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Our Community of Scientists: 2013 edition


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Our Community of Scientists: 2013 edition

  1. 1. Our Community of Scientists Physical, Mathematical, and Computer Sciences of Dartmouth College Fall 2013 Participating departments and programs include Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, and Physics & Astronomy Brought to you by the Kresge Physical Sciences Librarians. No images were harmed in the making of this presentation.
  2. 2. Photo by Joseph Mehling ’69 Two students, left to right, Alyssa N. Perez '13 and Miriam R. 'Mia' Winthrop '13, work in a Steele Hall chemistry lab.
  3. 3. Photo by Corinne Arndt Girouard Chemistry Professor F. Jon Kull, at right, takes his class outside for a dramatic display of chemicals producing an exothermic light show. The thermite reaction of the ingredients produced heat, smoke, bright light, and molten iron, accompanied by exclamations of "ooh" and "ah" from the students.
  4. 4. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 Britney Tappen, a graduate student in chemistry, describes her research during the annual graduate student poster session on April 10 in Alumni Hall.
  5. 5. Submitted by Xin Su This is a research graphic synopsis for my recent paper in Angew. Chem., and this was also adopted by the journal as a frontpiece highlight. It was made by my co-author Sahag Voskian. The long-range organization of a liquid crystal can be controlled by using an additive, which consists of cholesterol units attached to a hydrazone switch. The acid/base-induced rotary motion in the switch is transmitted to the self-assembled supramolecular host, wherein this information is propagated and amplified. This process alters the photophysical properties of the host, which results in the change of the readout color from purple to green.
  6. 6. Photos by Eli Burakian ’00 Professor of Chemistry Joseph BelBruno’s Dartmouth lab conducted the research on the technology behind the unique secondhand smoke sensing device. Smaller and lighter than a cellphone and about the size of a Matchbox car, the device uses polymer films to collect and measure nicotine in the air.
  7. 7. Submitted by Karen Page Christina Nippert-Eng from the Illinois Institute of Technology speaks to a Dartmouth audience about privacy violations and technology in September 2012 in a talk co-sponsored by the Institute for Security, Technology and Society and the Sociology Department Reitman/DeGrange Memorial Lecture.
  8. 8. Submitted by Karen Page Kelley Misata, a multi-year target of cyberstalking, speaks to the Dartmouth community about promoting responsible cyber citizenship in October 2012. This talk was sponsored by the Institute for Security, Technology and Society.
  9. 9. Submitted by Karen Page Sam Gustman from the Shoah Foundation speaks in October 2012 to a Dartmouth audience about the Visual History Archive, a collection of 51,696 audiovisual testimonies from Holocaust survivors, and the technology that supports this work and other endeavors of the University of Southern California Digital Repository. Gustman’s presentation was co-sponsored by the Institute for Security, Technology and Society, the Department of Film and Media Studies, and the Dartmouth College Library.
  10. 10. More information on the CS Department website. Dartmouth CS was very well represented at the 2012 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, with a contingent of 30 students! The Department of Computer Science was a Gold Sponsor and had a booth at the conference.
  11. 11. Submitted by Karen Page Jeff Dagle from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory speaks in January 2013 to a Dartmouth audience about ―Maintaining Grid Resilience with the Adoption of Smart Grid Technologies‖. Dagle’s presentation was co-sponsored by the Institute for Security, Technology and Society and the Computer Science Colloquium.
  12. 12. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 During the second annual Digital Arts Exhibition (DAX v.2) there was a screening of student animated and live action films in Loew Auditorium on May 9.
  13. 13. Submitted by Karen Page Computer Science Professor David Kotz converses with guest speaker Patty Mechael, Executive Director of the mHealth Alliance, at the third annual Securing Information Technology in Healthcare (SITH3) conference in May, organized by the Institute for Security, Technology and Society.
  14. 14. Submitted by Karen Page High school students participate in a laboratory exercise during the annual Security, Technology and Society Summer Camp at Dartmouth College, organized by the Institute for Security, Technology and Society and led by Adam Goldstein from Dartmouth’s Computing Services.
  15. 15. Submitted by Karen Page Undergraduates from colleges around the country participate in ―Packet Wars‖, an information warfare simulation competition during the annual Securing Information Systems Mentoring and Training (SISMAT) program in June. SISMAT is run by the Institute for Security, Technology and Society.
  16. 16. Submitted by Karen Page eCampus – Adam Goldstein from Dartmouth’s Computing Services speaks during a break-out session on Multi-factor Authentication during the Securing the eCampus conference, July 17, 2013. The overarching topic of the annual eCampus conference, put on by the Institute for Security, Technology and Society and Computing Services, is information security in higher education.
  17. 17. Photo by Eli Burakian ’00 Dartmouth has been awarded a $10-million, five-year grant from the Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support research into ways of safeguarding the confidentiality of personal health and medical information as these records make the transition from paper files to electronic systems. Computer scientist David Kotz leads a team that will conduct research in the secure use of mobile and cloud technology for health and wellness applications.
  18. 18. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 Erich Osterberg, assistant professor of Earth Sciences, teaches his "Earth Science 003, Elementary Oceanography" class in the Oopik Auditorium in the Life Sciences Center
  19. 19. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 Two students in the earth science course "Materials of the Earth" look at rock samples under the microscope to determine their mineral compositions.
  20. 20. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 A slice of rock in Earth Sciences 040 Materials of the Earth shimmers with color as polarized light from a microscope shines through it. The colors represent the different types of minerals in the rock.
  21. 21. Photo by Frank Magilligan Earth sciences graduate student Eirik Buraas surveyed the stream channel of the Saxtons River near Grafton, Vt., to calculate the amount of erosion of the channel bed and stream banks.
  22. 22. Submitted by Gifford Wong Picture of a wheel from the first automobile brought to Antarctica (intended to help haul supplies for Shackleton on his British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09).
  23. 23. Submitted by Gifford Wong Geology in Death Valley (Stretch 2010)
  24. 24. Submitted by Gifford Wong Mud cracks in AZ (Stretch 2010)
  25. 25. Submitted by Gifford Wong Stretchies jumping off sand dunes in Death Valley (Stretch 2010)
  26. 26. Submitted by Gifford Wong Costumed scientists greet US Air National Guard personnel during a stop at WAIS Divide (Austral summer of 2011-12)
  27. 27. Submitted by Gifford Wong Drilling a short firn core for density measurements on the Greenland Ice Sheet (Traverse, 2011)
  28. 28. Submitted by Gifford Wong Visiting the old station where they drilled NGRIP ice core (all you see are the antenna and whatnot sticking out). (Traverse, 2011)
  29. 29. Submitted by Gifford Wong Drilling on the side of "the road" (Traverse, 2011)
  30. 30. Submitted by Gifford Wong Late evening on the traverse with small "sun dogs" visible (Traverse, 2011)
  31. 31. Photo by Eli Burakian ’00 Taylor Hornig ’13, right, takes a soil sample in the woods with forest ecosystem scientist Andrew Friedland, left, and graduate student Chelsea Vario.
  32. 32. Photos by Joseph Mehling ’69 Dartmouth is one of 5 research institutions who are collaborating with BioOne to publish Elementa, which is a new online open access journal that began publishing in July 2013. Professors Anne Kapuscinski (Environmental Studies) and David R. Peart (Biological Sciences) are on the Elementa editorial team.
  33. 33. Photo by Chelsea Vario Dartmouth IGERT students Chelsea Vario (left) and Steph Gregory do field work in the Kangerlussuaq area of Greenland.
  34. 34. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 Students—some having recently returned from Greenland—faculty, and staff from the IGERT program pose for a photo in the Dickey Center in Haldeman Hall.
  35. 35. The Big Green Bus 2013 crew takes a leap in front of Baker Hall. Photo by Eli Burakian '00
  36. 36. Photo by Allie McGahan ENVS Senior Maya Johnson poses with other college students who spent the summer working at an oil refinery in Alaska. From left to right: Bree Mucha, Maya Johnson, Gretta Kennedy, and Kailey Mucha.
  37. 37. Submitted by Gifford Wong Stretchies spelling out "Stretch" with their bodies in front of Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park, MT. (Melina Bartels, Benjamin Bauer, Mark Baum, Fredrik Eriksson, Benjamin Ferguson, Kemi Mugo, Zachary Murphy, Alexander Procton, Margaret Ramsden, Robert Truesdale, and Alexander Velaise) (Stretch 2013)
  38. 38. Submitted by Gifford Wong Robert Truesdale measuring the strike and dip of an anticlinal feature in Sheep Mountain (Bighorn Basin, WY). (Stretch 2013)
  39. 39. Submitted by Gifford Wong Stretchies plus TA's/profs at Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite (WY) "looking like dinosaurs". Meredith Kelly (prof), Hal Macartney (alum), Ali Giese and Gifford Wong (TAs) (Stretch 2013)
  40. 40. Photo by Eli Burakian ’00 Scott Stokoe, second from left, manager of Dartmouth’s Organic Farm and adjunct instructor of environmental studies, discusses the effects of different growing conditions on corn with students in his ―Ecological Agriculture‖ class.
  41. 41. Photo by Eli Burakian ’00 Senior Research Associate Pallab Sarker, PhD, at left, and Professor Anne Kapucinski conduct an experiment on the use of microalgae as a sustainable feed ingredient for aquaculture of tilapia.
  42. 42. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins '13 attended the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Undergraduate Program at Berkeley last summer and now has his sights set on graduate school and the field of mathematics.
  43. 43. Kate Moore, a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics, helps students during the 2012 Sonia Kovalevsky Math Day. Photo by Eli Burakian ’00
  44. 44. More information on the Math Department website. Alex Barnett and Brad Nelson '13 with Brad's research poster at the SIAM Computational Science and Engineering conference in Boston in February 2013.
  45. 45. More information on the Math Department website. Scott LaLonde presented a poster at the 2013 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego.
  46. 46. More information at Grad student Megan Martinez and prof. Alex Barnett developed new middle-school teaching activities connecting musical pitch to mathematical graphs and ratios.
  47. 47. More information on the Math Department website. Katie Kinnaird presented a poster at the 2013 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego.
  48. 48. More information at -mathematics/ The 2nd-year math graduate students ran another successful Exploring Mathematics Workshop for high-school students, as part of the graduate teaching seminar.
  49. 49. More information on the Math Department website. Kassie Archer presented a poster at the 2013 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego.
  50. 50. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 As part of the "Pressure of Light" symposium hosted by the Dartmouth Physics Department, Nobel Laureate Bill Phillips delivers a public lecture entitled "The Legacy of Nichols and Hull: 100+ Years of Radiative Forces." Ernest Fox Nichols was both a physicist and the president of Dartmouth College from 1909-1916.
  51. 51. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 Ryan Hickox, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, descends the stairs of Wilder Hall as he and a student from his Astronomy 015 course, called "Stars and the Milky Way," carry telescopes to a lower floor.
  52. 52. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 Brett Anderson (looking up), a physics graduate student, and fellow researchers lead a balancing of payloads in Fairchild Tower as part of Professor Robyn Millan's BARREL project, which studies Earth's radiation belts. These payloads will be launched from Antarctica and will be sending back information via satellite.
  53. 53. Submitted by Robyn Millan Brett Anderson (Physics and Astronomy grad student) and Jacob Ritter ('12) packing the BARREL cargo into a sea container in Cape Town, South Africa.
  54. 54. Submitted by Robyn Millan Robyn Millan (Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy) with a BARREL balloon payload suspended in Fairchild Tower.
  55. 55. Submitted by Robyn Millan Brett Anderson (Physics and Astronomy grad student) and Kylie Lucas ('14) bench-testing some BARREL electronics.
  56. 56. The BARREL field teams launched a total of 20 balloons from Halley Research Station (right) and the South African Research Station SANAE IV (other two) in January 2013. The balloons measure x-rays produced by electrons scattered into Earth's atmosphere from the Van Allen Radiation belts. BARREL works in tandem with NASA's twin Van Allen Probes to study this highly variable region of near-Earth space.
  57. 57. Photo by Eli Burakian '00 Professor of Physics and Astronomy Jim LaBelle at work on the chalk board.
  58. 58. Photo by Eli Burakian ’00 Astrophysicists Ryan Hickox (left) and Kevin Hainline are able to see the extent to which quasars and black holes can affect their galaxies.
  59. 59. Submitted by Erek Alper Erek Alper: ―during one of my first days in my 8th grade GK-12 classroom.‖
  60. 60. Submitted by Christine Black Crescent Moon and Venus with the clock tower. Taken from the roof of Wilder.
  61. 61. Submitted by Christine Black Top: A Panorama of all the observatories on Kitt Peak. MDM is on the left. Bottom: The MDM Observatory on Kitt Peak. The 1.3 m (Front) and 2.4 m (Back) Telescopes.
  62. 62. Kresge Library Staff Visit our website at
  63. 63. Submit your photos today for next year’s presentation of Community of Scientists! Email