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Evaluation tasks 1 4 a2


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Evaluation tasks 1 4 a2

  1. 1. Evaluation tasks 1 - 4 Christian Gilder
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 2 3 1 4 5 6 87 9
  3. 3. • 1: this was the opening shot of the lead singer as the intro to the song is Jaccobi Shaddix singing the first few lines of the song, I have used a similar idea to the original video as it too starts with a close up on lead singer.• 2: for the guitar riff in the intro I did a close up on the guitarist showing him playing the intro, the instruments are the main bit in this part of the song so the focus of the camera is on the guitars• 3: as the riff’s go on I chose to have a transition between instruments. I did this by fading one clip over the other. This has been used in only a few music videos but I think that it worked well with the video.• 4: as the song kicks in a bit more the whole band is shown playing. This is a shot that is used in a lot of performance pieces as it advertises and sells the band rather then just showing them one by one.• 5: I decided to show each member of the band through out the video, this allowed me to have a wider variety of camera shots, such as close ups mid shots and many others
  4. 4. • 6: this is a shot of 3 of the members this gave me the multi shot and stopped the video having a sense of vanity with the lead singer. Not many videos only have focus on the main singer they tend to have both images of the singer and/or the band.• 7: I decided to play around with lighting by going out side in the dark and placing a torch at the actors feet the light then lit up the instruments and the face of the actors I did this with the guitarist and the bassist• 8: the mise-en-scene in the video as shown in this shot is very typical of a music video it is all very casual with clothes like t-shirts, jeans bandanas. As well as a stereo typical clothing the instruments used are that of a typical rock genre drums and guitars were as ones of a different genre would b more inclined to use DJ decks or synthesisers.• 9: in my video I thought it would be interesting to play around with the layouts of the different shots as you can see I kept the idea as ii felt it worked well with the transitions of the shots I did this with 2 or three shots.•
  5. 5. 3 2 1 4 5 67 9 8
  6. 6. • 1: the first picture is of a song by all time low this song is all about promoting the band so they have done this via placing the band on podiums having them playing the song with the focus being on the entire band.• 2:this next one is taken from the video closer to the edge by 30 seconds to mars, this is a video that is filmed from many live concerts they played at in one tour, it advertises the bands ability to have a put on a great show and have a good time.• 3: is a image taken from the video a town called hypocrisy by Lostprophets it is one that I like especially as the video is all about children’s TV presenters hence the costumes and look about the video it is meant to be fun and enjoyable to watch with many comical aspects.• 4: we are the ocean video for waiting room is meant to be a rather darker and more serious hence why they appear to be in a very dark room with dark coloured clothes with the only light coming from the windows at the side.• 5: my chemical romance did a live video for their planetary go video this one defies the rock genre as it is filled with colour the artists them are dressed in reasonably bright colours such as the yellow and black short with Gerard Ways bright red hair
  7. 7. • 6: once again a live shot from the song one-track mind by papa roach this just shows the kind of shot often used in videos of this shot it is a long shot from the crowd onto the stage.• 7: fallen angels by Black Veil Brides shows a typical style of clothing a lot of hardcore metal bands dress like and the setting of the video its self is done in a way that is themed around the album (set the world on fire) with the image of the cracked ground and falling fire balls through out the video.• 8: the blackouts video for higher and higher is another video that features the whole band playing but the video its self has a narrative, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the lyrics of the song as it is to do with the guitarist being left behind as the band is kidnapped by a women and he is trying to catch up with the band.• 9: Enter Shikari is a different stile of rock band as they also use a dubstep music as well as rock this shows through the clothing they wear and the lighting of the video
  8. 8. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillary texts? The inside cover of the digi pak is also the cover of the advert this is because unlike the front cover it has a picture of the entire band, this was the one I picked for it due to it showing all of the band members the colours of each item has a specific scheme with the black the white and grey.
  9. 9. The digi pak doesn’t reallyseem to have anything to dowith the video the coloursare different to the video andthere are no images takenfrom the video in the image.But this is typical of a albumcover from the rock genre,the colours on both arerelatively the same theclothing of the members arereasonably dark with lots ofblacks and blues and theimage in the Picuris in blackand white with no colour.
  10. 10. What have you learned from your audience feedback?• The first part of my feed back for the drafts I’d done were reasonably positive but something’s needed changing. One that stands out most was the changing of my digi pak front cover which later on was changed back in general people liked the drafts of the digi pak as they thought it suited the stile of the genre. My first draft of the advert though was received fairly negatively so it needed to be changed and came out as the one it is now. The video its self received some good reviews on the amount of camera angels and types of shots used in the video. The negative points to the video though were the lip-syncing issues due to the program we used not being able to support the 1080p HD footage.• Most of the feed back from the class and the teacher was that the videos lip- syncing was off, this unfortunately was one thing I could not sort out as the video clips I filmed were filmed in1080p HD. This meant that the computers and editing program I used could not keep up with the video so the syncing is out of place at times. Another thing that cropped up was of the drummer in the way that he is seen not hitting the drums unfortunately I was unable to get any other footage to fix that problem but it does not effect the video to badly.
  11. 11. • The digipak was generally received positively with the class but my teacher had concerns about it with the layout and the information on the digipak. The front cover was changed twice as the images were not good enough. But now with a couple of changes and some additional information added to the back cover it has now received a far more positive reception.• With the finished product I noticed people gave the resulting products a far more positive reception the video still with the lip-syncing problem but over all a good response. With the changes to the advert and the digipak the responses were better people thought that it looked far more like actual products then the ones before.
  12. 12. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?I used lots of different technologies through outthis project a variety of editing software such asVegas and publisher, these programs were vital inthe layout and editing the video. I used publisherto make the advert and the digipak this wasbecause the program has as well as using theseprograms I also used imovie on my laptop.
  13. 13. I posted my video on youtube for feedback Iused this to show people my video as it wasbeing made this allowed people to give mefeed back on the video as it also gave a widerrange or audiences getting more feed back.
  14. 14. I used Photoshop to edit pictures I took using mycamera to edit the photos to create the digipakthis allowed me to create a front cover and insidecover that look like a rock digipak. I used theprogram to turn the pictures into a black and whitecolour setting and then made a small sectionwhere the title was placed on the front covernegative, I was also able to fade in the pictures ofthe band members over another picture.
  15. 15. I used a variety of technology when creating my video thisincluded things like my camera to my ipod. The camera wasused in the process of filming the video I didn’t use the atripod in my video as I found it easier to film the video freehand which meant I could get the different camera angelsand different shots in the video my ipod was also used toplay the song so the actors could keep in time with thesong. My laptop was later used for editing the pictures andsorting out the layout for the advert and the digipak.