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Pop star homework2


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Published in: Design, Lifestyle
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Pop star homework2

  1. 1. Values & belief= Intimate love is precious and important-Rihanna ‘s song “Unfaithful” sends the message that those who cheat on their lovers are cowards “I don't wanna do this anymore, I don't wanna hurt him anymore…” “I don't wanna be... A murderer” “A lie I didn't have to tell” Rihanna is `Daring`-not scared to show off her body or her sexuality. For example in her song “Rude Boy”-the graphic and visual content are very pornographic Use of costume in Rude Boy; she is wearing tight clothes which show off her slender body figure. For example she wore the gold bejewelled dress which exposed and revealed her chest area (large breasts) and flat tummy. She was also dancing seductively around the male character in the song; she was touching and soothing his body up and down. She went down on the floor and started to sexually crawl like a wild animal (links to the idea of women being sexually objectified, dehumanised and passive and therefore having less status than men). Even in the music “Te amo” (means love in Spanish) she gets sexually intimate with a female singer (starts to seductively dance with her and they both touch each other’s body in a sexual way)-this suggests that Rihanna is daring and is not afraid to portray herself as a neo bisexual; even though she knows that her audience have already constructed her as a heterosexual from her previous image. This also proves that Rihanna is defiant and “Avant-Garde” because she has deliberately changed her image of being just a heterosexual to now being a bisexual, as she is challenging her audience’s previous perception of her from her old image with her latest image (she also admitted that she had a “crush” on Katy Perry). Despite on being known as a heterosexual earlier on, she is not afraid to show the change of her sexuality within the years of her career (although this may come as a shock to her audience). This allows to show that she likes to challenge the mainstream image of pop stars (being heterosexual) watch?v=Oe4Ic7fHWf8
  2. 2. Rihanna is soulful-her use of passionate language show this. A lot of her lyrics consist around passion, romance and love “Don't it mean I love you” Although her image has changed throughout the years, from the beginning of her career; she was first introduced as a young, innocent and cheerful girl and is recently/currently portrayed as a dark and highly sexualised women (embracing womanhood)-she started to wear revealing or little clothes, and having short hair. Both her previous and current images present her as being energetic and dynamic, even though her new image is a lot more sexualised than before; Rihanna’s fast paced and wild dance moves conveys her belief that you should live your life to the fullest (in the music video `stop the music`-it conveys the message that she loves to party night) as well as having the best time off your life, especially when your young (fulfilling the serotypes of youth) Rihanna’s music videos shows that she values being different and distinctive from other mainstream pop stars; this is because she prefers to be presented as a shocking, scary, threatening and intimidating character. In the music video `Disturbia` the dance and movement look like possessed move from a horror choreography Her new image is hedonistic (mainly consists of Sex); most of her songs include sexual content and is very raunchy; these content are especially evident in music videos such as in `Rude Boy`, `Te amo`, `Disturbia` and `Pour it out`
  3. 3. One of her beliefs and values show that she is rebellious; throughout the years, Rihanna has been one of the artists who changed her image from what mainstream media expects from her as a pop stars. She use to have long glossy hair and wear typical feminine bright clothes such as a red dress or a female night club outfit (`Don’t stop the music`). However, in recent years she has rebelled against the `social norm` that female pop stars should dress glamorously and in a sophisticated way. This is because she has started to dress in Goth clothes and presenting herself as a new and reformed character who likes to wear dark clothes and dress like a punk such as having short bronze coloured hair and wearing black clothes such as a black fishnet top and a leather black bra). By rebelling against her old image, Rihanna has set a new trend where many other artists and females are starting to style and colour their hair like punks (e.g. Katy Perry has purple hair in the music video “Wide Awake”)
  4. 4. Rihanna has changed her image from being the innocent colourful girl to a sassy, sinister, mysterious and oversexed and promiscuous girl. This shows that the `materials` such as make up and clothes has been used to re-construct her from being a glamour puss to a licentious and rakish pop star These previous images of Rihanna presents her as a glamorous, beautiful and sophisticated looking artist Her recent images portrays her as a rebellious punk and a lascivious, seductive and lustful women
  5. 5. “I don't do things for the response or for the controversy. I just live my life” “I'm crazy and I don't pretend to be anything else” These quotations of phrases from Rihanna tells us that she is constructed as an artist who is down to earth, is a wild chick and loves to enjoy living life to the fullest instead of just seeing everything in black and white (`live and let live`) or living life through following a set of expected strict rules and conducts and being obedient.
  6. 6. This online mail shows that singers such as Rihanna like to present themselves as sexual objects and as an obscene and unchaste characters. This is because there have been complains against her and Miley Cyrus by fans and former singer `Lennox` saying that their music video is full of pornographic content ( e.g. `Pour it out`). This brings out controversies, such as the representation of women in the media; many female artists are being portrayed as being objectified, passive and dehumanised. Feminist group have argued that these representation encourage young girls to be passive and act as sexual objects for men. Whilst it is also a social danger as it has a negative impact on men because they are encouraged to treat women as objects in real life.
  7. 7. This online `celebrity gossip` tabloid informs that Rhianna is seditious, rebellious and wild, because she ha been caught with cocaine (is illegal to take & is against the law) This image of Rihanna shows that she is Extrovert-loves attention. She is showing her crotch area and bum to her fans during a concert; she loves the sexual attention she gets from her fans and audience (sexual pleasure through the act of gazing at her semi-naked body and a specific part of her body) and she may even knows that this will make a big headline in the tabloids
  8. 8. Rihanna has become a fashion icon through collaborating with the new fashion line and fashion trend; due to her rise of fame as a pop star and attracting large groups of fans she has been able to become a clothing and fashion brand (thorough her choice of fashion style ). She has started to sell her own clothes and designing style on the clothing retailer, River Island.