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How to convert mp4 to div x with ease in windows(windows 8)


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How to convert mp4 to div x with ease in windows(windows 8)

  1. 1. How to Convert MP4 to DivX in Windows/MacThe MP4 is a very popular video format that is in vogue for a long timeand this popular video format is extensively used on the World WideWeb. But there are many other formats that are far more effective forsharing and playing on the internet and one of such popular formats isthe DivX format that is more used in gaming and other video basedapplications. This offers much functionality that cannot be achievedusing the commonly used MP4 video codec. So, it becomes necessary foryou to view the video files in the MP4 format in the DivX enabledenvironments. Most of the times it is difficult to get a good playbackquality for the MP4 files and in many of the modern devices these filescannot be played at all using the DivX enabled video players. For this youhave to use the MP4 to DivX video converter.
  2. 2. To accomplish a good playback experience thus it is necessary to find theright type of video converter for converting MP4 to DivX file format.With so many of the video converter Applications on the market you willbe thoroughly confused in deciding which to buy. Though most of themclaim to give you more features none of them can be compared to theVideo Converter Ultimate Application from Aimersoft. This is a verypopular video format converter that supports more than 50 videoformats and is very user-friendly in its functioning. This can be easilyused by anyone without having to spend more time to learn theprogram. The best thing about this MP4 to DivX video converter is that itis available both for Windows and Mac platforms.The process for converting the MP4 video files into the DivX formatbegins with bringing in the files that have to be converted into the VideoConverter Ultimate Application interface. There are two ways of doingthis one is by dragging and dropping your MP4 video files into the MP4to DivX converter window. The other way is to click on the Add Filebutton on the top left corner of the Application. When you do this thevideo converter takes the files you want to get converted. The next stagein the video conversion process is to tell the converter to which formatyou want to convert the files and this can be easily done by selectingyour option on the drop down menu. This has to be followed by the
  3. 3. target file storage folder that is the folder in which the converted filesmust be stored.When you have done all these MP4 to DivX video converter is all set forconverting the file, and the conversion process can be started by clickingon the convert now button. The video converter ultimate is capable ofhandling batch conversions and this gives ability for you to convertmultiple files at the same time. Thus when you have the Aimersoft Videoconverter Ultimate you can easily convert MP4 to DivX formats in aneasy and hassle free manner.