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Daily Deal Competitive Market Analysis


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Took initiative to research new product's competitive landscape to provide Sales with top categories, locations, and pricing for lead targeting. Data lifted sales 80% within 5-months of product launch.

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Daily Deal Competitive Market Analysis

  1. 1. Category Analysis & Deal Targeting<br />11/3/2010<br />1<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />
  2. 2. Contents<br />Page 3 ………………… Data Collection <br />Page 4 ……………….. Top Selling Category Analysis and Identification<br />Page 5-6 …………… Market Deal Pricing and Discount<br />Page 7 ……………… Deal Criteria<br />Page 8 ……………… Category Targeting Strategy<br />Pages 9-11 ……… Primary Deal Targets<br />Pages 12 …………… Secondary Deal Targets<br />Pages 14 …………… Target Deal Summary <br />Pages 16-18 ………… ‘LIVE’ Sample Deals <br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Data Collection Effort<br />Boston:<br />Groupon<br />LivingSocial<br />EverSave<br />Tippr<br />BuyWithMe<br />Phoenix”<br />Groupon<br />LivingSocial<br />EverSave<br />DealChicken<br />BuyWithMe<br />Philly (upcoming)<br />Groupon<br />LivingSocial<br />EverSave<br />Dealyo<br />TownHog<br />BuyWithMe<br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />3<br />Data was researched to gain the best market knowledge of our competitors made. Over 500 deals in 5 weeks were manually collected to make this possible. Competitors observed were based on volume, share, and penetration within our key markets, which are:<br />
  4. 4. Top Selling Categories Identified<br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />4<br />Below provides the top categories users have the highest interest in and purchase. Not surprising to find food and beauty at the top of the list knowing women make up over 60% of all deal purchases to date<br />Top Selling Category Highlights<br />Highest selling categories average virtually the same across our key cities with little variance seen. <br />Deals evolving around Food and/or Drink have the highest interest and sales compared to other deal types in market <br />This is followed categories by Beauty(19%) and Fitness (11%) also show high sales results to date<br />
  5. 5. Average Deal Pricing and Disount…<br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />5<br />Food & Drink deals have sold at lowest price points in comparison to other categories and average 51% Discounts. Others top selling categories averaged between $25-$30/deal. ‘Service’ businesses are an exception and have higher price points. Regardless, they still bring high sales volumes as well.<br />Food & Drink have highest deal volume deals and sales in market. Pricing between $7-10/deal have seen greatest success <br />Beautyis also a high sale contributing category with discounts needed around 54% or better<br />Dental ‘Services’ have high discounts averaging 70% and higher price points yet still maintain high sales with volume<br />Fitness is a very price sensitive category with users and look for higher discounts averaging 60% a deal<br />
  6. 6. 11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />6<br />Category Selling Highlights<br />
  7. 7. Criteria Needed for a Great Deal…<br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />7<br />Weforia deals are like a fine tuned machine that require key factors which lead to success. When one is missing or off a deal losses it’s ‘shine’ and ‘higher’ sales potential <br />SUCCESS FACTORS<br />DEALS THAT SELL<br />
  8. 8. Category Strategy for Deal Targeting <br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />8<br />Objective is to bring in sales while increasing the weforia subscriber base. To achieve this faster targeting categories users purchase the most will bring higher bulk sales quicker. However, secondary are also needed for added variety and key to the weforia deal mix<br />
  9. 9. Primary Category Targets - ‘Food & Drink’ <br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />9<br />Breaking down the highest selling category shows 3 business types worth targeting for weforia deals. These require a 52% discount or better and <$14 overall price to increase ‘selling’ potential. <br />American Style restaurants are the primary “Food & Drink” businesses users purchase and to target within each of our pilot markets. <br />Businesses selling Sweets and Desserts saw high number of deals in market with high sales sold. These are also great for holiday gifts! (EX: chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, caramel apples, etc that can ship)<br />Italian Style restaurants rounds out most deals in market with strong sales<br />BBQ Style, German, European, Mexican and Asian restaurant deals were FEW but with high sales volume per deal. A good target for weforia deals meeting the average price point and discount required. <br />“Best of” and “” can provide “Food” insight to a markets key businesses and business targeting<br />NOTE: Critical to follow or go below average deal price seen to assure strongest sales potential<br />
  10. 10. Primary Category Targets - ‘Beauty’ <br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />10<br />A similar break down identifies 4 key business types for targeting. Spa, Salon, and Massage deal discounts average between 51%, with the highest seeing over 70% within Aesthetics Deals<br />Aestheticsservices is highest beauty category selling today. Prices are higher BUT they have high sales volume with the right deal. This business type contributed to over 75% of deals sold in this category. <br />#2 Ranked Spa offer packages created by the business combining 2-3 of their services offered into a deal OR gift certificates. Again $50 is the sweet spot for deal price<br />Third highest selling were forMassages, which averaged between $40-50 per 1-60 Minute session. <br />Similar to Spas above, Salons and Products packages were most popular. ‘Brazilian Blow’ deals have been growing in popularity ranging between $140-$150 with sales generated increasing.<br />NOTE:Critical to follow or go below average deal price seen to assure strong sales potential<br />
  11. 11. Primary Category Targets - ‘Fitness’ <br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />11<br />Third highest selling category in market break down shows ‘Class’ style deals have proven successful sellers and with discount from 61% to 67% offered. <br />Fitness Classes have been high volume sellers in market with Yoga leading the deals. 3-5 classes has the highest sales volume followed my 1-2 month unlimited. <br />Class ‘Choice’ is a strong seller where fitness<br />centers, clubs, and yoga studios giving choice of yoga, Pilates, zumba, belly dancing, etc. Boot Camp showed moderate sale levels in market as well.<br />Personal Training , Dance Classes, and Gym Membership deals provide VERY low sales volume. Keeping in mind businesses offer 1-wk to 1-month free passes.<br />Golf deals were low in overall number of deals in market, but were high sellers. Most deals consisted of lessons, with highest selling deal for 18 rounds at <br />Pembroke Country Club selling over 1,400 deals<br />NOTE:Critical to follow or go below average deal price seen to assure strong sales potential<br />
  12. 12. Secondary Deal Targets<br /><ul><li>Holiday Events
  13. 13. Seasonal deals will peak during top national holidays, include holiday light show or tree lightings tickets, Nutcracker, White Christmas, and other holiday shows tickets, holiday concerts tickets, Zoo or Museum Events & lightings, Sleigh Rides (Boston), holiday trips to NYC (Boston), wine & cheese tasting, etc
  14. 14. Holiday Gifts
  15. 15. Gift ideas for holidays such as holiday hams, gift baskets, photo or video transfer to digital, flowers, candles, photo holiday cards, personalized photo albums, frames , accessories, and blankets, etc
  16. 16. Family and Kid Activity
  17. 17. Add variety to our mix by adding Family Activity Deals, such as activity park tickets, indoor moon-bounce businesses, movies tickets, go-carts, play centers, fun centers, Great Wolf Lodge, CoCo Key Water Resort , or Sahara Sam’s tickets(Boston water park), video & game parks, My Gym Classes, kids bowling, and kid activities like pancakes with Santa tickets, Family Travel deals, etc
  18. 18. Movie Ticket Deals
  19. 19. Proven to sell and to add are large Movie or IMAX Theater deals: 4-Movie Tickets for $20, Plus $5 towards Drink, Candy, or Popcorn purchase
  20. 20. Deals $10 or Under:
  21. 21. Yellowbook will subsidizing $5 towards deals ranging $10 or less as part of “$1 Monday Deal” to further drive subscribes and sales
  22. 22. Smoothie King and Kids Club were highly successful for weforia deals to date
  23. 23. Other considerations: Coffee Deals (Dunkin Donut, Wired Puppy/Boston, Kids Activities, Lunch Sandwich or Subs, pretzel or bagel deals (Atlantic Bagel & Coffee/Boston), gas cards, etc
  24. 24. Mall Certificate Deal
  25. 25. 50% Discount offering $25 toward $50 Purchase.
  26. 26. Other Considerations to each market should be ADDED, such as Local Interest, Activities, Sports, Art, and Adventure business. These vary by city and should be added as they are found</li></ul>11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />12<br />Local happenings and events in addition to the primary category targets are essential. These are in line with local interests, activates, sports, arts, museums, concerts, and events unique to each market. These are needed and bring diffentiation, variety, and uniqueness to weforia<br />
  27. 27. 11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />13<br />Deal Targeting<br />
  28. 28. Deal Target Summary<br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />14<br />Below outlines the deals Sales needs to bring in for the weforia re-launch. Caps below are Maximum Deals Required by Market. Deals will be sold from both Primary and Secondary business targets. This provides variety of deals and covers weforia until after the holidays. It also gives flexibility to the # of deals run each week<br />Primary Category Deal Caps/ Market <br />Secondary Category Deals Caps/ Market <br /><ul><li>Amer. Style Restaurants: …… 8 Deal Cap
  29. 29. Dessert/Bakery:……………….. 8 Deal Cap
  30. 30. Aesthetics:…………………………….. 3 Deal Cap
  31. 31. Spa Package: …………….…..…..3 Deal Cap
  32. 32. Salon Package: …………...…....3 Deal Cap
  33. 33. Massage:…………..….…….……3 Deal Cap
  34. 34. Yoga Classes: ……………..…….3 Deal Cap
  35. 35. Fitness Classes Package: …...3 Deal Cap
  36. 36. Holiday/Event: …….……..10 Deal Cap
  37. 37. Gifts:………………………..….10 Deal Cap
  38. 38. Family/Kid Activity:……..5Deal Cap
  39. 39. Movie:…………………….…..2 Deal Cap
  40. 40. $10 Deals: …………………..10 Deal Cap
  41. 41. Mall Gift Certificates:…… Optional</li></ul>NOTE: Above amounts are for individual market totals <br />
  42. 42. 11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />15<br />Back-up<br />LIVE Deal Samples <br />
  43. 43. ‘Food & Drink’ Deals, What Did and Did Not Sell…<br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />16<br />Following shows live deal examples for the top 3 categories to see what deals drew heavier sales vs ones with lighter.<br />Heavier Sales Volumes:<br />Lighter Sales Volumes:<br />
  44. 44. ‘Beauty’ Deal Samples that Did and Did Not Sell…<br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />17<br />Heavier Sales Volumes:<br />Lighter Sales Volumes:<br />
  45. 45. Fitness Deals that Did and Did Not Sell…<br />11/3/2010<br />Shirl Evangelisto – Sr. Mgr New Media<br />18<br />Heavier Sales Volumes:<br />Lighter Sales Volumes:<br />