Customer service training


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Customer service training

  1. 1. Free Powerpoint Templates Customer Service Training
  2. 2. Did you know that 68% of customers who discontinue relations with a company do so due to poor customer service? It is the number one reason for customers to defect from a business. Everyone has experienced poor customer service at some point and it is infuriating and frustrating, prompting some to sever ties with a company even if they have had a long-standing relationship and been previously satisfied. Customer Service Training
  3. 3. This is where Sold Out Trainers come in! We offer high quality, effective customer service training that is tailored uniquely to your business and its staff. Our customer service training is experiential, enabling your staff build new and better habits through learning by doing. Our customer service training has been used prestigious organisations and our training model has an excellent reputation. Customer Service Training
  4. 4. Customer Service Training with Sold Out Trainers is bespoke to your company. We research your own business model and see the way things work in your office. After collating the data, we devise engaging and interactive role-playing situations and performances by our trained actors which highlight good customer service- and, of course, bad customer service too. Customer Service Training
  5. 5. This allows for a quality customer service training session which gives you real feedback on staff performance. Our training is designed to show staff how they can alter their behavioural habits, from tone of voice to phrasing to body language, to provide a better service to customers. Customer Service Training
  6. 6. This can prove a real eye-opener for staff, improving their individual prospects in the tricky field of customer service as well as your own business’ customer service performance. It can also lead to better staff retention, as your customer service team will be able to deal with customers more effectively causing increased job satisfaction. Customer Service Training
  7. 7. The benefits of Sold Out Trainers are tangible and lasting. Keep your staff and your customers by investing in our innovative experiential customer service training which is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation for real results. Customer Service Training
  8. 8. THANK YOU Customer Service Training