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How to convert mp4 to xvid in windows or mac


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How to convert mp4 to xvid in windows or mac

  1. 1. How to Convert MP4 to Xvid in Windows/MacWith the advancements in the video technology on the internet we findthat there are many popular formats available for the videos now. If youwant to see some of your old movie or video clips that you haverecorded in the MP4 format and want to view them in the XViD enabledvideo player then you need to have a good MP4 to XViD video converter.Most of the videos you have downloaded from the Net or you got fromyour camera are in the Mp4 format and these are created using theH.264 video encoding that is used for the compression of the Mp4 videofiles. Among the modern video formats the XviD has become verypopular among the video players as this gives a great video quality and isvery efficient in giving the best conversions for all your videos.The conversion process of the Mp4 video to the other formats can beeasily achieved with the use of the right type of video convertersavailable now. When you want to play your videos in the XViD videoformat you must have a good MP4 to XViD video converter to convertyour favorite Mp4 videos. Among various types of video converters
  2. 2. available in the market some of them stand above all and one of suchexcellent Application is the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate that isgiving excellent results for your video conversion process. This is verypopular due to the great video quality and the converted files look evenbetter than the original file. This MP4 to XViD video converter isavailable both for Windows and Mac computers.Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is the best way of completing yourconversion process in an easy way. This is very user friendly and youneed not have to spend too much time in learning to use the videoconverter. This is built with so many good features that you will behappy to have bought this and the best thing about the Aimersoft VideoConverter Ultimate is that it is capable of dealing with 50 video formats.When you want to do the MP4 to XViD conversion all you have to do isto start the application on your computer and import the files to beconverted. This can be done by directly clicking on the Add files button
  3. 3. on the top left side of the Application. Yet another way to bring in thefiles to be converted into the Application is to and drag drops the filesfrom your desktop onto the application.The next step is to specify the format for conversion and this can beselected easily using the drop down menu. In this case you have toselect the XviD format as you want to do the MP4 to XViD conversion.Then you have to specify the Video Converter Ultimate where you wantto store the converted files and when this is done you are ready for theconversion process to begin. The conversion process can be started bypressing on the Convert Now button on the MP4 to XViD videoconverter Application interface.Thus you can use the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate to easily dothe MP4 to XVid conversion and you can enjoy the converted videos asyou want.