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Owl city


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Owl city

  1. 1. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good TimeTechnicalLong shot to establish the setting, also to advertise the car.Mid-Close up helps the audience to focus on the singer and showher emotion.The camera changes it focus when filming the singer. Also here ituses a close up. There are a lot of shots of the singers used.Mise-en-scene: the video is set in (at the beginning) a town andsome woods .The checked shirt gives the singera more outdoorsy look.
  2. 2. Convention Genre MeaningPop genre – Features equal amount of screen time for both singers.As shown ,previously the shots are colourful and bright.Everyone in the video is shown being happy. CarlssonCommercial exhibitionist, as it advertises the cars (as shown above), thesingers watch and the brand of wellies.Televised bard, there is a sort of storyline, as we follow the Singers andcharacters and they meet up and then go off for a party in the woods.ShoreSurface without substance – the video has no meaning, it just shows peopleat a party, simulated experience, clichéd imagery – the scenes of the party are repeatedGoodwinIllustration, when they say „hands up‟ some puts their hands up.Amplification, images of people having a“good time” are repeatedly shown.