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Media course work video analysis

  1. 1. Video analysis
  2. 2. Fatboy slim – weapon of choice: Featuring the actorChristopher Walken. The opening scene is a man sitting in a chair in an empty hotel looking quite ordinary, listening to music. Then he starts to dance which you would not expect. He then dances around the hotel and up and down the escalators, on top of tables. The dance routine uses all aspects of the hotel. Then he is seen flying over a balcony and around the foyer of the hotel, and suspended in front of a large boat scene picture. The end of the video he calmly sits back down in his original chair as if he
  3. 3.  Camera shots Most of the camera angles are mainly long shots of the actor dancing to emphasize the emptiness of the hotel. The beginning of the video features medium and close up shots taken in the actor’s slightly bored expression, a quick shot to a discarded laundry trolley. Then the actor stands up and everything becomes more animated where the actor starts to dance to the music. The camera then follows this actor and his dance routine using all aspects of the empty hotel with the music in line with his every movement. The dance routine includes an escalator and the use of a low angle shot which looks up the escalator with the ceiling above giving a sense of height which finishes with a close up shot as the actor runs down the escalator towards the
  4. 4.  There is a section of the video where special effects are introduced, the actor fly’s over a balcony and a high angle shot is used for this. The audience is looking down on the actor flying around the hotel which is known as a birds eye shot. The camera pans from left to right as the character is flying with some close up shots to show his facial expressions. The actor is suspended in front of a large picture. The long shot emphasizes the largeness of the picture. The actor fits him self into the picture so it looks like he is flying out of the picture. The ending of the video is the same as the beginning with him sitting in the chair looking bored. The lighting through out this video is quite subdued which gives the audience the impression of night time. The ceilings with spot lights which reflect off the hotel floor with some rooms being quite dark with the only lighting being the odd table lamp. There is one scene where there is more light used and the actor is dancing on the table where he is illuminated by chandeliers and a lit ceiling. This video one best Choreography and was filmed live in LA.
  5. 5. Warriors dance- the prodigy  The video begins with three empty cigarette packets coming to life in the form of a person. This automatically gives the audience the idea that the video is weird, unexpected and unusual. This is known as electronic shaman. The band prodigy branded the three cigarette packets with a name on each one making them branded, the words say take me to the hospital which is another one of prodigy’s songs making the audience aware of some of their other albums. This also puts across the effects of smoking and why it is bad for your health. This is also a good example of advertisement. The packets are red in the image of evil. The silhouettes made from the packets are shown breaking an ash tray; this shows the hatred of smoking and destructive
  6. 6.  Three figures start setting up a party and then music kicks in. A quick shot of a juke box, lighting and a figure dancing by a bottle of spirits (all components for a party). A long shot of shelves containing boxes of cigarettes with the brand tarmac, which is again a negative point of smoking. The boxes then transform into people and they start dancing with the use of an over head shot showing all the figures dancing on the table, glamour versus destruction. Then there is a pause and then the figures look confused and one lone figure trails gasoline and lights a line of fire through out the figures. Then every thing erupts and music is at a pitch and the fire takes over silhouetting the figures dancing in the fire. This is quite symbolic cigarette packets burning as in burning money. The final part of the video is of the three figures looking back onto the table/bar and the destruction they have caused. The three left leave the bar from under the door and then moments later the owner of the bar walks
  7. 7.  Movement 1.Camera pans from right to left in each shot. 2.Zoom in and out for dramatic effect. Angle 1.Domination of the three characters over the rest. 2.Fast rapid pace. 3.Fixated on the main three characters. 4.Quick camera shots to emphasise the points being made. Sounds 1.The beginning of the video is off street sounds such as cars going past so you wouldn’t expect the discarded cigarette packets to come to life.
  8. 8. Earth by Michael Jackson The theme of this music video is man’s mismanagement of the Earth highlighting environmental issues such as the deforestation of the rainforest and the effect this has on the local population. Animal welfare centered in Africa, the poaching problems showing a graphic image of a mutilated Elephant. Another topic is war and destruction of the landscape and innocent people dying. This video shows destruction and rebirth and how man could put all these problems right.
  9. 9.  Camera shots The opening scene starts with the camera panning through a tropical forest with a worm’s eye shot to emphasize the sunlight coming through the trees and the different creatures. The next scene is a dark landscape with a red sky showing destruction and a long shot is used to show the landscape this way. Then a close up shot of an Elephant mutilated for ivory (a shock tactic). Then close up shots are used on peoples faces to show the horror of what’s happening in their country. All through the music video it is going back and forth to scenes of destruction to scenes of rebirth, comparing and contrasting. There is a section which brings are attention to war and a symbolic shot of a bicycle destroyed and then it flips back to a happier time in the past. The final section of this music video is all about rebirth. The final section of this video is all about rebirth. The characters all looking upwards full of hope while everything is going back to the happier