SMX Israel Reputation Management Presentation January 2012 Hunter & Bard


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Spoke on the Reputation Management panel at SMX Israel. Here's the deck.

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  • Habitat’s Twitter Fail was in June 2009 – used hashtags to spam walls of people looking for specific keywords #mousavi – last prime minister of Iran. The election sparked protests where many ppl died & Habitat used his name as a hashtag to promote their productsTWO YEARS LATER – Kenneth Cole makes a similar mistakeThey didn’t just add the hashtag to irrelevant tweets – they crafted bad taste messaging as well
  • Google hires agency to handle campaignAgency pays bloggers to write about ChromeBloggers post “Sponsored by Chrome” posts giving zero valueGoogle punishes ChromeNo Chrome listings under “Browser” for 60 days
  • Bad tweet from agencyAgency and tweeter fired
  • Always check the biggest social platforms before choosing a name, nuff said
  • Clusterfuck and the perfect example of why companies need to make sure customer service people have a brain before hiring. Not everything can be solved with “policy”
  • Babywearing is a fashion? Bite me.Nov 2008
  • GoDaddy supported the Stop Online Piracy Act. Then they lost over 70,000 domains (way more than that actually) and they changed their minds. By magic.
  • FOOD Bloggers were invited to a night of gourmet food and were served Marie Calenders frozen foodMr. Binder spoke against artificial ingredients while Ms. Binder mentioned being allergic to food coloring. When the lasagna arrived, Ms. Binder was served a zucchini dish, while Mr. Binder was served lasagna.
  • Dick customer service guy takes it too far & claims he knows the worldDave – the customer who wants his game controller, does know the world – and cc’s them on emailsPaul from Ocean Marketing keeps up his stupidity and the world is entertained by the results
  • Ever DM something you shouldn’t? I have, but nothing like that. NOTHING. LIKE. THAT. Seriously, WTF?So much better bc of his last name…
  • SMX Israel Reputation Management Presentation January 2012 Hunter & Bard

    1. 1. @shiraabel @shiraabel Oh dear. What were they thinking? Reputation Management Gone Wrong Shira’s Top 10 Favorite *Ahems*
    2. 2. @shiraabel Shira Abel• CEO, Hunter & Bard• 10+ years in hi-tech internet marketing• EMBA from Kellogg School of Management, Tel Aviv University Branch• Lectured worldwide on digital marketing• Marketing blogger, Twitter fiend
    3. 3. @shiraabel Number 10 Habitat & Kenneth Cole – #HashtagSpamHell
    4. 4. @shiraabel Number 9 Google Slams Chrome For Policy Violation
    5. 5. @shiraabel Number 8 Chrysler : The F-Bomb has fallen
    6. 6. @shiraabel Number 7 Netflix Naming Faux Paux
    7. 7. @shiraabel Number 6 PayPal: Regretsy Can Only Help Cats
    8. 8. @shiraabel Number 5 Motrin Moms
    9. 9. @shiraabel Number 4 GoDaddy can go SOPA themselves
    10. 10. @shiraabel Number 3
    11. 11. @shiraabel ConAgra Blogger Con – Because Food Bloggers Don’t Have Taste {sarcasm}
    12. 12. @shiraabel Number 2 Ocean Marketing VS. Penny Arcade
    13. 13. @shiraabel Number 1 Weinergate
    14. 14. @shiraabel Normal Search
    15. 15. @shiraabel Using
    16. 16. @shiraabel (Look! It Goes to 11!)
    17. 17. @shiraabel One extra: The Red Cross
    18. 18. @shiraabel Nice Save
    19. 19. @shiraabel Take Aways Realize anything you send via email can be published Honey gets you more than vinegar A sense of humor goes a long way Don’t lie when you get caught Apologize If you do mess up to the level of Weinergate – hire a reputation management company to help fix your reputation THANK YOU
    20. 20. @shiraabel Thank Yous, References, & Reads  1300968675-20_preview.gif  html       just-a-few-measly-emails/  posts-106551   hashtag/17845/    conagras-chagrin.html