Silver Dreams News - Issue 1


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Welcome to the first Silver Dreams Newsletter! - written by and for Shine members in the 50 plus age group.

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Silver Dreams News - Issue 1

  1. 1. Silver Dreams NewsJanuary 2013 Registered Charity No. 249338 Welcome to the first Silver Dreams Newsletter! - written by and for Shine members in the 50 plus age groupNew Tele-friendship Groups... could include participating in a craft activity toare you interested in having contact with other raise funds, taking photos for a range of differentShine members of a similar age? Do you find purposes, suggesting places and products thatit difficult to get out or to travel to events? If have been useful, writing letters to new parents,so, why not find out more about joining one of writing about your experiences on a particularour new telephone groups and talking to others subject, carrying out small fundraising actions orfrom the comfort of your own home? For more contributing to a telephone befriending or onlineinformation contact Angie – see below. support group. Anything in fact that will benefit others and is manageable at home with minimalIn Touch Over 50 Facebook supervision. Interested? For more information contact Angie.Group... for those who have internet accesswhy not join our lively Group on Facebook forinformation, tips, support, and discussion? This Would you like to try theis a closed group and members’ posts are only internet? Contact Angie for details.seen by each other.Want to do some good from The Dream Team gets going! We are pleased to announce that we havehome? Even in your pyjamas? recruited 10 volunteer members of Shine to helpWe will shortly be launching our run the Silver Dreams Project. Between themmicrovolunteering opportunities and offering they have skills in charity governance, eventssmall, “bite-sized” activities that you can do to management, public speaking, socialhelp others and the Silver Dreams Project. This Continued on page 2 Congratulations to Denise Davies who wins £50 worth of M&S Vouchers. Everyone who contacted us about Silver Dreams by telephone, email, website, or post was entered into the Silver Dreams Prize Draw. “Thank you. This has made up for the horrible Christmas we had, spent in bed with the Noro virus!”- DeniseTel: 01308 426372Email:
  2. 2. Continued from page 1work, campaigning, website and social media Top Tip on Welfaredevelopment, fundraising, training, telephony,creative writing and crafting – to name but a Benefit Changesfew. All have experience of living with spina Lynne Young – Support and Development Workerbifida and/or hydrocephalus and are in the 50plus age group. They will be working with the Try a free online self-assessment forProject Coordinator and Shine staff to deliver Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)the Project’s activities over the next year. before you are reassessed if you are on Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance or Income Support paid on the If you would like something included in this grounds of incapacity. To start the free Newsletter please tell us. assessment go to: www.benefitsandwork. Angie Coster Silver Dreams Project Coordinator allowance/start-the-esa-test Tel: 01308 426372 Email: If you do not get 15 points in this test Web: start seeking advice now from your local Citizens Advice Bureau, Disability or We need a volunteer Editor for this Newsletter! Carers organisation or Shine Support and If you are interested please let us know Development Worker. How I got my local department store to put in an accessible toilet by Martin Fenney should have one that was accessible for disabled customers. She agreed, and several Not so long ago my carer and I were in my months later, having filled in a suggestion form, local BHS department store in the city centre. we returned to find a really good accessible I needed to pay a visit to the loo and asked toilet installed near the café, which they said a staff member to direct us to an accessible was thanks to me. It is one of the best in our customer toilet. city centre, and particularly good for people with a visual impairment, as I have, with She said there wasn’t one and instead different colours used for the cistern, toilet and escorted me to the male staff toilets. I wash basin. There is also plenty of room for a suggested that for a store of this size they wheelchair. So sometimes people do listen! My ACE is ace! me go about 6 months before getting another infection. However, after having the ACE By Christine Helliwell operation I am going over 5 years without getting a bladder infection. A few years ago I had the ACE operation which has changed my life very much for For everything to work well I have to stay on the better. This involved putting a hole in my a high fibre diet, drink plenty, and keep off the belly button with a tube into the bowel. The cheese and eggs. To keep healthy, and for the tube is used to put fluid in, like a high bowel ACE procedure to only take only 30 minutes wash out. Before I had the operation I was from beginning to end, I have to do it every getting bladder infections every 6 weeks. I other day and blow lots of pretend bubbles! I was put on a rotation of 3 different antibiotics am now free from pain, dry all day, and much which I changed every month. This helped healthier. Email:
  3. 3. OWZAAT an audience, usually of family and friends. The play we put on in July is just our group and is aby Nick Woodward comedy with a serious message. The play we did last year had very little oral communicationMy drama group in Aldershot North East so we had to practice our non-speakingHampshire is something that I enjoy and which communication skills – using body language andhas really helped improve my confidence. acting without saying anything.OWZAAT stands for Older, Wiser, Zanier, Adult, In December each year we put on a play withActing Troupe. It is a group for people aged 18 a younger group aged 7 to 19. The theme isto 80 and we meet every Tuesday night in a local usually fairy tales or Christmas, with somecommunity centre. Participants sign up on a pantomime and comedy thrown in for goodtermly basis and many have been with the group measure.a long time. I have been with the group for overthree years. Most of what we do is improvised The benefits of being in this drama group forand we make it up as we go along – similar to me include improved self confidence, thinkingthe series “Whose Line is it Anyway?” We have on my feet, working within a group, and helpingdone one scripted play, but I found it quite others of mixed abilities and ages. It is alsodifficult to learn all the lines. great for socialising and we quite often meet up at each others’ houses. I would recommend thisThe Group is led by a wonderful teacher called if there is anything similar in your local area –Bekki and we put on two plays a year in front of check out local adult learning courses. Realising Your Dreams by John Richards, Shine Support and Development Worker It’s alright, it’s ok, doesn’t really matter if you’re old and grey It’s alright, I say, it’s ok, listen to what I say It’s alright, doing fine, doesn’t really matter if the sun don’t shine It’s alright, I say it’s ok, you’re getting to the end of the day. We over 50s can surely relate to this song and eating out (probably a factor in my being by Dennis Waterman at the beginning of overweight!) the TV programme about a group of older police officers. I have the same feeling about Many people enjoy more adventurous having spina bifida and NPH when it comes activities. Some people have mobility to believing that I can still enjoy life and, more or cognitive issues and may need importantly, contribute to the lives of people encouragement to overcome these difficulties around me, many of whom are half my age. particularly by learning of sources of support, advice, and the friendship which comes from With the new Silver Dreams project Shine is shared hobbies. now putting a greater emphasis on the health factors that may befall us oldies with SB and/ The Silver Dreams Project aims to encourage or H, and looking at how they might affect members to share ideas and opportunities the interests and hobbies, not to mention for their leisure time, pursued independently lifestyles, we might seek, despite having these of their families and/or the people with whom “old friends”. they live, thus enriching the relationship when coming back together, as both parties have Personally, I am married with a son, am something new to talk about. Therefore, let’s a Christian and lead Milton Keynes Torch not only embrace 2013, but also resolve to Fellowship Group for visually impaired take advantage of the benefits of this new Christians. I am also passionate about project. cricket. I enjoy visits to the theatre, music,
  4. 4. Top Health Tip from Gill Yaz - Health Development ManagerMake sure you keep your VitaminD levels up during the dark wintermonths. Vitamin D is essential forkeeping bones strong and may help toprevent depression and heart disease.It is mostly made by the skin when thesun shines on it, and between Octoberand April, the sun isn’t strong enoughin the UK to produce this effect.Top up your intake with oily fish andfortified foods such as dairy productsand cereals, and when Spring finallyarrives, try to get out in the sun for halfan hour a day. Avoid strong middaysun and getting burnt, and, if you getthe chance, ask your GP to check yourVitamin D the next newsletter…l Surviving social occasions with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalusl To use or not to use a wheelchairl Loving my ipad …and more! To get involved or to find out more about the Silver Dreams Project contact Angie Coster, Project Coordinator on T: 01308 426372 E: