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John R Fox


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Published in: Education
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John R Fox

  1. 1. John R Fox By luke Pfalmer John R Fox was born in Cincinnati, Ohio May 18, 1915. He attended Wilberforce University, participating in ROTC under Aaron R. Fisher and graduated with a commission of second lieutenant in 1940. In 1944 four years later, when Fox was 29 years old, he called artillery fire on his own position during the battle of Scottilamila on December 26. The man operating the turret knew he would not survive, but he fired anyway. Fox's body was found in a building along with more than a hundred German soldiers. In 1982 he was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross . More than fifty years after his death, Fox was awarded the Medal of Honor. He is buried in Colebrook Cemetery in Whitman, Massachusetts. In the early 1990s it was determined that African-American soldiers were denied consideration for the Medal of Honor solely due to their race. After a review, seven African-American soldiers had their Medals upgraded in January, 1997 to the Medal of Honor. First Lieutenant Fox was one of the seven. Fox died at a young age so that is why he is lesser known today. Although John R Fox did die at age 29 some people did not forget his bravery. The people of Scottilamila were so grateful they built a statue in his honor and 8 American soldiers who died in battle. In 2005, the company Hasbro added Lt. John R. Fox as part of its G.I. Joe Medal-of-Honor series. That is why he is my hero.