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  1. 1. PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING ENAMEL CAP Protects you from dental mishap…. A NEW TOOTHPASE LAUNCH FOR STRONG ENAMEL GUARD Presented By: Hamid Hussain (6831) Muhammad Arsalan Hashmi (6691) Rakaish Kumar (5234) Shoaib Khan Areej Presented To: Mr.Shahnawaz Ali IQRA UNIVERSITY
  2. 2. 15 SR Target Market Pg No 16 No 17 Logic Table Of Contents Competitive advantage 18 1 Strategy Summery Executive summery 19 2 Marketing Mix Acknowledgment 3 Mission, vision and value 20  Product 4 Situation Analysis 21 5  Price Marketing analysis 22 6 Distribution Marketing Demographics 7 Market Needs 8 Market Trends 9 Unilivers 10 Proctor & Gamble 11 SWOT ANALYSIS 12  Marketing Strategy 13  Business Definition 14  Goals 23  Food stores 24  Drugstores 25  Mass merchandiser 26  Dentist 27 Accounts/finance 28 conclusion 1
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMERY Executive Summary The mentioned below Plan is about the launch of a new consumer product i.e.’ Enamel Cap toothpaste’ in the market. The plan entails everything from the product introduction, its attributes, a SWOT analysis, competitor’s analysis, situational analysis, to the target markets, marketing mix, the promotion mix etc. Overall goals and strategies to be focused are explained along with the marketing analysis, including the positioning statement. The target markets we want to reach and cater our product are mentioned, along with the reasons of choosing them for our product as potential buyers. The features and benefits that our toothpaste offers are justifiably given in the plan. The task that how we will convey all that we want to convey to our potential buyers is explained fully, giving also the promotional tools that will take place according to the different timings of the year. The advertising campaigns are planned to be quite intensive in the start of the launch so as to get the customers buy our product because only our toothpaste is what that is worth buying, because of the features and attributes it gives to the toothpaste purchasers. As we are a new entrant in the toothpaste industry a lot of competition is expected to be dealt with. That is why, to minimize any possible risks in market share and positioning of our product in customers’ minds, our plan has been divided into two parts. According to which the first part will primarily focus on the fact that our toothpaste is offering in ALL-IN-ONE experience that is quite new to the toothpaste users of this country, at least to the majority of them. Making people aware of our product through intensive and innovative advertising, billboards, classifieds, print media, television, radio, brochures and etc so as to gain market share and customer loyalty in the first three years of the launch. In the second phase we will focus on the developments and enhancements that can be done in order to improver the products features/attributes and quality, retaining the customers, and opting for new customers will be some of the areas to focus. SALES FORECASTING has been done. What the sales will be, are estimated by organizing and analyzing the information about the potential buyers and their every thing. 2
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION: Much has been seen in families, using different brands of toothpaste or rather different toothpastes of the same brand because of their differentiated need for dental care. For some it’s just the mouth freshening effect and teeth cleanliness, the point for using toothpaste, for others it varies from avoiding problems like bad breath, stained teeth, weak dentine (the pulp, surface structure of the teeth), gum bleeding and etc to having a good taste in the end. For these needs or the other, members of a family can be seen using different toothpastes for different reasons. For families like these and all others, Our toothpaste ‘Enamel Cap’ is the answer to their every need. Enamel Cap is unlike any other toothpaste. There are a lot of reasons for that. It has a unique formula, and in that formula are ingredients that have not been in toothpaste before. The benefits that Colgate Total provides are unavailable in any other toothpaste in this country. The competitive advantage our product enjoys is, it is giving toothpaste which has everything in it for dental care. What we believe is that with the usage of our toothpaste, your appointments with your dentist will be lessened to negligible number. It required approval from the Food & Drug Administration, which typically is not true of new toothpastes. Its ability to protect the most sensitive layer of teeth(enamel) to protect the dentine, fight plaque, gingivitis and cavity with the addition of extra whitening and freshening ingredients is something that has not been offered by any other toothpaste in the country, having everything in a toothpaste is what we claim to our consumers. Most importantly, it really does give benefits that you don't get with other toothpastes. If you use it you can tell the difference. Your dentist can tell the difference. It's not toothpaste like you knew it before. It's changed what you could or should expect from your toothpaste. Along with the antibacterial Triclosan and fluoride of course, from which you can prevent cavities, gingivitis, and plaque and tartar, there’s another ingredient that helps retain the enamel and keeps it safe from erosion and tooth decay. The tricloan in the mouth is retained, so that not only are you fighting bacteria or killing bacteria when you’re brushing, but you’re retaining the triclosan in the, that is on the teeth. So the ‘What are you putting on your teeth, literally makes the consumer look what exactly is he using on his teeth. the toothpaste that we offer is not making you teeth clean and whitening but also giving the extra features of a toothpaste, that will perform both the functions, giving extra whitening and mouth freshening plus protecting the Enamel layer so that you don’t ever have to use a toothpaste that’s salty tasted or difficult to brush your teeth with. so that there will be no need for you to avoid things 3
  5. 5. that start pain, or bleeding in your teeth. You use it and you are going to feel the difference.. If you use it, and then stop and use regular toothpaste, you'll notice that your teeth don't feel good as was the case with Enamel Cap. Extensive laboratory research reveals that Enamel Cap is the ultimate toothpaste for the customers seeking the benefits of a healthy gum line, a safer enamel layer (protecting the teeth), whiter teeth and mouth freshening effect with a good taste in the end. The primary advantage of the current favorite of Therapeutic brushers, Oral-B, is the strong endorsement it receives from dentists. As P&G, Colgate –Palmolive are our competitors, also catering the same segment as ours up to some extent(because we offer One solution to every problem), we expect that they will aggressively respond to our attacks. Further, they are prepared to defend our entry with aggressive advertising and other promotional efforts. Their efforts are directed at the same segment as are ours. We, however, have the advantage of being well informed of the benefits of their offering and of their efforts and results in test markets. They have no such information regarding our offering or our likely behaviors or results. Strategy and Tactics. We seek unit shares of 25% in the year after the launching year and 28% in the next to that by maintaining our share among Cosmetic and Uninvolved brushers while increasing it in the Therapeutic segment. These objectives have led us to choose a mainstream rather than niche positioning for the EEnamel Cap offering. We will continue to serve every type of toothpaste customer and to distribute our offerings through all channels through which they buy oral care offerings. The superior offering of Enamel Cap toothpaste and our ability to communicate its superiority serve as the bases upon which we base our expectation of increased share among consumers. The extra whitening feature along with the mouth freshening of EC is expected to appeal to Cosmetic consumers. The intensity of our distribution and the low prices of s offerings are the bases upon which we expect to maintain our impressive share among Uninvolved type of consumers. Sales promotion techniques will be combined with direct marketing. These promotional tools will lie on an informative basis as an attempt to increase awareness as possible. That is why a clutter packaging and labeling strategy will be accompanied by detailed and clearly price lists will be used. All this promotional support indicates that in year after the launching year we are beginning the process of “milking” this offering. Consumer promotion will also be done which includes aggressive sampling in order to allow a substantial number of customers to experience Enamel Cap’s claimed and perceptible benefits. We will, however, aggressively Enamel Cap via dentists in order to familiarize them with the offering and gain their favor. 4
  6. 6. Results. Our major goal is to grow the company in terms of sales and margins within 3 years. Enamel Cap is committed to getting better every day in all it does, as individuals and as teams. By better understanding consumers' and customers' expectations and continuously working to innovate and improve products, services and processes. Enamel Cap will "become the best." Situation Analysis Market Analysis Market Demographics Much of the recent growth of toothpaste sales is the result of increased concern for oral by baby boomers. These consumers, born from the mid 1940s through the early 1960s, are entering the years during which oral health begins to erode noticeably, i.e., the oldest of them are entering their fifties and the youngest are entering their thirties. Additionally, our target market will be consisting of the family as a whole, i.e. every generation coming in it.i.e from the grand ma’s and grand pa’s to the toddlers. Income: for people ranging from 15,000- 35,000+ Market Needs The need that a customer's toothpaste satisfies falls into one of three categories. Each need category defines a market segment. We detail the needs of those three segments here. There are two basic types of oral care consumers: (1) Those who are involved in their purchases of oral care products, and (2) Those that is uninvolved. Among those who are involved there is a further breakdown of consumer types: (A) Those primarily concerned with preventing gum disease and tooth decay, and (B) Those primarily concerned with maintaining fresh breath and clean, white teeth. Therefore, in this plan toothbrush customers will be referred to as falling into either the Therapeutic, Cosmetic, or Uninvolved segment of the market. These different types of customers represent three toothpaste segments, the Therapeutic, Cosmetic, and Uninvolved segments described below. 5
  7. 7. Therapeutic Segment For Therapeutic customers a toothpaste is a tool that protects against gum disease, and tooth decay(enamel care). These orders of importance are due to the recognition among these customers that gum disease is the major oral health danger among adults. Therefore, these customers seek toothpaste that stimulate their gums, protect the enamel layer against erosion, protects gum bleeding and bad from their teeth. Cosmetic Segment Cosmetic brushers buy toothpastes as a way to ensure that they enjoy the social gains that come from having white teeth and do not suffer the social ills that come from having bad breath. Therefore, the key feature of a toothpaste for these customers is its ability to remove plaque and tartar, to give extra whitening and intense mouth freshening. Uninvolved Segment: Uninvolved customers buy any toothpaste that appeals them. The attraction could be a product of anything from good advertising to having heard through word mouth, from the labeling, packaging to simply having a change of taste or brand for the dentifrice. That is, the uninvolved segment is unwilling or unable to differentiate among toothbrushes, their decisions are based on price and convenience rather than the performance attributes of the brush. Market Trends There is substantial growth in demand of toothpastes with advanced ingredients and improved quality. This trend is, we believe, due to the increasing awareness of people in oral care. Overall growth in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector has, however, declined from 8.1% in February to 6.4% in March,( the data from Ac Neilson’s records showed) A trend is seen of migration from the Cosmetic to the Therapeutic segment which is due to increased interest in oral health brought on by the aging of the baby boomers. As this demographic trend will continue for the next 10 years, we expect that the Therapeutic segment will continue to grow larger relative to the sizes of the other two segments over that horizon. The average annual rate of unit growth over that period is expected to be approximately 9% with an average growth rate of 10%. Over the next five years, the market is expected to grow at average rates of 13% in units 6
  8. 8. Competitor Analysis: Our competitors for Enamel Cap toothpaste are discussed below:- Unilevers: This company owns the Close-Up brand. The competitive advantage on which it builds is its mouth freshening flavors. It seems to believe that its position of favor for mouth freshening flavors, at the moment, a safe one. Procter & Gamble P&G owns the Crest toothpaste brand, and they are building on Crest's equity with the introduction of Crest anti cavity toothpastes. Its tag line being based upon ’Look Mom, No cavities’. Colgate-Palmolive: Colgate toothpaste is the market leader at the moment. It has very efficiently broken the Crest’s 36 years old image as a market leader. With its ‘Brushing that works between brushiness’ idea, it is at the moment enjoying a high positioning in the consumer market. It will likely to become a difficult competitor in the long –run. Swot Analysis We are just entering the toothpaste industry for the first time. The Strengths, weaknesses, threats/ opportunities faced by us are discussed below:- Strengths STRENGTHS: • Only our toothpaste is offering the ‘ALL-IN-ONE experience’ for all generations. • Serving all the three segments: Therapeutic (Looking at the dental prospects of the product), Cosmetic segment(looking at the teeth whitening and mouth freshening type issues), Uninvolved (having no differentiation of choice, no preference of one brand over another, if occurs, it is just by price or availability.) • Giving extra features/attributes in a single product, which is not done by any of the competitors. • Emphasis based on ENAMEL GUARD, a special ingredient used for longlasting protection of enamel and dentine. • Pricing being done on More for same basis, giving something extra with the same price as competitors. 7
  9. 9. • Fighting plaque, cavities, gingivitis, and tooth decay with the presence of the ingredient ‘Triclosan’ along with Flouride. As well as giving the other features, such as mouth freshening and teeth whitening by removing tartar and stains. • The distribution channels are so wide that the product is available almost everywhere , where its potential buyers go and purchase from. • The intensive promotional tools being made emphasis on. • Advertising , sales promotion thru new and innovative, and every possible way to attract customers and make them aware of the attributes of the product. Weaknesses:: • The toothpaste company is for the first time entering the toothpaste industry; therefore no customer loyalty and market share could be entertained in the beginning. • Because of the new entrant thing, customers will perceive us to be lacking behind in the type of solution they desire to their oral problems. OPPORTUNITIES: • No company offering an offer as good as ours. • The increasing number of oral care awareness in the people will lead them to use our product, because it’s the best for them in everyway. • The ALL-IN-ONE experience will pursue potential buyers to try it, that would in return make their purchase less hassling, because only one toothpaste would be purchased for the whole family, from the grand pa’s, grandma’s to the youngsters. • As the toothpaste is for the first time being launched, the competitors are not aware of the company’s strategies and attacks and responses to the attacks. • Focusing Dentists as distributors can increase market share amazingly. • Once the buyer will try the product, they will be forced to use it again and again because of the quality and attributes the product offers is different from what the competitors offer at the moment. THREATS: - • Presence of competitors with strong customer loyalty and a very high market share. • Entering for the first time, chances of failure will ruin the product image forever. • . Unaware customers will look for their current brands as solution for oral health problems while purchasing. 8
  10. 10. Marketing Strategy Business Definition Our product serves the needs of every type of toothpaste customer. The toothpaste we offer serves every need, from the protection of enamel layer to mouth freshening and teeth whitening better than does any other toothpaste in the country. Moreover, because of its mouth freshening and fighting bad breath and intense whitening capability, Enamel Cap also serves the needs of Cosmetic customers better than our competitors. Our offering is a potent tool for any consumer concerned about avoiding having sensitive teeth, and it will cost the customer less than what other toothpaste with such features will offer. By pricing and distribution, our offering is one of the most accessible toothpastes sold which meets the needs of uninvolved customers Goals Our primary goal is maximization of market share .We also seek to take the lead in the toothpaste market by the second year after the launch. Note that it is anticipated that the majority of our share gains will come at the expense of Colgate-Palmolive. Target markets Our offerings will be made available to every type of customer via every type of channel. Importantly, we will not limit the intensity of distribution or the intensity of promotion of Enamel Cap and Enamel Cap will be aggressively promoted under the umbrella of the advertising line: What are you putting on your teeth? Competitive Advantage: The competitive advantage our product enjoys is, it is giving toothpaste, which has everything in it for dental care. What we believe is that with the usage of our toothpaste, your appointments with your dentist will be lessened to negligible number. It required approval from the Food & Drug Administration, which typically is not true of new toothpastes. Its ability to protect the most sensitive layer of teeth (enamel) to protect the dentine, fight plaque, gingivitis and cavity with the addition of extra whitening and freshening ingredients is something that has not been offered by any other toothpaste in the country, having everything in a toothpaste is what we claim to our consumers. Most importantly, it really does give benefits that you don't get with other toothpastes. 9
  11. 11. If you use it you can tell the difference. Your dentist can tell the difference. It's not toothpaste like you knew it before. It's changed what you could or should expect from your toothpaste. Along with the antibacterial Triclosan and fluoride of course, from which you can prevent cavities, gingivitis, and plaque and tartar, there’s another ingredient that helps retain the enamel and keeps it safe from erosion and tooth decay. The tricloan in the mouth is retained, so that not only are you fighting bacteria or killing bacteria when you’re brushing, but you’re retaining the triclosan in the, that is on the teeth. Logic Therapeutic consumers want toothpastes that they believe will help them keep their enamel layer and dentine protective against tartar, plaque and cavity. It will become a fact that no toothpaste does this as well as ours. Once they become aware of the product’s superiority, it will become their toothpaste of choice, which would be helped by our intensive advertising and other promotional tools. Cosmetic consumers want toothpastes that make their teeth white and make their breath fresh. Enamel Cap will cater this need of our consumers. No toothpaste can make teeth as white and give you a freshening effect as ours. Once they become aware of this quality, our product should become their favorite. Once again, our ability to communicate allows us to make them aware. Uninvolved brushers want the lowest priced toothpastes that they can find. Our intense distribution and favorable treatment by retailers will make all of our toothpastes easy for customers to find. We will offer them our toothpaste at prices that these people will find attractive keeping in view our features. Strategy Summary It should be clear that we believe that the long-term strength of our market share depends upon the success of our product. That’s why we have chosen to introduce Enamel Cap with an aggressive, approach. The following tactical plan has been devised to carry out that positioning. MARKETING MIX Product The product is: Enamel Cap 10
  12. 12. Positioning Statement is: Our product offers and ALL-IN-One experience for everyone in the family at a price that’s attractively affordable, regarding the qualities & attributes it offers. ‘Our product is for everyone in the family: Whether it’s the grandma protecting the last of her teeth left, mum dad with continuous dentine pain, gum bleeding and Bad breath problems, the young office going son and daughter opting for something like a million dollar smile (teeth whitening and intense freshening), the teenagers and kiddos wanting to avoid cavities and dental pains, and something in their toothpaste that should taste good. Shape: The toothpaste is contained in a round bottle that can be easily placed upright on basin shelves, with a press-in nozzle, you just press the button and the paste comes out from the opening and it would be covered up by a cap. Packaging: The toothpaste, which would be a white paste with blue particles (serving as mouth fresheners) would be contained in a plastic round bottle, with the color combination of silver, white and blue. Silver being the theme background, with writings and designs done with white and blue and a bit of red. Major Attributes:  Revitalize-Refreshes and stimulates gums with a refreshing sensation.  Fights cavities, plaque.  Gentle on tooth enamel. (ENAMEL SAVER)  Whitens teeth by removing stains and preventing tartar build-up.  Leaves your mouth feeling clean and your breath refreshed.  Helps the Natural Whiteness of your smile shine through.  Helps reduce pain associated with sensitive teeth. INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: • Fluoride • Antibacterial agents, most often Triclosan is used to control plaque • Desensitizing agents 11
  13. 13. • Anti-tartar agents • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) • Enzymes, to enhance the antibacterial properties of saliva • Xylitol, a non-sugar sweetener, which reduces levels of cryogenic (decay causing) bacteria in the mouth and enhances remineralization • strontium acetate hemihydrate 8% w/w, • Sodium fluoride B.P 0.23% w/w Inactive ingredients: • Water • Detergents, to make the toothpaste foam • Binding agents • Humectants to retain moisture • Flavoring, sweetening, and coloring agents like peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, wintergreen, and menthol • Preservatives • Abrasives for cleaning and polishing Price The expected average manufacturer list, manufacturer net, and retail prices across all of the channels are as follows. Manufacturer Manufacturer Expected Offering List Price Net Price Retail Price Classic Rs. 25 Rs. 15 Rs.55 PROMOTION: Promotion Statement: ENAMEL CAP………. Protects You from Dental Mishap. ‘What are you putting on your teeth?’ We will be promoting our product through traditional marketing and e-marketing both. The promotion will be done keeping in view the different trend cycles and will also be based upon the timing, i.e. in which month, what to do to promote and how. 12
  14. 14. The strategies will largely be based upon the different timings, according to which different Action Programs would run. If something would be done in the fall season, it will be according to the situation at that time of the year and the products placement in customers’ minds. Nevertheless, the thing that would be thought as necessary to promote the sales and have a good market share, increasing profits would be done accordingly. • Online services will be provided, that will be going to allow the consumer to enter or scan a barcode from the product into a search box and "receive detailed product descriptions, comparative prices, links to order the product from vendor partners, product reviews, our (manufacturer) contact information and much more." Where else in history has information such as this been available at consumers' fingertips? SAMPLING: • Sampling will be carried out, as it is a popular marketing effort. For increasing the demand for our toothpaste, we will offer samples to increase the demand Samples are sent out through the mail, with the hopes that consumers will like what they try, which will in turn influence purchasing decisions. • Samples will also be available in grocery stores and shopping centers. • Demo booths will be set up for representatives to offer costumers a chance to try the product then and there and feel the difference it offers. The representatives must keep track of how many customers they go through in a given day. The number of toothpastes given away is compared to the number sold at the registers for that day and then the distributing company analyzes the data. This sampling basically will be done before the official launch of the product, just to let know the customers that such a thing is about to come in the market for their benefit and for their loved ones benefit. ADVERTISING: • Intensive advertising through billboards, print media, television, on radios, before the actual launch of the product so that when the product actually arrives in the market, the customers would be highly curios and excited about the purchase. • Such as incomplete Ads, depicting the arrival of something new and different would be run on the television and radios, at the time when the whole family is there in front of the TV. Effort would be made upon the Ads to be interesting enough to catch customers’ attention. • Once the product is successfully launched, the advertising would remain one of the key areas to put emphasis on and enhancements and development will be made accordingly. Discounts and Special Offers: 13
  15. 15. • Discounts will be made on purchases in bulk by the merchandisers and for costumers in different seasons on different occasions • Special offers will also be made as to retain the customer loyalty. Distribution: Our toothpaste will be distributed through different channels, to every super store, drug store, and malls where our potential buyers are likely to purchase from.  Food Stores Food stores are an important channel for distribution. Family members come altogether for monthly or weekly purchases, which involves children, and parents both as choice makers/family influencers. The amount of shelf space for our product will be from where it can be easily seen by everyone. The sale would also be enhanced by our attractive labeling and packaging.  Drugstores Drugstores have increased the amount of shelf space for toothpastes. Our distribution will also focus on medical stores where supply of our product would highlight the main unique Selling preposition (UPS) that is the enamel care, the protection coat for teeth.  Mass Merchandisers  Dentists Some 22% of toothbrush units sold to customers will be sold by dentists in 1992. But, these sales will account for only 8% of the dollar volume. These numbers make clear MARKET RESEARCH: We will use surveys and polls through Internet to collect market segmentation data in order to get a better insight of our target market and make innovations and developments in our product for future market share growth and increased customer loyalty. The benefit we going to get from online surveys in comparison with the traditional mail surveys is low costs. Traditional mail survey Costs: 14
  16. 16. • Mailing list of addresses • Developing the questionnaire • Printing the questionnaire • Postage for mailing the questionnaire • Cost of time lost in waiting for responses • Returning the "freebie" to the respondents • Gathering, sorting, and analyzing the data Internet survey: A survey is set up in one location online, the site guests provide the input, and the data collection is real-time. Interestingly enough, often the only payment is satisfying curiosity. Site guests are often willing to participate in a poll just to see the answer in the end. Consumers have never had the benefit of knowing what happened to the data mailed in on a survey until the Internet. Often just knowing how their responses compare to others is enough of a reward. Costs: • Developing the survey • Programming the tallying of the results on the server and routing the data to a database • Adding the questionnaire/poll to the site Conclusively, we will continue to evaluate our target audience: where they shop, what they read, and where they go, then market to them where they are. Forecast Results Basically, we are expecting to increase our share within 3 years of the launch. We expect to see a 12% increase units sold and a 30% increase in net revenues in the launching year. We, expect to have a sustained growth in the market, with our aggressive promotional tools and emphasis on consumer’s research so as to get a deep insight about our potential target markets and their changing trends, and developing and changing our product according to these trends and with the though of doing cultural marketing also on the basis of the changing trends. 15
  17. 17. Enamel Cap Sales Projections SALES FORECAST Our assumption is based on Population:……………………………………………159 million. (2008 estimates) Targeting Age groups: ………………………………..8----64+years (2008 estimates) a. Total no. Of people in the target market= 95,217,966 b. Annual no. Of purchases per person= 16 c. Total potential market= 1,523,487,456. d. Percent of total market coverage= 70% e. Total available market= 1,066,441,219 f. Expected market share= 54% g. Sales Forecast= 575,878,258.4 in units. h. Price= Rs.55/- i. Sales forecast= 3.16*10 e10 floral shine Income Statement As on December, 2008 Particulars Total Sales 30,000,000 Less: Cost of good sold 3,000,000 Gross profit 27,000,000 less: Operating expenses Advertising 9,000,000 Salaries 6000000 Administration 2,500,000 other expenses 5,000,000 22,500,000 operating profit 4,500,000 less: interest expense 2,500,000 earning before tax 20,000,000 less: tax amount 8,000,000 net profit 16 12,000,000