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Media adverts new sam shelley


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Media adverts new sam shelley

  1. 1. The name of the band and album are the biggest thing on the advert in bold font which means they are the most important bits of the advertThe advert tellsyou what songsare going to be onthe album They show a small version of what the album cover looks like There is a bit of synergy in this advert as there is a link to check out and like there facebook page to get more information and they are linking there advert with DJ mag as there is a link to vote for them in the top 100 DJ by DJ mag
  2. 2. The name of the band and album title are again the most important part of the advert with the big fot size. This advert is a double A4 page spread but they haven’t used all the space and have put all the informatio n in the middle of the page.They give there websitedetails which is good becauseif you didnt know whomassive attack was then this The picture doesn’t reallyadvert wouldnt help you have any relevance to thebecause it doesn’t tell you advert. Its looks sort off likemuch so people would go to spray paint graffiti and doesn’tthe website to find out more give any indication to genre
  3. 3. This advert is not so The text below says The no 1 albumconventional to the dance available as a special edition 2dc/DVDmusic genre because the name set. Includes original album. Liam H re-of the title and band and how its amped invaders must die remixeswritten makes it seem more of a videos and live filmspunk rock album and There are parts of this which are conventional to most album adverts like the HMV in the corner,website details and ratings from newspapers and magazines.