Assignment pouch strategy (pr14 - 1 c)


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strategy of Pouch from Easy Touch Group. Do you think our strategy are effective.

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Assignment pouch strategy (pr14 - 1 c)

  1. 1. Pouch Online Strategy London School Of Public Relations Almira Rahma Syajida Dian Reska Utami Saragih Fanny Adelia Tsukada Shinta Hawa Thandari Yuni Ayuningrum PR14 – 1CDecember, 2012
  2. 2. INDONESIA SITUATION ANALYSIS Description •  Population of Indonesia according to Census 2011 is 237,424,363 is the 4th largest country in the World •  Indonesia as the top 8 of internet users in the world with total of 55,000,000 users, 22.4% of the population until 2011 •  67% of the market, own smartphones •  Top 12 Country with mobile broadband subscriber total of 29,000,000 users. •  Jakarta as the capital region of Indonesia with population of 10,187,595 as of November 2011 •  Internet users of 8,531,501 in Jakarta •  Indonesia as the 5th Twitter user in the world with Jakarta as the 1st rank from top 20 cities of posted tweets. •  Jakarta is the second largest city in the World to use Facebook after Bangkok with 11,656,760 users •  Jakarta is a shopping hub in the nation also one of the best places to shop in South East Asia. •  Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is one of the largest upscale shopping center in South East Asia •  Awareness of Environmental issue in Indonesia especially in Jakarta is increasing Statistic according 2
  3. 3. POUCH TO THE PUBLICThe Strength and the Weakness of Pouch that might effect to the external customer From The Internal To The External •  Positive feedback of its simple •  Pouch is an easy application to use design and easy to use. •  Merchant card is not essential to •  People will not forget about their Strength bring point reward card. •  More than 40 merchant available •  More merchant is cooperating and (still growing) the chance of publication is larger •  Low knowledge of using a new •  Not enough introductory to the application market •  Not all smartphone user using a full •  Only available for full service service phone plan Weakness •  Most of Indonesian customer not internet user •  Mostly food purchase rewards only to eat but also to shop •  Only for Android and Blackberry •  iPhone user is also growing User (temporally) significantly in Indonesia 3
  4. 4. SURVEY RESULTSurvey of how often people collect point reward for their purchased on 50 respondent Description •  80% shopper are Female •  Percentage of consumer buy monthly need include grocery, makeup, clothes, etc: o  38% ≥ 2 times o  36% ≥ 4 times o  12% ≥ 6 times o  14% < 6 times. •  60% of the shop provide point reward •  78% consume food outside in the mall100% •  70% restaurant DID NOT provide point <6 No 90% 80% ≥6 No No reward 70% 60% No •  72% customer rarely exchange point while No 50% 40% Female ≥4 Yes Rarely No Yes 8% always exchange point 30% 20% Yes •  88% public DID NOT know about POUCH Yes 10% 0% Male ≥2 Yes Yes •  88% public love the idea about electric point reward. •  5 Most visited Mall in Jakarta : o  Senayan City o  Pondok Indah Mall o  Grand Indonesia o  Plaza Indonesia o  Mall Kelapa Gading 4
  5. 5. ONLINE CHANNELOnline channel that are suitable with Pouch to Expand the market and to reach more customer    Pros    Cons ?     •  Twitter could be easily utilized to create •  Twitter only contains of 140 effective as well efficient strategies and 1 characters. campaigns. Twitter •  Twitter marketing could always be a fun •  In the process of tweeting, you might run into spammers yourself, Raditya and creative method of doing business. Dika creating an added annoyance. •  Indonesian users easily to make a tweet become TTWW •  Instagram only available for 2 •  Fast, easy, efficient photo sharing. •  Potential publics may attracted this is Android and iOS users. Photo Instagram going to be a fun and easy yet favorable •  Not everyone have instagram Compe- contest and also prestigious to be joined. account tition •  Saves money in marketing •  There could be copyright infringement issues 3 •  A good yet inexpensive tools for Youtube •  There are so many videos How to advertising & best tool to share videos uploaded on Youtube, video must use •  Per January 2012 Youtube has increased to four billion videos streamed per day be unique to catch attention. Pouch •  Facebook Ads enables search engine •  Ads are becoming invasive. They 4 optimization experts and marketers to used to appear only in the News Facebook hand select their audience Facebook Feed, now they appear on user’s •  Facebook ads are extremely successful timelines, photo views, in groups Adv with local clients and more. 5
  6. 6. 1 PROFILE OF RADITYA DIKA Work Experience Novel •  2005 - Kambing Jantan: Sebuah Catatan Harian Pelajar Bodoh •  2006 - Cinta Brontosaurus •  2007 - Radikus Makankakus: Bukan Binatang Biasa •  2008 - Babi Ngesot: Datang Tak Diundang Pulang Tak Berkutang •  2010 - Marmut Merah Jambu •  2011 - Manusia Setengah Salmon Comic (With Dio Rudiman) •  2008 - Komik Kambing Jantan •  2011 - Komik Kambing Jantan 2 More About Raditya Dika •  His twitter account is verified by Twitter. •  His followers until 1 December 2012 is 3,703,887 follower. •  Most of Indonesian who are actively tweeting knew Raditya Dika, follow him, comment on his tweet or at least they notice his tweets. •  One of the most influence person on social media in Indonesia 6
  7. 7. WHY?2 •  Instagram is growing significantly in Indonesia especially that Instagram is now available for Android User which Pouch were the application made for android as well as blackberry •  One of the most popular photo-sharing program and prestigious social network, as of September 2012 it had 100 million registered users and it is growing rapidly until today. •  Instagram are tend to open updates intensively to get the idea for the latest trend of anything such as hang out places, foods, stuffs, etc from the hashtags that help users to discover everything they look for.3 •  Youtube is the largest social media to share videos •  Youtube provide a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small •  YouTube, the worlds most popular video-viewing platform, sees 2 billion hits per day.4 •  Advertising doesnt have to be about interrupting what youre doing, but getting the right information about the purchases you make when you want it. Facebook created a system where ads are more relevant. •  Placing ads on Facebook provides one of the most targeted advertising opportunities today. Social advertising has gone through incredible growth in the last few years. •  Facebook ads seem particularly relevant to your geographic area or interests, it is because of the targeting features in Facebook ads. We can choose our target market. 7
  8. 8. EXAMPLEFew Companies using social media as their channel to expand their marketing strategy and it is showedto be a successful campaign Twitter YouTube Instagram Facebook 8
  9. 9. STRATEGYTwitter Instagram Youtube Facebook•  Raditya Dika is a celebrity •  Publish announcement •  Preparing the video of how •  Segmenting our target tweet in Indonesia. about the Pouch Instagram to use Pouch app market by age, location, Photo Contest in facebook •  Create the video as gender, interest, education,•  Choosing Raditya Dika as an and twitter to attract interesting as it can connection, etc. advertiser on Twitter potential customers. •  Arrange a budget for•  Educate Raditya Dika about •  Upload or publish the •  Explain the competition video to Youtube Facebook ad for the first one Pouch and its function mechanism to the customer month•  Raditya Dika will Tweet •  Share the Youtube link to and its benefit. as many friends and as •  The Advertisement on about the Pouch Application •  capture any moment they many media so it will catch facebook will be shown on on the second month of the strategy are on the merchant of a lot of attention and views the right side bar / banner of pouch and upload it on facebook.•  Raditya Dika will Tweet instagram and must be •  The advertisement will about Pouch in certain time linked to twitter and brought the people to agreed by the contract. His facebook Pouch’s Facebook Fanpage tweet won’t sound like an advertising so it will be •  The uploaded photo for the contest must be captured in trustable. the Pouch’s cooperative merchants. •  Winners will be choosen every week. •  The rewards are related to Pouch application 9
  10. 10. GOAL OF THE STRATEGY Social Media Educate the public about the application and create awareness to the people. It encourage people to download the application especially from a well Known person in social media. Motivate the target market to take a specific action, such as try and download Pouch, scan in a QR code, or visit Pouch corporate store.GOAL Create public awareness about Pouch as a must- have gadget application or as a trend; people will download it because it’s a must-have application. Reach our Target Market by Locations, Demographics, Connections, Interest, Workplace and Education options per ad. 10
  11. 11. TIME TABLE 2 MONTH STRATEGY January   February   Activity   1   2   3   4   1   2   3   4   Twitter   Educate Raditya Dika about Pouch and it’s function   Raditya Dika tweet about Pouch   Instagram   Publish announcement about Pouch Instagram Photo Contest in Facebook and Twitter   Explain the competition mechanism to the customer and it’s benefit   The winners will be choose every week   Facebook Ads   Using facebook ads to make people known what is Pouch and the features they can get in Pouch   Youtube   Uploaded the video how to use Pouch Application   Share youtube links   11
  12. 12. BUDGET ! Strategy January 1! 2! 3! 4! Twitter - Raditya Dika Instagram - Merchandise Rp. 100.000,00 Rp. 100.000,00 Rp. 100.000,00 Rp. 100.000,00 (Food Vouchers) ! Facebook - Advertising Online Rp. 1.000.000,00 ! ! Sub Total Rp. 4.400.000,00 ! Strategy February 1! 2! 3! 4! Twitter - Raditya Dika Rp. 3.000.000,00 Instagram - Merchandise Rp. 100.000,00 Rp. 100.000,00 Rp. 100.000,00 Rp. 100.000,00 (Food Vouchers) ! Facebook - Advertising Online ! ! Sub Total Rp. 400.000,00 12
  13. 13. Total Rp. 4.800.000,00Contigency Planning Rp. 200.000,00! ! !Grand Total Rp. 5.000.000,00 13
  14. 14. Thank You 14