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IT And Media Productions

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IT And Media Productions

  1. 1. 1 Title 10 Call Sheets 2 Content 11 Walkie-Talkies 3 About Me: Part 1 12 Daily Distribution 4 About Me: Part 2 13 Off-Set Information Systems 5 Media Production 14 Video 6 Creative 15 Collage 7 Research 16 Credits 8 Technical 17 End Slide 9 Careers In Information System and My Future
  2. 2. • My Name is Shiraz Baluch • I am from Dubai • I was born and raised in Dubai, however my ethnicity is of a rare kind. • I am of Baluch ethnic, less than 9 million of Baluchs are left in the world. • There are less than 300 Baluchs in United States of America. • Maybe I should list myself in endangered species list!!!
  3. 3. • I have always been fond of Film and Animation. • Which is why I chose Media Productions as my major and Computer Graphics as minor. • I am going to graduate in Fall 2014. • I plan to move to Los Angeles after graduation and hopefully work for companies like Pixar or MGM.
  4. 4. • Media production includes fulltime and freelance workers in any field of communication, entertainment or information that reaches a wide range of people. • Media production refers to the professional creation of such content. • There is three types of Media production; Creative, Research and Technical.
  5. 5. • Creative forces in media production can include: • • • • • • • • Authors Singers Directors Painters Musicians Actors Photographers Animators
  6. 6. • Research specialists working in media include: • Photojournalists • Documentarians • Research assistants on news and information programs.
  7. 7. Technical professionals such as: • Film and television production staff. • Radio and music engineers • Production • • • • Administrative staff Executives Manufacturing teams Financiers.
  8. 8. • Making movies is an extremely collaborative task. It takes many people to produce a feature-length film. • While having solid, consistent information systems in place is important during all phases of movie making, it's imperative to have solid communication systems in place during film production. • Production's high costs and tight deadlines have forced the creation of some very effective tools to address this need.
  9. 9. • The call sheet is perhaps the most important piece of paper handed out to cast and crew during filming. • This report includes detailed information on the next day's shooting schedule. • It lists what scenes will be filmed, the location, which actors are called and their call (requested arrival) times as well as the crew's call times.
  10. 10. • Because most information on set is verbal-and very time-sensitive--walkie-talkies serve as the primary communication tool on a film set. • This includes when camera and sound are rolling and cut, when the crew is "moving on" to the next scene and announcing wrap (the day's end). • Production assistants and the assistant directors usually manage walkies, including distribution.
  11. 11. • During filming, memos, revised scripts, blank time cards and pertinent documents are delivered from the production office to people on set. • A production assistant (PA) delivers labeled envelopes to the assistant director (AD) team. • An AD or PA then distributes the documents to respective crew members or their department heads. • Information System keeps everyone connected on the set.
  12. 12. • Throughout the development, a variety of information systems keep a film production running. • Emails, phone calls and memos comprise the majority of those information systems. • Tools like email and telephone are particularly important tools, especially since there are always tight deadlines to make. • Information on producers' visits, extras casting, location scouting and any other important events are filtered through production.
  13. 13. • This video gives a history of Computer Animation which is a part of my Major. Computer Animation is also a form of Information system where the data is visually produced then through different production methods provided to the consumer for feedback. ***Please Press PLAY, if the video doesn’t start automatically.***
  14. 14. • Information • • • Images • • Video •