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Ecoideasnet ecoidea challenge 3


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Ecoideasnet ecoidea challenge 3

  1. 1. Ways to clean my room with an Orange Peel?
  2. 2. Lets all welcome mandarin orange!
  3. 3. Target: Stain on the wall Weird spot on the floor Coffee spill on the table cloth
  4. 4. Wax on, wax off… Wait it got worse…don’t try them on white wall before after
  5. 5. Table cloth… No! Don’t ever try them on any cloth! before after
  6. 6. Final try… spot on the floor… It worked! before after
  7. 7. We found: -Never try it on the wall -Never try it on the cloth -Use it on smooth hard surface! -------------------------------------------------- I will try to clean my car with orange peel next time!