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A short presentation about Klout and it's features.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Presented by: Shinjini Sur @shinjinisur
  2. 2. Klout | noun/Klaut/ measuring tool• Standard of Influence• Score from 1 to 100• Average score is not 50• Access to various SM sites• Three distinct measures
  3. 3. True Reach | noun /trureech/ number of people influenced by user• Used to calculate Klout• Filters out spammers and bots for accuracy• Accounts taking action on UGC
  4. 4. Amplification | noun /aamplifike shun/ the amount of influence• Used to calculate Klout• Tracks people who respond and spread UGC• High reciprocated action = high score
  5. 5. Network | noun /net werk/ influence of people engaged• Used to calculate Klout• Measures the influence of connections• More influential people = higher score
  6. 6. Is this measure relevant?Is this measure arbitrary?Is this measure useful?
  7. 7. Incentives for Use
  8. 8. Klout Points
  9. 9. Klout Perks
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  11. 11. Thank you for listening  @shinjinisur