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Google Nexus 10 – Powerful 10″ Tablet


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Google Nexus 10 – Powerful 10″ Tablet

  1. 1. Google Nexus 10 – Powerful 10? TabletSoftware and hardware are merging their potentials these days to come up with a brand newkind of delight for their clients. Now, the marriage of Samsung and Google has produced the allnew Google Nexus 10. This is the more modern descendant of Nexus 7 which has made manyhappy users since the day it hit the market. Now, it is the time of Nexus 10 to show off what it ismade of.Nexus 10 defied the popular size of tablets which is 7 inches. It now comes is large-screened 10inches that can hold a lot of icons especially on the desktop. It also gives a move television-likesize of videos that makes movie watching a lot more enjoyable. The front speakers make asound quality sharper that makes playing games or movie watching an awesome experience.The Nexus 10 has a new version of Android 4.2. This is also like Android 4.1, but will get thename of Jelly Bean. It includes virtual assistant software called Google Now. This was firstintroduced last summer of this year in the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.Google Now was made as a competition rival for the Apple’s Siri. However, it anticipates theinformation needed by the user about his location and/or activity. Information about the weatherand the traffic enables the commuters to have the latest news on this crucial news. This is agreat aide for all daily commuters. It is displayed on the top screen. It has a voice command sothat the user will only say “Google” to get this smartphone started. 1/2
  2. 2. The specs are: Android tablet 4.2 10.39 x 6.99 x 0.35 21.27 oz 300 ppi pixel density $339 SRP This can be recommended as a great buy for your money. With the sharper display and speedy operating process, you can get a lot more than what you have paid for. Tips: If you want to convert video for playing on Google Nexus 10, you can have a try on Aimersoft Video Coverter Ultimate which is an-all-in-one video converter, DVD ripper, DVD burner and online movie downloader. It’s worth mentioning that Aimersoft recently launches 2012 Thanksgiving Special Offer on Video and DVD software. You can get free software after purchasing products on Aimersoft 2012 Thanksgiving Special Offer Page. Save big on Thanksgiving and Say thanks now! 2/2Powered by TCPDF (