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Mythology power point

  1. 1. MYTHOLOGYBy Akylie Holterman
  2. 2. ZEUS: GOD OF THE SKY AND KING OFOLYMPUS, (ROMAN NAME: JUPITER)symbols include oak and the thunderbolt
  3. 3. HERA: GODDESS OFMARRIAGE AND THE QUEENOF OLYMPUS (ROMANNAME: JUNO) Symbols include peacock and the cow
  4. 4. POSEIDON: GOD OF THESEA (ROMAN NAME:NEPTUNE)Symbols include the horse and the trident
  6. 6. APHRODITE: GODDESS OFLOVE AND BEAUTY (ROMANNAME: VENUS)Symbols include the myrtle tree and the dove
  7. 7. APOLLO: GOD OF MUSICAND HEALINGSymbols include the laurel tree, the cow and thedolphin
  8. 8. ARES: GOD OF WAR(ROMAN NAME: MARS)Symbols include vulture and the dog, and he oftencarried a bloody spear
  10. 10. ATHENA: GODDESS OFWISDOM (ROMAN NAME:MINERVA)Symbols include the owl and the olive tree
  11. 11. HEPAESTUS: GOD OF FIREAND THE FORGE (ROMANNAME: VULCAN)Symbols include the anvil and the forge
  12. 12. HESTIA: GODDESS OF THEHEART (ROMAN NAMEVESTA)Fire is among her symbols
  15. 15. DIONYSUS: GOD OF WINE(ROMAN NAME: BACCHUS)Symbols include ivy, the snake and grapes
  16. 16. MINOR GODS Ampitriet: sea goddess; wife of  Fortuna: Roman goddess of fortune Poseidon  Gaea: Goddess of earth Anteros: God who avenged  Graces: beautiful goddesses unrequited love  Hebe (Juventas): Goddess of youth Astarte: Phoenician goddess of love  Hymen: god of marriage Astraea: Goddess of Justice  Hecate: goddess of sorcery and witchcraft Aurora: Goddess of Dawn  Helios (Sol): God of sun Bellona: Roman goddess of war  Hypnos (Somnus): God of sleep Caos: Formless Void; personified as first of gods  Iris: Goddess of Rainbow Cronos: Personification of time  Janus: Roman god of gates and doors Cubele: Anatolian nature goddess  Lucina: Roman Goddess of Eris: Goddess of discord childbirth Eros (Amor or Cupid): God of Love  Mnemosyne: Goddess of memory Fates: Goddess of Destiny  Momus: God of ridicule Flora: Roman goddess of flowers  Morpeus: god of dreams
  17. 17. MINOR GODS CON.  Selene: goddess of moon Muses: Goddesses presiding over  Silvanus: Roman god of woods and arts and sciences fields Nemesis: Goddess of retribution  Tellus: Roman goddess of heart Nike: goddess of victory  Terminus: Roman god ofNyx (Nox): goddess of night boundaries and landmarks Pales: roman goddess of  Terra: Roman heart goddess shepherds and herdsmen  Tanatos (Mors) god of death Pan (Faunus): god of woods and  Vertumnus: Roman god of fruits fields and vegetables Penates: Roman household gods  Winds: Aeolus (keeper of Plutus: god of wealth winds), Boreas (Aquilo) (north Pomona: Roman goddess of fruits wind), Eurus (east wind), Notus (Auster) (south wind), Zepyrus Pontus: sea god (Favonius) (west wind) Priapus: God of regeneration  Achelous: River god Proteus: sea god Quirinus: roman war god
  18. 18. WARRIORS OR HEROS Achilles: Greek warrior Hercules: Hero and strong man Jason: Leader of the Argonauts Odysseus (Ulysses): King of Ithaca and a celebrated warriorPerseus: Completed dangerous feats with his quick thinking and talents Theseus: Known for his triumph over numerous monster
  19. 19. WEAPONS Ancile: Sacred shield that fell from heavens Argo: Ship in which Jason and followers sailed to Colcis for Golden Fleece
  20. 20. MONSTERS Argus: Monster with hundred  Minotaur: Monster, half man and eyes half beast Briareus: Monster of hundred  Peripetes: giant hands  Poypemus: Cyclops Carybdis: Female monster  Procrustes: giant Cimera: Female monster with  Scylla: female monster inhabiting head of lion, body of goat, tail of rock opposite Carybdis serpent  Sirens: Minor deities who lured Cyclopes: race of one-eyed sailors to destruction with their giants singing Gorgons: female monsters  Spinx: Monster of Tebes’s body Graeae: sentinels for Gorgins of lion, wings and head and bust Harpies: Monsters with heads of of woman women and bodies of birds  Python: Serpent born from slime Hydra: Nine-headed monster in left by Deluge mars of Lerna
  21. 21. TITANS: EARLY GODS FROM WHICH OLYMPIANGODS WERE DERIVED Atlas: Titan Cronus (Saturn): Titan Dione: Titan goddess Hyperion: Titan Iapetus: Titan Oceanus: Eldest of titans; god of waters Prometeus: Titan Rhea (Ops): Daughter of Uranus and Gaea Themis: Titan goddess of laws of physical phenomena Uranus: Personification of heaven
  22. 22. NYMPHS Calypso: Sea nymph Dapne: Nymph Dryads: Wood nymphs Eco: Nymph who fell hopelessly in love with Narcissus Eurydice: Nymph Galatea: Sea nymph Hamadryads: Trees nymph Naiads: Nymphs of waters, streams, and fountains Napaeae: wood Nymphs Nereids: Sea nymphs Oceanids: ocean nymphs Oenone: Nymph of mount Ida Oreads: mountain nymphs Syrinx: Nymph pursued by Pan Sirens: Minor deities who lured sailors to destruction wit their singing
  23. 23. HELPERS TO DEMIGODS OR GODS Centaurs: Beings half man and half horse Cerberus: Tree-headed dog guarding entrance to Hades Charon: Boatman on Styx who carried souls of dead to Hades Ciron: Most famous Centaurs Circe: Sorceress Fauns: Roman deities of woods and groves Lares: Roman ancestral spirits protecting descendants and homes Pegasus: winged horse tat sprang from Medusa’s body at her death Satyrs: hoofed demigods of woods and fields Sileni: Minor woodland deities similar to satyrs
  24. 24. SPIRITS Furies: Avenging spirits Aeacus: One of three judges of dead in Hades Alecto: One of Furies Atropos: cutter of thread Clotho: spinner of thread of life Decuma: One of several Fates Erinyes: One of Furies Eumenides: One of Furies Erebus: Spirit of darkness Fates: Goddesses of Destiny Lachesis: determiner of length Megaera: one of Furies Tisiphone: one of Furies
  25. 25. RIVERS OF UNDERWORLD Acheron: Woe River of Underworld Cocytus: Wailing Rivers of Underworld Lethe: Forgetfulness River of Underworld Phlegethon: Fire River of Underworld Styx: Across which souls of dead were ferried by Charon River of Underworld
  26. 26. KINGS AND QUEENS  Cepheus: King of Ethiopia Hippolyte: Queen of Amazons  Creüsa:Princess of Corinth Persepone (Proserpine):  Danae: Princess of Argos Queen of infernal regions  Dido: Founder and Queen Admetus: King of Thessaly of Carthage Aeëtes: King of Colchis  Ixion: King of Lapithae Aeson: King of Ioclus  Memnon: Ethiopian King Agamemnon: King of  Menelaus: King of Sparta Mycenae  Mezentius: Cruel Etruscan Atalanta: Princess who King challenged her suitors to a  Midas: King of Phrygia foot race Atreus: King of Mycenae
  27. 27. KINGS AND QUEENS CON. Minos: King of Crete Nestor: King of Pylos Odysseus (Ulysses): King of Ithaca Oedipus: King of Thebes Pelias: King of Ioclus Priam: King of Troy Pygmalion: King of Cyprus Sarpedon: King of Lycia Sisyphus: King of Corinth Tantalus: Cruel King Turnus: King of Rutuli in Italy
  28. 28. FAMILY  Andromeda: Daughter of Aegeus: Father of Theseus Cepheus Aegisthus: Son of Thyestes  Anteia: wife of Proetus Aegyptus: Brother of Danaus  Antigone: Daughter of Oedipus Aethra: Mother of Theseus  Ariadne: Daughter of Minos Alcestis: Wife of Admetus  Cadmus: Brother of Europa Alcmene: Wife of Amphitryon  Cassandra: Daughter of Priam Althaes: Wife of Oeneus  Clytemnestra: Wife of Amphitryon: Husband of Agamemnon Alcmene  Creon: Father of Jocasta Anchises: Father of Aeneas  Creusa: Wife of Aeneas Andraemon: Husband of Dryope  Danaïdes: Daughter of Danaüs Andromache: Wife of Hector  Danaüs: Brother of Aegyptus
  29. 29. FAMILY CON. Dioscuri: Twins Castor and  Hypermnestra: Daughter of Pollux Danaüs Electra: Daughter of  Icarus: Son of Daedalus Agamemnon and Clytemnestra  Iphigenia: daughter of Agamenon Epimetheus: Brother of  Ismene: Daughter of Oedipus/ Prometheus Sister of Antigone Eteocles: Son of Oedipus  Jason: Son of Aeson Haemon: Son of Creon  Jocasta: Wife of Laius Hector: Son of Priam  Laius: Father of Oedipus Hecuba: wife of Priam  Lavinia: Wife of Aeneas after Heliades: Daughters of Helios defeat of Turnus Helle: Sister of Phrixos  Lynceus: Son of Aegyptus Hippolytus: Son of Theseus and  Maia: daughter of Atlas Hippolyte  Meleager: Son of Althaea Hippomenes: Husband of Atalanta
  30. 30. FAMILY CON.  Polynices: Son of Oedipus Neoptolemus: Son of Achilles  Polyxena: Daughter of Priam Niobe: Daughter of Tantalus  Procris: Wife of Cephalus Orestes: Son of Agamemnon  Proetus: Husband Anteia Paris: Son of Priam  Remus; Brother of Romulus Pelops: Son of Tantalus  Semele: Daughter of Cadmus Penelope: wife of Odysseus  Telemachus: Son of Perseus: Son of Zeus and Odysseus Danaë  Theseus: Son of Aegeus Phaedra: Daughter of Minos  Thyestes: Brother of Atreus Phaethon: son of Helios Phrixos: Brother of Helle Pirithous: So of Ixion
  31. 31. THE TWELVE LABORS OF HERCULES One: Kill the Nemean Lion  Seven: Capture the Cretan Two: Kill the Lernean Hydra Bull Three: Capture the Cerynian  Eight: Capture the Horses of Hind Diomedes Four: Capture the  Nine: Take the Girdle of the Erymanthian Boar Amazon Queen Hippolyte Five: Clean the Augean  Ten: Capture the Cattle of Stables Geryon Six: Kill the Stymphalian  Eleven: Take the Golden Birds Apples of the Hesperides  Twelve: Capture Cerberus
  32. 32. RADOM MORTALS  Briseis: Captive maiden given to Acaeon: Hunter Achilles Adonis: Beautiful youth loved by  Cephalus: Hunter Aphrodite  Chryseis: captive maiden given Aeneas: Trojan to Agamemnon Ajax; Greek warrior  Daedalus: Athenian artificer Alectryon: Youth changed by  Diomedes: Greek hero Ares into cock  Diomedes: owner of man-eating Amphion: Musician horses Arachne: Maiden who  Dryope: Maiden changed to challenged Athena to weaving Hamadryad contest  Endymion: Mortal loved by Arion: Musician Selene Asclepius (Aesculapius): Mortal  Europa: Mortal loved by Zeus son of Apollo  Galatea: Statue of maiden Avernus: Infernal regions carved from ivory by Pygmalion Bellerophon: Corinthian Hero  Ganymede: beautiful boy
  33. 33. RADOM MORTALS CON. Glaucus: Mortal who became sea  Narcissus: Beautiful youth loved by divinity by eating magic grass Echo Helen: fairest woman in world  Orion: Hunter Hero: Priestess of Aphrodite  Palinurus: Aeneas’ pilot Hyacinthus: Beautiful youth  Pandora: Opener of box containing accidentally killed by Apollo human ills Io: Mortal maiden loved by Zeus  Patroclus: Great friend of Achilles Laocoön: Priest of Apollo  Philcotetes: Greek warrior who Leander: Swam Hellespoint nightly to possessed Hercules’ bow and arrows see Hero  Psych: Beloved of Eros Leda: Mortal loved by Zeus in form of  Pyramus: Babylonian youth swan  Sciron: Robber Leto (Latona): Mother by Zeus of  Sibyis: Various prophetesses Artemis and Apollo  Symplegades: Clashing rocks at Marsyas: shepherd entrance to Black Sea Mento: Tutor of Telemachus
  34. 34. RADOM MORTALS CON. Thisbe: Beloved of Pyramus Tiresias: Blind soothsayer of Thebes Tithonus: Mortal loved by Eos
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