BIOMETRIC HARDWARE MODULE INCORPORATING NFC FOR PEER-TO-PEER MONEY TRANSFER & IDENTITY VIRTUALIZATION National Institute of Technology, Arunachal Pradesh Dept. Of Computer Science & Engineering Shirsha Ghosh MTMC/14/13
  2. 2. Overview of Current Payment Technologies 1
  3. 3. Current Methods of Digital Payments
  4. 4. Preferred Payments
  5. 5. Most Pertinent Work United States Patent: 8,910,879 B2 Date of Patent: Dec. 16, 2014 Inventor: Jordan Chandler Goldman, Daniel Anthony Auten, Carlos Pizzaro Leon. ELECTRONIC CARD WITH A PROGRAMMABLE MAGNETIC STRIPE
  6. 6. All in One Payment Card
  7. 7. Introduction to NFC2
  8. 8. Introduction to NFC ◉Based on RFID technology at 13,56 MHz ◉Operating distance typical up to 10 cm ◉Compatible with today’s field proven contactless RFID technology ◉Data exchange rate today up to 424 kilobits/s
  9. 9. Operating Modes of NFC
  10. 10. SNEP client sends request to the server containing an Information field, a request Header and. After processing the requested method, the SNEP server sends back a message to the client indicating success or failure of the invoked method Protocoles used in NFC LLCP LLCP is a compact protocol, based on the industry standard IEEE 802.2, designed to support either small applications with limited data transport requirements
  11. 11. Problems Found ◉All the system serves only one purpose. Currently there is no system is available which can do all the types of transaction. ◉The adoption rate of contactless payments are very less in India. So the users cannot get the fruitfulness of the features of the technology. ◉There is no device available in the market which can do Peer-to-Peer transactions on the go. ◉The most favourable solutions like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc. are only available on high cost devices. So the common people cannot afford them. ◉Companies like Apple, Samsung etc. are only releasing the Payment features in developed countries like USA, UK etc. ◉Every merchant is tied up with different transaction processor companies, so it is not possible to use any particular application ever where.
  12. 12. Proposed Module
  13. 13. Designing of the System Cloud Server Finger Print Sensor NFC SMS Server GSM Hardware Module KeyPad uController
  14. 14. Description of Hardware Microcontroller Board FPC-AM3 Sensor NFC Module E-Ink Display FONA GSM Module TTP229 Capacitive Keypad
  15. 15. SMS Server Android Application • Get SMS from the Hardware • Break the Data in appropriate format • Send the Data to the Server using HTTP method
  16. 16. Cloud Server • Get Data from the SMS server • Do the appropriate action • Send the Response to the receiver
  17. 17. Flowchart of the Sender for Payment Start Get ID from NFC Module from Receiver Enter Amount Verify Fingerprint Data Approved? Send Data over GSM Yes No
  18. 18. Flowchart of the Receiver for Payment Start Verify Fingerprint Data Approved? Send Data over NFC P2P Yes No
  19. 19. Demo
  20. 20. Demo
  21. 21. Flowchart of the Sender for Identity Start ID Mode Select ID Verify Fingerprint Approved? Send Data over NFC Beam Yes No Sender Flowchart
  22. 22. Flowchart of the Receiver for Identity Start Get Data From NFC Beam Open Web view Display ID information Receiver Flowchart
  23. 23. Demo
  24. 24. Future Work • Dynamic Magnetic Stripe • Inclusion of EMV chip • Incorporate of gift card feature • Incorporate access control feature
  25. 25. References [1] E.Freudenthal, D.Herrera, F.Kautz, C.Natividad, A.Ogrey, J.Sipla, A.Sosa, C.Betancourt, and L.Estevez, “Suitability of NFC for Medical Device Communication and Power Delivery”, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Workshop, 2007 IEEE Dallas,pp: 51- 54. [2] Morak, J., Kollmann, A., Hayn, D., Kastner, P., Humer, G., & Schreier, G. (2007, February). Improving telemonitoring of heart failure patients with NFC technology. In Proceedings of the fifth IASTED International Conference: biomedical engineering (pp. 258-261). ACTA Press. [3] Prinz, A., Menschner, P., Altmann, M., & Leimeister, J. M. (2011, February). inSERT--An NFC-based Self Reporting Questionnaire for Patients with Impaired Fine Motor Skills. In Near Field Communication (NFC), 2011 3rd International Workshop on (pp. 26-31). IEEE. [4] Sankarananrayanan, S., & Wani, S. M. A. (2014, May). NFC enabled intelligent hospital appointment and medication scheduling. In Information and Communication Technology (ICoICT), 2014 2nd International Conference on (pp. 24-29). IEEE. [5] Akram, Raja Naeem, and Kostantinos Markantonakis. "Smart cards: State-of-the-art to future directions." In Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT), 2013 IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 000154-000162. IEEE, 2013. [6] Narendra, Siva G., Prabhakar Tadepalli, and Thomas N. Spitzer. "Electronic stripe cards." U.S. Patent 7,364,092, issued April 29, 2008. [7] NFC Modulation & RF Signal. Online. modulation-rf-signal-interface.php [8] S. Ghosh, J. Goswami, A. Kumar, A. Majumder, "Issues in NFC as a form of contactless communication: A comprehensive survey", in Proc. ICSTM, 2015, pp. 245-252
  26. 26. Thanks!