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Lips – everything to me (adventure club


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Lips – everything to me (adventure club

  1. 1. Lips – everything to me (adventure club remix) Will Lewis
  2. 2. CameraThroughout the music video there are many different varietys ofcamera angles. The music video starts with different slow shots ofthe two artists, as you can see from the pictures. This involvedmid shots and also long shots. As well as close shot s and midshots, there is also use of high angled shots to show the twoartists.MeaningWhile watching this video many times I found it quite hard to findthe meaning of this, many videos that have a story line have somesort of meaning behind it however this music video was veryconfusing, the main meaning was that the two artists featured inthe video where trying to save the day and save the girl who wascaptured by all these cardboard monsters.CarlsonThis music video could fit into to categorys I believe, fromcancellation of the other options. We know that the video is nottelevised bard. However I think it either fits into commercialexhibitionist or electronic shaman. These two categorys would bethe two I believe the video fits into to. The music is verycommonly used throughout there songs and the style is normallythe same throughout albums. Locations for this video seem to bein a warehouse of some sort, breaking through different rooms tosave the girl.
  3. 3. Shore Technical + EditingThroughout the video you have the Throughout this unique music video,child hood story about a guy or different techniques and editing aretwo saving the pretty girl from the used. First of all the camera angles,‘monsters’ this could result in the we have a large variety of shots frommusic video being something the close ups and long shots, we alsoaudience want to experience, this have tracking shots following the twowould also involve male fantasies artists through their maze to save theas the video is about saving a girl. girl. Editing on the other hand weThe whole idea of the two men have lots of fade in and out to switchfighting there way to the girls also from the character fighting theadds the fast pace and cardboard cut outs. slow motion isfighting, which could make the also used throughout the video tovideo sound like a hip hop video show every detail ever its not, and this brings We also have the lighting which issomething different to the music used in the dark room at high