Analysis of house music updated version 17 10-12


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Analysis of house music updated version 17 10-12

  1. 1. Analysis of House Music
  2. 2. Feed the Dada – Camera A more conventional shot shows a teenager partyingOn Wikipedia, ‘Dada’ is said on away in the chorus of thethe website as ‘prizing song.nonsense, irrationality,intuition’ In the video there aresome unconventional shotsbeing taken place for this type This medium shot is aof genre. more conventional shot as we see people This close up of one of the partying towards the artists shows his facial end. In house music this expressions in detail, his mouth is what we tend to see. movements are in rhythm with the song.
  3. 3. Feed the Dada – CameraA shot of uncertainty is used as theestablishing shot. Inside the box is A close-up shows that the trackan IPod and a note stating to play the audience is listening to thethe track. on-screen characters are listening to it to. Below you see two contrasting shots of one person dancing erratically and the girl relaxing or sleeping.
  4. 4. Feed The Dada – EditingFrom this shot, we can see that time is As well as condensed time, we see thatslowed down once the chorus come into the boy is shaking his head repeatedlyplay. and slowly. We see the singer slowly singing the track with an extreme close-up shot. Wee see a contrast between fast-paced music and slow mouth movements As the song nears an end, we see people flying into the air. This has the effect as it coincides with the fast-paced music at the end.
  5. 5. Feed The Dada – EditingSlow motion is again used to correspond to In the background we can see thatthe music which is being played. Everyone is the woman’s foot is blurred up. Thedancing to the music at the same time. main focus is on the box.
  6. 6. Related TheoriesOne of Andrew Goodwin’s three words to Another theory which is related to thisdescribe visuals were Illustrate. Feed the song is the electronic shaman. We seeDada uses a set of images to illustrate the different movements in this video whichlyrics which are being sung. ‘Feed the Dada’ are not normal. We se people magicallyhappens towards the end of the video. floating into the air without anyone’s help.
  7. 7. Mise-en-SceneAt first we see a man and girl at home calmlystaring at a box uncertain whether to open it or There is a bit of a contrast between thenot. Although the genre is house and a buzzing man and girl. The girl is wearing more uptheme, this is a conventional start. market clothing as well as jewelry. Her hair as well is nicely brushed and she is wearing make-up. Compared to the man, he is wearing a plain white t-shirt and some jeans and his hair is a bit messy. Jewelry
  8. 8. Feed the Dada – Mise-en-Scene The artists are wearing unconventional outfits, plain white. As a hose genre, you would expect them to have more up market clothing.The Ipod and speakers symbolises thata party may be about to start or someform of dancing is going to take place. Why are there two people wearing strange costumes? The logo on the box which the IPod is in is the same logo which is on Dada Life’s website.
  9. 9. Eric Pydz – PjanooThe establishing shot of this video show us aman, possibly the artist, running away fromsomething which we do not find out. Thevideo starts up with an ELS of the manrunning along a railway track, followed by alow angle CU then a birds eye view from theside.
  10. 10. Pjanoo – CameraThe purpose of the ELS is to set The long shot seen here ofthe scene of the man running the barn shows us that it hasaway from somewhere. We not been in use for months,see that it is in the middle of possibly years with old chairsthe American wilderness; and dusty tables and bottles.Cowboy like land, dry land anddry grass with an abandonedrailway track perhaps. The CU of the plants give gives us another indication of how dry the land is. We can see that the plants have not touched water for months.
  11. 11. Pjanoo – Editing At the beginning of the video we see the music video being introduced to us in a redWe see a close-up of the piano key font as well as the song title.being pressed down and the camerashot instantly changes when therythem of the music changes. Another editing technique used is a hedgehog which then turns into a little man.
  12. 12. Pjanoo – EditingVarious editing techniques are used. We seethe mans face fade in with the clouds andmoney falling down, fading in with the clouds.We also see the clouds gathering speed, thisis called a time-lapse.
  13. 13. Pjanoo – Mise-en-SceneAs I have mentioned before, the ELS atthe beginning of the video shows us thewilderness and state a man is goingthrough. He is running along a railwaytrack that is probably not in use. Once the man enters the barn, we see that the glasses, chairs and bottles are covered in dust. It is also a darkened room, with the only light coming from outside. Right we also see the exact detail of how dry the wilderness is with dry plants in shot.
  14. 14. Pjanoo – Mise-en-SceneHere we can see that a man encounters a littleman, possibly from a tribe. He is wearing a costume thatis made out of things from the bush. From this shot we can get a good look on how the man is looking. From what it looks like he is a stereotype of a cowboy, but no guns. He is wearing jeans, a rolled-up collard t-shirt and an Indiana Jones hat. He is also carrying a bag which looks like a bag cowboys carry with money in it. We can make out that it is money, an American dollar note
  15. 15. Nervo – You’re Gonna Love Again For the song to start, it takes twenty seconds to happen. A range of close- This close-up shows us that the women in the ups and medium shots are used in the car is looking at a picture, but then screws it first 25 seconds of the video. up. Is this related to the song, ‘..Love Again’The extreme close-up showsthe detail into how much she isscrewing up the picture. Once the song gets into the chorus, the conventional part of the song begins as we see people dancing around to the song. At this point we see a range of fast-paced camera shots being used of different It’s conventional for any song to set parts of the body on different the message early and carry on people. throughout the song.
  16. 16. Camera – You’re Gonna Love AgainOnce the song gets into the chorus, the Once the tempo of the music slowedconventional part of the song begins as we see down, slower camera shots we usedpeople dancing around to the song. At this and close-ups were directed at people’spoint we see a range of fast-paced camera faces.shots being used of different parts of the bodyon different people. As the music gathered pace, there is a long-shot used to show everyone having fun and dancing around.
  17. 17. Editing – You’re Gonna Love Again One logo shown here is used form the video and the other one from Nevro’s website. They are the same font and same style. The purpose of this is to symbolize the artist. As you see this close up from behind, time is condensed as the music being played at the time is slower than it normally is. The close-up here is darkened to give the shot more of an effect.
  18. 18. Editing – You’re Gonna Love AgainAnother editing technique used by theproduction company is that we see the The same is done to a girl who falls of a ledge,man floating in the air. Again, this gives but then starts floating above other dancers asit more of an effect. the are dancing.
  19. 19. Related Theories – You’re Gonna Love AgainI believe that there are two theoriesrelated to this song. One of which is the Another theory related to this video I think iselectronic shaman. It is very unusual to the commercial exhibitionist. The two singerssee people floating in the air. promote themselves by there indie style look. Hair is styled high