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Evaluation question 1


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Published in: Education
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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions or real media products ?
  2. 2. a shot that shows a link between lyrics and/or music and visuals • ‘No keys push to start’ this is what wiz khalifa says in the song black and yellow where he is getting in his car and this shows a very simple link between lyrics and visuals. Him being in a fancy car also contributes to help show the viewer the genre of the music video which is hip/hop. It is also shows before him getting into a black and yellow car showing that the song lyric is even issued with the car when he gets in.
  3. 3. a shot that shows a link between lyrics and/or music and visuals (our video) • In this part it is where the music says invaders must die so in are video we show it in text as well as a dead alien in the background. Making it simple for the viewer to tell that they are dead. We also showed that the shades on this alien are up to essentially say that the party is over and that they are dead. This also shows that it is contributing to the drum and bass genre by having a mask and high contrast camera effect.
  4. 4. a shot that typifies the way a record company would want their artist to be represented • The record company (aftermath entertainment) wants dre to be seen as a hip hop gangster artist and they do this by showing him with many women around him and standing next to snoop dog. They are also sitting on a very fancy car which shows that they have money and it also shows one of the men in the shot making a gang sign of the Westside showing that they are still with gangs and still with the streets.
  5. 5. a shot that typifies the way a record company would want their artist to be represented (our video) • This image shows the way how Green Underground wants the artists to be represented as it shows a very cool effect on them so its something out of the ordinary which is what green underground wants. Not on that it also shows a very colorful and explosive background in showing that it is very random and interesting to the eye which is what Green Underground wants.
  6. 6. a shot that illustrates how your video uses music genre • This shot from the music video tears don’t fall by bullet for my valentine who are a heavy metal band shows there genre through what they are wearing. It is also shown to be heavy metal through them standing in band formation with all the equipment and also shows that it is raining conveying something sad is happening. It is also the contrast and colors of the filter which the camera is using which is a very dark blue color giving off a sad yet angry atmosphere because of the fast and aggressive rain.
  7. 7. a shot that illustrates how your video uses music genre (our video) • This shows the genre of drum and bass/ dance music by showing a DJ with the hood up wearing shades with a microphone and this gives off that genre as in many of these types of videos they like to show the DJs or MCs it also shows all the equpment that the DJ is using which this genre likes to use a lot. And in this 2 second shot it shows to be very blurry and this shows a party feel to it.
  8. 8. a shot that shows an intertextual reference • This shot shows an intertextual reference by the song being call scream aim fire then shows a tank being shot when matt tuck ‘lead singer’ is screaming ‘scream aim fire’ into the microphone this can be related to the film of saving private ryan where the is a tank being shot at them and the is a lot of screaming going on around that time.
  9. 9. a shot that shows an intertextual reference (our video) • This shot of the UFO shows an intertexual reference because it relates back to the film the fourth kind where you can see the space ship on the police camera above the house. It also shows it being properly alien. The fact that the song is called invaders must die as well shows that it is being related to the aliens that we are about to see and normally in most Sci-Fi's you will see the space ship before the aliens are introduced.
  10. 10. a shot that demonstrates your use of camera • This shot of snoop Dogg shows shows him being all gangster by showing that he has all his gold chains on and flat cap. The shot demonstartes use of camera because of the angle it is at that it is pointing up at him showing that he is powerful and showing that he is dominant in this video. This shot also shows the tops of trees in it which as showing where he is which is clearly in a hot sunny destination.
  11. 11. a shot that demonstrates your use of camera (our video) This shot shows are use of camera through putting the alien on the same level as the train and focusing on the alien which shows that they are the main subject of the video. It also shows how the aliens are new to the area as the is a lot going on in the background of them and yet they are very calm. It also shows a focus in this shot that the focus on the aliens face is more focused the more the alien turns.
  12. 12. a shot that demonstrates your use of lighting • In this shot of the music video joy energizer by san van doom it shows this red light that goes with the red lit up eyes and this gives off an evil feel since it is a red light and how the light it self is coming from bellow the stair and this can be shown as hell as hell is stereotypically red this lighting also comes up on the first beat and this could mean that the is going to be more of it.
  13. 13. a shot that demonstrates your use of lighting (our video) • This shot demonstrates a use of lighting as it is shone on this aliens face the light also helps the camera to see the smoke in the room. The light also gives off a clubbing feel as it is like picture was being take in a club and it is a quick snap shot. The light also helps to see the aliens face a lot more than with out the light and you can see the image it self more clearly.
  14. 14. a shot that demonstrates your use of Mise-en-scene • This shot of these two men who are trying to be shown has ‘hard men’ are shown like that through what they are wearing and how it is very cliché for those type of people to wear those things and how they both have hats on a hood along with black jackets. Not only that they are also in a gloomy grim tunnel that is very rough and this shows that they area where they are is not that nice either.
  15. 15. a shot that demonstrates your use of Mise-en-scene (our video) • This shot shows shots being poured with interesting lighting and the lighting is red. Not only that it also shows and gives off a party scene and tis is because of the lighting and the fact that alcohol is being poured which shows that it is at a party/club the fact that the shots are being poured on a shiny black surface could mean that it is at the bar of the club in which they are in.
  16. 16. Two shots which you feel demonstrate something which shows you have watched other music videos • These two shots show that we have watched other music videos because in the first one it shows drink and bottle branding which shows that we know that in many other party music videos they like to show what they are drinking to give off the party feel. • In the image on the right it shows a news and this has shown that we know about the pre story on music videos and how they like the to be more video based around the music so it has more story to it.