CD Annotations


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CD Annotations

  1. 1. Lots going on the Dark colours uses, hints that thealbum cover (lots of songs aren’t happy and uplifting Direct mode ofdifferent colours address (eye contact)used), hints that thealbum is upbeat. Rip down the centre of her face plays on with album name ‘cannibal’, could potentially show how she is like 2 differentClose up shows peoplethe emotion of the Intense expressionsinger on the singers face which is enhanced by her having her hands in her hair Name in gold to Album cover is very enhance the dollar sign similar to 50 cent’s curtis
  2. 2. The title looks as though it has been scrawled on by hand Dark background makesCd is aimed toward the white stand out morefans as the albumcover doesn’t giveaway the artist sopeople unaware ofher wouldn’t buy it Cd cover is quite bare as there is not much too itThe diamonds arerepresentative ofdrugs/smoking R is signature for rihanna – this is the only symbol Tattoo and diamonds shows that this to tell the maybe a hip-hop cd audience that the artist is rihanna
  3. 3. With a very busy album Text looks childish and cartoon-cover the title doesn’t like, hinting that the album isnt seriousstand out, this is Direct mode ofunconventional address from 2 of the singers in the groupAlbum cover doesn’trelate to albumtitle, as the title refersto zombies, aliens…but the album cover The only adultsshows a family shown are thebirthday party. band members (excluding the clown)The album cover uses natural The band look like they are havinglighting, this hints that the album more fun than the kids, as if they’veisnt adventurous and is fairly simple crashed the party
  4. 4. Direct mode of addressThe albums calledwalking on a dream The band isand everything pictured on whatsfeatured behind meant to representthem is dream like. the sun to showAs the band is the that they arebiggest image in literally the empirethe frame it is as if of the sun.they are on top ofeverything (walkingon a dream) The light behind the bands name is meant to represent The crown the sun as the band represents is called ‘Empire of Serious facial expression power, reinforcing the Sun’ hints that the album maybe the ‘Empire’ in the also be serious in tone bands name
  5. 5. Text looks like a newspaper fontQuite plain album cover Looks like a newspaper, as if they are announcing in the papers that itName of band is like is the end of thethe headline world Direct mode ofPhoto of the band address from 2look old/from a of the membersnewspaper of the band The way the members are dressed Unconventional space left hints that the genre maybe alternative or indie