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Netflix for windows 8 movie access anytime, anywhere


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Netflix for windows 8 movie access anytime, anywhere

  1. 1. Netflix for Windows 8: Movie Access Anytime,AnywhereOne new feature of Window 8 has to be the store which supplies a hostof powerful apps –games, multimedia, tools, productivity and more.Aimersoft Windows 8 Compatible software is one among them. Themost outstanding one is Aimersoft Video Conveter Ultimate. Thisprogram is an all-in-one video converter, DVD Ripper, DVD copy, DVDburner, online video downloader and DRM media transfer, etc. Thissoftware will let you enjoy the thrill of video conversion on Windows 8.More Aimersoft Windows 8 Compatible software can be found on thispage: movies fans who have upgraded to Windows 8, here is another goodnews! Netflix has announced its integration with OS Windows 8. So, thisadds to the many marvelous apps you can find in such OS. According tothe Netflix Company, they have seen the advantage of adding theseapps to the new principle of the video player of Windows 8. Because ofthe graphic capabilities of this OS, watching on Netflix does not takemuch toll on your CPU and even, on your batteries. This Netflix releaseis just the introduction of what the company has to give. They have a lotmore surprises waiting to be launched along their pipeline.What is Netflix?
  2. 2. Netflix is generally a movie rental online. They send movies in a Blu-raydiscs and DVD movie rentals directly to your home in a sealed envelopswith your address and return address just in case it will not get into yourhome. They ask no fees. However, you cannot get another copy unlessyou return the former one.Now, they are integrating this service to Windows 8. You can downloadit from the store provided in your Windows 8 OS. This means, you do nothave to wait for the mailed DVD’s on your door step. Using your CP,smart phones or tablets, you can now enjoy movies online. With thegreat graphics and video player capabilities of windows 8, watchingmovies online is like watching a DVD or a Blu-Ray disc copy on yourplayer. With the movies being categorized, you can easily pick whatmovies you want to watch like action, thriller, fantasy, TV shows orchildren’s movies.
  3. 3. Netflix is continually improving its integration with Windows 8, with alot of suggestions they got about the metro design principles,side-scrolling line up, it occupies most of the horizontal bars which areintended for other icons.Good NewsAimersoft now have SPECIAL OFFER on Windows 8 compatible software,you can save %20 to get the powerful Aimersoft Video ConverterUltimate. There are also great deals on other Windows 8 software( including Blu-ray Ripper, DVD Creator, DVD Ripper, etc.) available foryour choice! Save your money and enjoy your movies in Windows 8 now!