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Jr classification &_position_of_members

  1. 1. Classification / Position of MembersFounder (F)– (G.A. RES NO.11 SERIES OF 2007) A recognition awarded to an active memberof the organization of good standing and who have established or organized at least one (1) localchapter duly recognized and/or accredited by the Municipal, Provincial, Regional and Nationalchapter. After one (1) year to the minimum, having been satisfied that the local chapter organizedis in good standing and all requirements have been complied with, the Regional Founders Groupshall cause the change of status and mark the corresponding “F” mark on the top of the originalmark to reflect his present status. He stands as the symbolic head of the organized local chapterand shall supervise all initiation rites within his chapter with the following roles/functions, dutiesand responsibilities:FUNCTIONS OF THE FOUNDER IN THE ORGANIZATIONA. Shall head the Committee on Election;B. Shall head the Committee on Membership;C. Shall head the Committee on Promotions;D. Shall be a member of the Investigation and Prosecution OfficeE. Shall head the Screening Committee, Initiation and Recognition of candidate members/tyros• Founders shall act as fiscalizers should there be any conflict in their respective chapters. Theyshall be held similarly liable for any wrong doings covered by the CBL and the Code of Conductof their respective members together with the sponsors.• Shall have the authority to confiscate National IDs of erring members under investigation. IDsshall only be given once erring member/s was cleared of violations and/or infraction of the law.Grand Supremo (GS) – A title given to the highest incumbent national official of the organizationwhether coming from the Supreme Godfather (SGF) / Supreme Godmother (SGM) or MAGICGroup (MG);Supreme Godfather (SGF)/Supreme Godmother (SGM) – is a commissioned officer of theArmed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of FireProtection (BFP), and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) with at least one (1)year of active membership;Ranking MAGIC Group (RMG) – which is equivalent in rank as the Supreme Godfather (SGF) /Supreme Godmother (SGM), is composed of selected civilian members who are professionalsand/or respective leaders of the community who have rendered exemplary performance and withat least three (3) years active membership coming from the ranks of the MAGIC Group;MAGIC Group (MG) – is composed of civilian members with an educational attainment of at leasthigh school education or those possessed of special skills and technical know how who arewilling to render services to the organization. The word “MAGIC” is an acronym which stands for: M - Moderate A - Advocator G - Gentleman I - Ingenuous C - Competent
  2. 2. MAGISTRATE – a public official with the power to enforce the law, a minor judicial officer, as ajustice if the peace, in the first letter of the acronym MAGIC, was changed to representMODERATE because there were a number of members who do not fall into the category of beinga MAGISTRATE. Thus, to distinguish the civilian members from those in the military or policeservices, the rank of Ranking MAGIC Group (RMG) was created to represent civilians who areprofessionals and/or leaders of the community and who have rendered exemplary performance inthe organization and with at least three (3) years of active membership.Godfather (GF)/Godmother (GM) – is a ranking non-commissioned officers of theAFP/PNP/BFP/BJMP with an equivalent rank of Duty Sergeant to Master Sergeant coming fromthe lower ranks;Sectoral/Auxiliary Groups (PGBI NEC Resolution Nr 04-s-2001) – We recognize the affiliationof sectoral/Auxiliary Groups as the organizations mass based grassroots members that willhelp/support consolidate pro-democracy forces, promoting genuine brotherhood in support for thedevelopment of the Philippine Society. This PGBI membership opportunity is granted to thosewho share the PGBI principles & values and want to join the organization but prefer not to haveany markings or tattoos on their bodies.It is created and organized as a pool of future regular PGBI members with deeper knowledge andmore enlightened commitment to the Brotherhood which will serve also as the screening toregular membership of the PGBI. After six (6) months on the minimum, he/she is entitled to berecruited to become a regular PGBI. They shall function as Civilian Volunteer Organizationespecially in traffic management, crime prevention, anti-drugs, when there are threats to nationalsecurity, peace and order and reconciliation programs of the government. Likewise, they must beactive in all civic-action programs of their respective local governments and in environmentalprotection, energy conservation, and preservation of our natural resources.They shall follow the same structure whenever applicable and shall be under the directsupervision of the local PGBI Chapter in the area specifically the Chapter Chairman on PGBIAuxiliary affairs or Membership Extension or Chapter Chairman on Youth affairs in the case forJunior GUARDIANS.The (3) National Vice-Presidents of the PGBI, VP for Luzon, VP for Visayas, and VP forMindanao shall compose the National Supervising Committee (NSC) under the Chairmanship ofthe Executive Vice-President. They shall set policies, guidelines and oversee the operations oractivities of the PGBI Auxiliary Force.Likewise, the Regional Executive Council President, Regional Legislative Board Chairman, andRegional Director of the Founders Group shall compose the Regional Supervising Committee(RSC) under the Chairmanship of the Regional Representative.