Magazine Advert Analysis


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Magazine Advert Analysis

  1. 1. Bands name is in the biggest font anddeepest colour as it is important soneed to attract the audiences viewUnconventional Album name is boldspace left and in white so stands out on theLots of good reviews of black background tothe album from popular catch the audiencescompanies – considered attentionmore reliable fromaudienceMagazine advert and CD cover uses thesame colour scheme (red, white and black)Both the CD cover and the magazinead use a black background with aspotlight on the artist showing how heis important CD cover is advertised in the bottom left of the screen Contact information (bands website)
  2. 2. Background image looks like a painting,the image is unconventional as it doesn’tshow the band and it doesn’t relate to thealbum title ‘mountains’Unconventional layout of advert as overhalf of the page is taken up by a picture,with a small amount of text at the bottomConsistent colour scheme of blue andwhite is usedA clear bold font is usedOnly the most important information hasbeen used for this advert, with the bandsname at the top so it is the first thing thatthe audience reads as it is the mostimportant, it is also the only text in whiteso stands out the mostDifferent formats it is available onSame image has beenused as in the albumcoverRelease dateContact information (bands website)
  3. 3. Artist’s name is in the biggestfont size as it is the mostimportant part of informationImage of the artist takes up halfof the advertThe same image used for theCD has been used for themagazine advertAlso the same colourscheme as the CDcover has been used(red, white and black)Only the most important informationhas been usedTop songs featured on the albumRelease dateContact information (bands website)
  4. 4. Unconventional layout of advert as overhalf of the page is taken up by a picture,with a small amount of text at thebottom. Also the band is not shownSepia toned picture used for backgroundThe band and album name is inblack in front of the lightest part ofthe background, this makes it standout the most so it is the first thingthe audience seesUnconventional space leftImage is ironic as the album is call loveis noise but the image is showing abovethe clouds where it is silent.The same image used for the albumcover has been used for the magazineadvertDifferent formats itis available onContactinformation (bandswebsite)
  5. 5. Good reviews of the album frompopular companies – considered morereliable from audience, unconventionalto put this at the tope, would normallybe artist nameUnconventional space leftSunlight is shining down the middleof the frame, with the text on top.This relates to the album name,Traces of DaylightText looks hand written, showing thatthe album is relaxedThe same image used for the albumcover has been used for the magazineadvertRelease dateTop songsfeatured on thealbumContactinformation (bandswebsite)