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Marketing for Intrapreneuers at Corporate Startup Summit by Shira Abel of Hunter & Bard


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The deck to a lecture I intended to give at Corporate Startup Summit in Germany. 5 minutes before the lecture I decided to talk about Behavioral Engineering and the startup environment and how to create that inside an enterprise instead. The talk also focused on customer centric marketing.

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Marketing for Intrapreneuers at Corporate Startup Summit by Shira Abel of Hunter & Bard

  1. 1. B2B Marketing
 For Intrapreneurs
 Corporate Startup Summit" Launching, Growing, & Developing " New Products " Inside an Enterprise"
  2. 2. BEFORE   AFTER   DOUBLED VIEWS & REVENUE! We Help Companies  
  3. 3. "   CEO, Hunter & Bard" "   Marketing strategy" "   Marketing implementation" "   PR (based in SF)" "   Full branding & design" "   Teach Marketing for Startups at StartHub (Tel Aviv/ Jaffa Academic College)" "   Mentor at: Google, Microsoft, Founder Institute, Seedcamp, & more" "   Cover Israeli startups for TNW" Shira Abel
  6. 6. Nir  Eyal  –  If  you  don’t  know  him  –  you  should.   @shiraabel"
  7. 7. Business  Model  GeneraBon   @shiraabel"
  8. 8. @shiraabel"
  9. 9. Agenda" "  Branding" "  When to Do Marketing" "  Strategy" "  Product Market Fit" "  Lean Marketing " @shiraabel"
  10. 10. MARKETING BASICS! @shiraabel"
  11. 11. BRANDING You don’t own your brand. Your customers do. @shiraabel"
  12. 12. No one ever got fired for buying IBM equipment.
  13. 13. The Safe Pick"
  14. 14. @shiraabel"
  15. 15. @shiraabel"
  17. 17. Marketing for the Concept Phase" Build the marketing into the product. Create an incentive to share. Make sharing easy." Test assumptions (cost, messaging, bundle mix, etc.). Ads to landing pages. " Get to know influencers & media people on Twitter. Give a lot. Don’t ask for anything." 1" 2" 3" @shiraabel"
  18. 18. Amazon Method of Product Marketing" "  Internal press release announcing finished product – BEFORE IT’S MADE" "  Target audience – new product’s customers (retail customers or internal users of a tool or technology)" "  Centered around the customer problem" "  How current solutions (internal or external) fail" "  How the new product will blow away existing solutions"
  19. 19. Amazon Internal PR - Layout" "   Heading - Name the product in a way the reader (i.e. your target customers) will understand" "   Sub-Heading - Describe who the market for the product is and what benefit they get. One sentence only underneath the title." "   Summary - Give a summary of the product and the benefit. Assume the reader will not read anything else so make this paragraph good." "   Problem - Describe the problem your product solves." "   Solution - Describe how your product elegantly solves the problem." "   Quote - A quote from a spokesperson in your company." "   How to Get Started - Describe how easy it is to get started." "   Customer Quote - Provide a quote from a hypothetical customer that describes how they experienced the benefit." "   Closing and Call to Action - Wrap it up and give pointers where the reader should go next." " ß good stuff here"
  20. 20. Alpha Phase" "  Start a blog with newsletter sign up" "  Landing pages à more sign ups (is there a way to advertise the service on an internal network?)" "  A/B test messaging & optimization" "  Social outreach starts" The point here is to begin to build interest and an audience through good content before launch"
  21. 21. IN THE BEGINNING THE GOAL SHOULD BE PRODUCT / MARKET FIT" 40% IS GOLD*"* 40% of your customer base would be upset if your product disappeared. – Seth Ellis" @shiraabel"
  22. 22. What’s Your Strategy" @shiraabel"
  23. 23. Example" @shiraabel" " " Business Objective" Improve Financial Performance" Business Metric" Reduce Long-Term Dependence on Ads & Lower Overall Costs" Marketing Metric" Increase Relationship / Content Marketing – Raise percentage of traffic from blog versus ads"
  24. 24. Performance Measurement" "   Is your objective SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & time specific?" "   What are your strategic initiatives?" "   Build awareness" "   Expand distribution" "   Build penetration" "   Build buying rate" "   Increase loyalty" "   Funnel ß e.g. when purchases through the website" "   Where do you want people to go?" "   What action do you want people to take? " "   Track the movement" "   Conversion rate / A/B Testing" "   Test & iterate" @shiraabel"
  25. 25. Potential Strategic Initiatives" "   BUILD AWARENESS in the early adopters of the target market INCREASE LOYALTY of the target market" "   IMPROVE PRODUCT QUALITY by ensuring that the product perfectly matches customer needs and exceeds expectations" "   INCREASE REFERRALS by establishing strong personal connections with customers, and giving them the tools to “spread the word” of their satisfaction within the entire group" "   ACCELERATE NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT by continuously increasing your knowledge and understanding of the needs of your customer, and encouraging innovative solutions to address those needs"
  26. 26. Marketing for the Launch Phase" Ask the media people and influencers who now know you if they would be willing to check out your product & give feedback ." Send an announcement to the list you’ve been growing through the blog, ads, & social. Attempt an act of virility (it just might work)" PR on a slow news day (avoid days where Apple announces anything, election days, CES, DLD, etc…)" 1" 2" 3" @shiraabel"
  27. 27. Earned Media & PR" "  Social proof" "  Brings big numbers all at one" "  Gives a spike of traffic" "  May not be aimed at the target market (i.e. WSJ may not be the target market, but it’s what Execs read & gives social proof)" "  Has a strong trust rate" @shiraabel"
  28. 28. Viral If You Can" @shiraabel"
  29. 29. Know Your Market" @shiraabel"
  31. 31. Questions for the Retention Phase" Where is the funnel going through the site?" What action triggers can induce them to come back?" Where are you losing your customer?" 1" 2" 3" @shiraabel"
  32. 32. Potential Marketing Tactics" "  Reward evangelists who bring in a wider client base with specially designed SWAG " "  Become known as a industry leader" "  Connect with those who use your product where they live online (e.g. have a private FB page) " "  Increase average purchase rate (recommendations are great for this)" "  Increase customer lifetime value by giving information that the customer values (creates loyalty / increases switching cost – think Kissmetrics blog)"
  33. 33. Watch the Funnel" Acquisition – " Learns About Product" Conversion – " Signs Up" Buys" Retention" WOM" @shiraabel" For  Freemium:    “Buys”  &  “RetenBon”   are  reversed  
  35. 35. Sample Digital Marketing Tactics " More Relevant for B2B! •  Webinars" •  White papers / Case studies" •  Facebook " •  YouTube" •  LinkedIn" •  Blogging" •  Newsletter / Email (highest ROI of all digital media)" •  Forums" •  Infographics" •  E-book" •  Community" •  Podcast" Less Relevant for B2B! •  Blog commenting" •  Twitter" •  Quora" •  Google+" •  Peer review" •  Seeding posts" •  Guest blogging " •  Game elements (e.g. leader board, 80% signed up, awards for actions)" •  SEO / SEM" •  Games"
  36. 36. The Holy Trinity of Online Marketing" GOOD PRODUCT" Earned Media / PR" Relationship" Marketing" SEO / Ads /" Affiliate" @shiraabel"
  37. 37. Relationship Marketing" "  Takes time" "  Builds the brand" "  Costs (yes, time is money)" "  Builds a relationship" "  Increases referral rate" "  Critical for B2B! "  Content can be SEO’d " @shiraabel"
  38. 38. Affiliate, SEO & Media Buy (Ads)" "  Immediate (if your client base is looking to buy what you’re offering online)" "  Targeted" "  Costs (which is fine if you charge, could be a dilemma if you’re free)" "  Doesn’t build a relationship" "  Has the lowest trust rate" "  Affiliate needs to be well vetted in order to not destroy the brand" @shiraabel"
  39. 39. Thought Leadership is Critical" "   Blogging and guest blogging is one of the best ways to do this" "   Webinars / Presentations that give helpful industry related information (think Crunched and its Growth Hacker series)" "   White papers (sign up to our newsletter and get this white paper for free!)" "   Speaking at industry events, while it may not have an immediate effect – it will have a HUGE influence when PR’d within the industry"
  40. 40. Marketing is a Sales Tool" "   Case studies show your ideal customer and how things go when everything is perfect" "   Connecting with individuals on social builds the relationship, e.g." "   Object can showcase customers design work on its FB page" "   LinkedIn group about industry – lead generation" "   Social CRM on Twitter" "   Email marketing reminds companies that you exist & what you can do for them" "   Builds the sales funnel – makes potential customers come to you instead of you to them (much better position to be in)" @shiraabel"
  41. 41. Social Media for Research" "   Where is your customer online? " "   Are you being mentioned? If so, is it good?" "   What is the title of the person in the organization that typically makes the decisions? " " Rapportive" "   LinkedIn" "   Who are the media people who cover your industry?" "   Twitter " "   FB" " Quora" "   LinkedIn" " Pinterest" @shiraabel"
  42. 42. Rapportive" Find the email of the person you want to connect to by checking names through the Rapportive plugin." @shiraabel"
  43. 43. LinkedIn" Choose who you want to connect to:" " What groups is the person in? " " If you know the title but not the whole name – do a search in Google of the partial name and title & you’ll get the whole name." @shiraabel"
  44. 44. Who Are You Looking For" @shiraabel"
  45. 45. Google Search" @shiraabel"
  46. 46. First & Last Name Found!" @shiraabel"
  47. 47. “A true unfair advantage is something that cannot be easily copied or bought.”" - Jason Cohen"
  49. 49. GOAL" Surprise and delight your customer."
  50. 50. Reputation Economy" Once trust has been established: Everyone has an action trigger - it’s up to you to find out what your customer’s is.
  51. 51. Jack Dorsey: 
 The Power of User Narratives" "" @shiraabel"
  52. 52. Random Stuff ! I Like!
  53. 53. PR for Startups by Colette Ballou" " " @shiraabel"
  54. 54. THE Best Review Of All Time" "The Mountain Three Wolf Moon " "Short Sleeve Tee" @shiraabel"
  55. 55. Close Running" BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen "" @shiraabel"
  56. 56. Hat tip:
  57. 57. Takeaways" "   Marketing starts the second you have an idea for a product / service / business" "   Every tactic should have a goal in mind" "   GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER" "   Social is more than just engagement – it’s listening and reacting to criticism" "   Listen & respond – you’ll get a better product & happier customers" "   Opt-in is more powerful than push" "   Call-to-action gets you more " "   Follow the trail to see where you’re losing people along the funnel" THANK YOU" @shiraabel"
  58. 58. References & Reads" " " hHp://   " hHp://­‐we-­‐increased-­‐our-­‐conversion-­‐rate-­‐by-­‐311-­‐percent  " "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " " "  " " " "" "" " Breakthrough Marketing Plans" "" " " "" " " "" ""
  59. 59. Customer Insights " Customer     Insights   Confluences   Voyages   Orthodoxies   Analogies   FrustraBons   ExtremiBes   Anomalies  
  60. 60. Mapping a Users Experience" Need   Research   OpBons   Choosing   Infrastructure   Ordering     ImplementaBon