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  1. 1.  Below are just some of the technologies I used for the construction of my music video.IPhone 5 Sony Vegas Samsung Camera Adobe Photoshop CS2
  2. 2.  This was a very important part of technology as this is the way we constructed our video. Here we inputted text, edit the text by putting a glow or changing the angle of it. It also enabled us to make the music come in time with our video, and most importantly change the image of our video to an old fashioned way.
  3. 3. Different options will appear like whatHere I will explain how I type of font we want, the size and alsoconstructed text in my video. Below are the finished the effects, placement and properties version of the text. of the text. I made, font, the size, and effect all the same for all three formsI firstly clicked on the tab, Media of text in my video.Generators and then text along theside. Followed by this I clicked and dragged the text I would like into the timeline and a dialog box would appear asking me what I want the text to say.
  4. 4. Another way I used Vegas was to put old film footage over my video to give it the old film effect. This is how I did it. We then just simply click and drag the old film effect over theLike creating the text, I clicked on the video FX clip we wanted it to be on.tab and we used down the list we clicked on Below is how it looks like.film grain. I was given a few options to choosefrom, and we chose the option ‘Very Old Film’. The old effect covered our whole video.
  5. 5.  The use of the internet was vital for our video to reach our audience. One way we reached our audience was through YouTube, once we finished our video we put it on YouTube for people to see. Once it as finished, YouTube lets users comment on our video. Another way was using blogger. I created a blog for people to view my posts about my coursework and used it as a diary about what I was doing to my video. For question 2, I used Priezi which is an interactive way of showing how my digipacks and my video are linked together.
  6. 6.  For our filming we used a Samsung camera. This was just a basic hand- held camera. We had the option to film in HD, but we wanted our video to have an older look, so there was no need for HD. The camera can also attach onto a tripod, making shots more stable.
  7. 7.  I used Adobe Photoshop to create my digipacks. This enabled me to input an image into Photoshop and edit it in any way possible. For example, my inside back cover, I zoomed into the keyboard and saturated the cover. I also adjusted the text by changing the font to yellow and putting a shadow behind it so it was easier to read.
  8. 8. Here the letter ‘I’ is complete. I did this for all letters that are in the words ‘Swedish House Mafia’ and ‘One Your Name’.For my front cover, I cutMacBook Keys onto themosiac tile layer byselecting it the letter ‘I’. Magic Wand on the toolbar Now that the letter ‘I’ is on my layer, I used the magic wand to make the cut clean.
  9. 9. Here is the text with a shadow behind it.Here is the text with no shadowbehind it. It is easier to read with ashadow behind it. Here I have several options. To make the text have a consistent look, I made the angle, distance, spread, siz e and opacity of the In the bottom shadow. right hand corner, there is a box which says drop shadow.
  10. 10.  For my location shots, shots for my digipack and filming for my audience research, I used my IPhone 5. This was handy for location shots as I could easily import the pictures onto my laptop and then onto the computer I was working on. Secondly, the IPhone 5 was useful for my digipacks as I didnt’t really need a special camera. Also, the IPhone does not lose battery easily when it is in camera mode. Finally, for my audience research, I used the video mode off my IPhone to film feedback I received for the music genre I was doing, which was House Music.