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Upload a screenshot to Slack


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Upload a screenshot to Slack
Roppongi.aar #2


Published in: Technology
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Upload a screenshot to Slack

  1. 1. About Me • Shinobu Okano (@operandoOS) • Mercari, Inc. • Android Engineer • Github(operando)
  2. 2. 11  /  26(⽊木)
 まったりAndroid  Framework  Code  Reading  #2
  3. 3.‐‑‒meteorite-‐‑‒diagram.png Do you know what this is?
  4. 4. Meteor Uploading  files  to  Slack.   Simple  Java  Library
  5. 5. Meteoroid This  library  provides  the  ability  to     take  a  screenshot  of  your  app     from  the  notification.
  6. 6. Meteorite This  library  provides  the  ability  to   upload  a  screenshot  of  your  app     to  Slack.
  7. 7. Demo
  8. 8. Thanks!!