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A2 media paolo nutini


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A2 media paolo nutini

  1. 1. Album Cover This is the album cover for Paolo Nutini’s song New Shoes. As you can see, there is no view of his lower body which is odd because by the title of the album, you would expect to see some form of footwear in the shot to reinforce the fact that it is related to the song. Also the picture of him doesn’t relate to the nature of the mood and beat of the song. The song is very upbeat however in this picture you can see that he is feeling sad or lonely and the fact that it is in black and white reinforces that look. You could argue that it is because he hasn’t got his new shoes yet.
  2. 2. Technical Aspects As you can see, this picture shows a use of CGI to make you think it is going to be an animated video. The use of the long shot from low to high also tells you that the camera is probably going to zoom into the bedroom window. I noticed that the house at the beginning of the songYou can now see that it is real is very similar to thelife and not animated. The one which is in theuse of the words to say who Simpson’s TV show,the artist is gives you the idea it has very similar colours and a similarthat there is going to be a shaped house withstory told and the narrative the same sorts ofrelates to the video a lot. graphics. They mayMedium-long shot and high have used it as anto low angle focuses on artist. idea.
  3. 3. Technical Aspects As you can see by this mid shot you can see straight away that the artist is performing the song and it is telling everyone a real narrative to it. You can see him holding his old shoes and that he is looking at them gives you the idea that he is about to throw them away and go a and buy a new pair, you can also tell that something is going to happen because you here He looks tired and the beat of the music go upYou can see here that he is holding has messy hair which in tempo slightly and youhis old pair of shoes and that he is reinforces the fact can sense that something issoon to be getting rid of them and that he would have going to happen about himwanting to start a fresh life. old shoes. getting his new shoes.
  4. 4. Technical Aspects You can see that he looks refreshed compared to how he was before because he has his new shoes on and it means nothing can make him feel dull. It follows narrative as well as he is constantly relating back to the new shoes which is the same as the title of the song, the camera tracks back to give you constant mid-close up of him.He is shows to the camera that heis ‘short on money’ and he isproving the point that he doesn’tcare because he has his newshoes on and he doesn’t careabout anything else at the timebecause he is so happy with them.Mid-close up of him showing thathe has no money in his pockets.
  5. 5. Technical aspects You can see him as he wakes up and the illustration of ‘I’m seeing stars as I’m rubbing my eyes’ is very clear to the audience as you see a close up of him rubbing his eyes whilst singing the lyrics. However this time he starts his day happier and more jolly.Once again the audiencecan see that that hes ishappy and the lights arereinforcing the fact that he isin an upbeat mood and theillustration of this with thesame techniques thatGoodwin uses backs this upas evidence.
  6. 6. Conventions/Genre/ Meaning This song is of a mixture between blues and pop. It is a very upbeat song and the audience member feels happy and revitalised when they hear it. It also follows a strong narrative.
  7. 7. GoodwinAmplificationYou can see that Paolo Nutini is in almost every shotto show that he is performing the song at that he is theone who is telling the audience the story.IllustrationHe says ‘topped it off with a pair of old shoes’ you cansee him showing the audience the old shoes from twoangles, from behind and over his shoulder then usingthe mirror to create the effect.DisjunctureYou can see here that there are people dancing aroundin his kitchen however it has no relation to the lyricsat this point, he is still singing about his new shoesand how they make him feel happy and refreshed.
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