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Windows 8 vs. mountain os x lion – nick and tuck


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Windows 8 vs. mountain os x lion – nick and tuck

  1. 1. Windows 8 vs. Mountain OS X Lion – Nick and Tuck Windows 8 and Mountain OS Lion are on a battlefield of technological breakthroughs. Each operating system is unleashing every feature it can show hoping to end the duel in sweet victory. Somehow, the public has not yet given their concrete verdict on who holds the throne of the best system ever. Contrasting these two applications on the same ground can give you a better view. Here are points to ponder between Windows 8 versus Mountain OS X Lion:• Security Both Operating Systems are equal when it comes to security. Each provides boot loader with antimalware detective devices. However, even if each OSes supports FIPS 140-2 cryptographic encryption, Mountain OS X Lion requires additional installation for this. Anyway, this is not a major difference and requires only a minute effort.• Backups Both OSes employ backup file systems. For Mountain OS X Lion, it has a Time Machine backup program. Restoration command has no fuzzy installation, just easy commands. As for Windows 8, it has File History. You can also choose the location of your files on the start up button.
  2. 2. The cutting edge of Time Machine over File History is that, it can restore the whole PC file while File History cannot.• Compatibility to most devices Since Windows is always been there in most PC’s, smart phones and tablets, this gives an advantage to Windows 8. It can be easily installed to your old PC’s and other computer gadgets provided you have the right drivers. Mountain OS X Lion is only compatibly with Mac Apple. The availability is very slim because, it only selects a single hardware and even, software. OSes Windows 8 versus Mountain OS X Lion is seemingly equal in most features. The ease of use and other features actually depends on your capability to adapt. Special offers on Aimersoft Windows 8 compatible software are now in full swing, you can save 20% onAimersoft Video Converter Ultimate which is well supported in Windows 8. Mac users can turn to Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. With it, you can effortlessly achieve all your multimedia demands and enjoy video/audio/DVD anywhere and anytime you like. For more details about Aimersoft Windows 8 compatible software, you can view the page here: