Timbaland - Hands in the Air


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Timbaland - Hands in the Air

  1. 1. Timbaland- Hands In The Air ft. Ne-YoStoryline: The music video has been produced for the new‘step-up’ film, so as well as showing clips of the singers…… It also shows clips of the filmSummary: When showing the singer (above) he is shown at a mid-shot and featured in a club, this is as the film is based around dancing and a club is a popular place to dance.
  2. 2. Long shots are used when showing shots of the club. Quick cuts areused during the chorus.When there is a change of verse and singer there is also a change ofscene. We have a long shot to establish that we are still in the club, butjust in a private room.Mid- close up shot is used on the singer when he is singing.There is a lot of slow motion used which enhances the difficulty ofthe dancing as the audience can see more of what is going on in the frame.The music fades out, and the video fades to black to finish
  3. 3. Convention Genre MeaningHip/hop, rap, pop – it has fast paced music, dark lighting, women inskimpy clothing and quick cuts.CarlssonElectronic shaman, as it uses slow motion.ShoreSurface without substance, as it has no storyline but the video still looks good. Simulated experience, as it makes the audience fantasize about being there as everyone seems to be having a good time. Adolescent male fantasies, as there are women dancing seductively and in skimpy clothing.GoodwinThought beats, as the lights and cuts are in time with the beat.Narrative and performance, as there is the singers in the clubCombined with clips from the film. Relation to visual to song, as it talks aboutwomen on chairs and their hair blowing in the wind (shown below) –this is also illustration. Technical aspects, as it uses slow motion.