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Marketing plan

  1. 1. Marketing Plan Principles Of Marketing Enamel Cap “ What are you putting on your teeth?” Presented by: Hamid Hussain Muhammad Arsalan Hashmi Shoaib Khan Rakaish Kumar Areej
  2. 2. To be discussed….. Our Strategy and Tactics Market Analysis Marketing Strategy Marketing Mix Distribution
  3. 3. Introduction It is unique! It is all purpose (All in one) Fights cavities Eliminates bad breath Leaves a great taste Refreshes Extra Whitening Protects the enamel
  4. 4. Our Strategy & Tactics…. Mainstream marketing Stress how superior it is over others Intense distribution and low prices Aggressive sampling Get dentists involved
  5. 5. Market Analysis Demographics Competitors SWOT Analysis
  6. 6. Demographics Baby boomers causing surge in sales For the whole family Lower class to middle class
  7. 7. Competitor Analysis Unilever (37%) Close-up (Fresh breath) Procter & Gamble (11%) Crest (Cavity protection) Colgate-Palmolive (Market leader 52%) Colgate (Protects around the clock)
  8. 8. Strengths “ All-in-one” experience Caters to the mass market More for same pricing
  9. 9. Weaknesses New company Customer’s perception The name itself
  10. 10. Opportunities Rising oral care awareness The “All-in-one” experience will attract buyers who want more than just one feature Focusing on dentists as distributors
  11. 11. Threats Presence of competitors with strong customer loyalty and a very high market share. Entering for the first time, chances of failure will ruin the product image forever. Unaware customers .
  12. 12. Marketing Strategy Serves the needs of all toothpaste customers. Comparatively costs lower than other toothpastes. Through distribution it will be the most accessible toothpastes sold which meets the needs of uninvolved customers.
  13. 13. Our Goal… Short-term: Maximization of market share Hoping to take the lead in the toothpaste market 2 years after launch Long-term: Holding the lead by being innovative and continuing to deliver high quality products.
  14. 14. Target Market Our product is targeted for EVERY type of customer because everyone uses toothpaste and since our product is so amazing it will be targeted towards EVERYONE. It will be aggressively advertised under the advertising line: “What are you putting on your teeth?”
  16. 16. Marketing Mix Product: “Enamel Cap” Positioning Statement: “ Our product offers an ALL-IN-One experience for everyone in the family at a price that’s attractively affordable, regarding the qualities & attributes it offers.”
  17. 17. Marketing Mix Packaging: The container is a round bottle that can be easily placed upright on basin shelves, with a press-in nozzle, you just press the button and the paste comes out from the opening and it would be covered up by a cap. The toothpaste, which would be a white paste with blue particles (serving as mouth fresheners) would be contained in a plastic round bottle, with the color combination of silver, white and blue. Silver being the theme background, with writings and designs done with white and blue and a bit of red.
  18. 18. Marketing Mix Price: The expected average manufacturer list, manufacturer net, and retail prices across all of the channels are as follows: Offering Manufacturer List Price Manufacturer Net Price Expected Retail Price Classic Rs. 25 Rs. 15 Rs.55
  19. 19. Marketing Mix Promotion: Statements: “ Enamel Cap……….Protects you from dental mishap” “ What are you putting on your teeth?”
  20. 20. Marketing Mix Promotion (cont.) : - Promotion through traditional marketing and e-marketing. Keeping in view the different trend cycles and will also be based upon the timing, i.e. in which month, what to do to promote and how. - Online services will be provided.
  21. 21. Marketing Mix Promotion (cont.) : SAMPLING: Sampling will be carried out, as it is a popular marketing effort.  Samples will also be available in grocery stores and shopping centers.  Demo booths will be set up for representatives to offer costumers a chance to try the product then and there and feel the difference it offers. 
  22. 22. Marketing Mix Promotion (cont.) : ADVERTISING: billboards print media (magazines, newspapers, pamphlets) television radios Discounts and Special Offers: Discounts will be made on purchases in bulk by the merchandisers and for costumers in different seasons on different occasions Special offers will also be made as to retain the customer loyalty.
  23. 23. Marketing Mix Distribution: Our toothpaste will be distributed through different channels, to every super store, drug store, and malls where our potential buyers are likely to purchase from.
  24. 24. Marketing Mix Distribution(cont.): Food Stores Food stores are an important channel for distribution. Family members come altogether for monthly or weekly purchases, which involves children, and parents both as choice makers/family influencers. The amount of shelf space for our product will be from where it can be easily seen by everyone.  The sale would also be enhanced by our attractive labeling and packaging. Drugstores Drugstores have increased the amount of shelf space for toothpastes. Our distribution will also focus on medical stores where supply of our product would highlight the main unique Selling preposition (UPS) that is the enamel care, the protection coat for teeth. Mass Merchandisers Dentists Who better to sell the customers our fine product other then the people who are experts on dental care?
  25. 25. THE END