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Museum project

Museum Project

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Museum project

  1. 1. African  American  SoldiersTaylor  and  Kylee
  2. 2. African  American  Soldiers   • African  American  men  could  not  serve  in  the  U.S.  Army    up  until  the  54th  Massachusetts   regiment  was  issued.
  3. 3. The  Massachusetts  54th  Regiment
  4. 4. Payment   • The  U.S.  Army  paid  African  American  soldiers   10$  ,    3$  less  then  white  soldiers.   • To  protest  against  this  the  entire  unit  of  soldiers   and  officers  refused  to  accept  their  wages  until   blacks  were  paid  the  same. African  American  Soldiers  
  5. 5. The  Massachusetts  54th  Regiment • February  1863,  Governor  John  A.  Andrew   issued  the  civil  wars  first  call  of  black  soldiers. • Many  of  the  black  men  came  from  New  York,   Indiana,  and  Ohio  ;  some  even  came  from   Canada.
  6. 6. The  Massachusetts  54th  Regiment Volunteers   • Many  men  volunteered    as  young  as  16   years  old. • The  most  famous  enlisted  were  Charles  and  Lewis   Douglass,  sons  of  the  abolitionist  Frederick   Douglass. Lewis Charles  
  7. 7. • Robert  Gould  Shaw,  a  young  white  officer  was  chosen  to  lead  the  54th   Massachusetts. • Roberts  parents  were  wealthy  and  prominent  abolitionist  activists. • He  had  dropped  out  of  Harvard  to  join  the  union  army. Leader