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Local ac role publish2


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agile champion role

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Local ac role publish2

  1. 1. Local Agile Champion (AC) Role
  2. 2.  In every implementation ,agile and non agile, someone needs to keep an eye that the procedures and mind set are kept and followed. The Local agile champion , take this role, and has a critical factor in agile implementation long term success He is the implementation hart beet monitor Makes sure methodologies and tools keeps on moving Project will slowly vanish or die in terms of methodology , mind set and efficiency without an agile champion.
  3. 3. Local Agile champion – a professional leader . A champion is the first to be educated about agile practices. Feel the agile hart beat Drive the change locally Communication - walk the talk – talk the agile talk  Department - internal/external Communication Reflects Visibility to the level of agile methodology adherence in the department  Process  Progress  Forums, meetings , status etc. Perform as a model to team leaders a, managers and team members Presents in team’s day to day activities (randomly)  Daily  Scrum master of the SOS  Sprint planning  Sprint retrospective
  4. 4. Local Agile champion cont’ Follow technical project status and report results to the team and business if needed Manage implementation battlefield Ongoing communication to agile coach (if exists) Ongoing self learning (reading agile materials) – know the agile way Bi-weekly meetings with Scrum masters and business Lead the Scrum master forum Meet the team once in a while – collect team inputs Effort – 20 -50% Best practice will if it is someone from inside the organization
  5. 5.  Definition of done :  Formal and non formal visibility for end to end process with effective mechanism to improve it inside the department  Local Ac as the contact and authority of agile methodology inside the department , according to Retalix lead AC policy
  6. 6. Requirements Excellent communication skills Maturity Passion to agile – believe in it or at list has the potential Process point of view Out of the box thinking Can be coached Project management experience - big advantage Quality experience (process or testing ) - big advantage
  7. 7. Needs Management backup Capacity