The Script - Hall of Fame


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The Script - Hall of Fame

  1. 1. The Script - Hall of Fame ft. will.i.amStoryline: The video starts with showing the winning of an‘un-defeated world champion’ boxer.The next scene is of a man sleeping and being kicked by (presumably)his mother. This shows how he wants to change his life as he dreamsof being a world champion boxer.This is followed by a scene of a ballerina dancing.
  2. 2. The scene after shows a girl sleeping, so as the same as the guy it showshow she wants to change her life as she dreams of becoming aprofessional ballerina.The video continues by showing the struggles these two people face inorder to reach their goals. e.g getting beaten up (followed by guitaristbeating foot – graphic match between narrative and performance), fallingdown, being judged for being deafIn-between these scenes we have shots of the band playing in a warehouse.
  3. 3. Summary: When the music first starts we see an extreme close up ofthe piano being played. The camera then tracks up to reveal who isplaying.A long shot establishes the type of area in which the video is set in.A long shot of the piano being played establishes where the band is set.
  4. 4. Whilst the guy is running the scene cuts to a boxer (both midclose-ups) this shows what he’s thinking of or trying to be like.The cuts are in time with the beat of the music, which enhancesthe beat. The cuts quicken when we get to the chorus.Close-ups are used on the band whilst they are playing this drawsthe audience full attention to the band members.
  5. 5. When the people are training close ups are used to show to struggleand pain they go through to reach their dreams.At about 2:15 of the video, during the training it shows flashbacks ofearlier in the video, of them with their family. This shows how therethinking of their family and that they motivate them.The music changes to diegetic at 3:10 for a few seconds, as the musicis then played through a speaker to which the aspiring ballerina hears.
  6. 6. A mirror image shot of the ballerina dancing in the studio and theprofessional ballerina is show, showing how she has reached her goals.The video ends with shots of a professional boxer and ballerina,showing how they have achieved their dreams.The final shot is of the band walking out of the warehouse with thelights going out, the video cuts to back to end with the music fadingout.
  7. 7. Convention Genre MeaningAlternative rock, pop rock, indie pop – mixture between performanceand narrative, the performance is based mainly on the lead singers.The scenes in the narrative are bright, for the scene of theperformance and the characters at the end it uses spotlights to showhow they are important.CarlssonTelevised bard, the video tells the story of how two people are trying to reach there goals. Electronic shaman, the video uses slow motion when showing punches and the ballerinaShoreSimulated experience, as the audience can fantasize about becoming a boxer/ballerina or achieving their goals. Clichéd imagery, as we see images of the boxer/ballerina repeatedly. Classic story telling motif, as it tells the story of people getting knocked down as they are trying to reach their goals.GoodwinThought beats, as the sound is in time with the edits.Narrative and performance. Technical aspects, as slow motion is used.