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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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  1. 1. Cade
  2. 2.        They where twins. They got look after by a wolf Then a shepherd came over to look after them When they were older they got stronger They made a city Then Romulus killed remus .
  3. 3.  The empire started in Italy in Rome.  The Romans invaded countries in Europe.  The last countries
  4. 4. The Romans use oil instead of soap.  The Romans went to the baths to chat to people  The Romans thought that the baths could cure them  The baths where veary hot 
  5. 5.     T he coliseum can holed 80.000 people The gladiators fought to death with slave The gladiators fought with a tiger The gladiators fought all day
  6. 6.     .The Romans wore sandals The Romans had swords The Romans where very well protected The Romans had shields to protected them
  7. 7.    The Romans use the tortoise protected them The Romans use the tortoise to go out battle The roman use the tortoise formation to gated them
  8. 8. The gladiator fought to death with a tiger and a slave  The gladiator fought all day  The gladiators fought to get money 
  9. 9.   The Romans stuff there faces until they decide to go to the vomitariun room They ad different types of food
  10. 10. Have you got any questions?