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Subject verb agreement notes 1


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Published in: Education
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Subject verb agreement notes 1

  1. 1. Subject-Verb Agreement Agreement in number and phrases between subject and verb
  2. 2. Verbs must agree with their subjects inNUMBER If the subject is SINGULAR, the verb must be in its SINGULAR form If the verb is PLURAL, the verb must be in its PLURAL form Hint: a noun that ends in “s” is usually plural, but a verb that ends in “s” is usually singular. Examples: The student helps the old lady across the street. The students help the old lady across the street.
  3. 3. Phrases lurking in the sentence Sometimes a phrase that is hiding between the subject and verb can be confusing. For example: The Smith family dog, loved by neighbors, barks every evening until midnight.
  4. 4. Let’s review phrases, shall we?A phrase is a group of related words that act as one part of speech. They do not have a subject or predicate. Prepositional phrases – begin w/ a preposition and act as adjectives or adverbs. He went to the movies. The cat was hiding under the rug. The phone in my purse just rang.
  5. 5. More phrase review! Appositivephrases give more information about a noun or pronoun Bob, my favorite cousin, just ran over my cat. Verbal (participial, gerund and infinitive) phrases act as nouns, adjectives or adverbs. Painfully plunking the keys, the boy rehearsed his piano lesson for an hour.(ptc.)
  6. 6. More example phrases… My brother tried licking a light post on a cold winter’s day. (gerund phrase) To watch him squirm as he tried to break free was quite entertaining. (infinitive phrase)
  7. 7. Why is recognizing a phraseimportant? …because sometimes they make subject/verb agreement a difficult task. HOWEVER, when a phrases is stuck between the subject and verb, the number of the subject does NOT change. Ex: The success of our students is reflected in their performance after high school. (subject- success/ verb – is)
  8. 8. More examples: Books – whether history or science fiction — are fascinating. The jeans in the window are really expensive Most foods needed for our citizens to survive are still cultivated in the United States.
  9. 9. Practice and Apply Try out activity 3 on page 159 1-5. Write the verb form that agrees with the subject.