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webstudy jquery


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web study jquery

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webstudy jquery

  1. 1. jQuery { JavaScript Han seung ho 한승호
  2. 2. Index  jQuery & Basic tutorial  Develop helper  jQuery plug-in
  3. 3. Ready 1. TeamViewer 2. Google chrome setup 3. Google chrome extension Chrome web store jQuery Selectors jQuery Plugins Inspector
  4. 4. { jQuery & Basic tutorial
  5. 5. JavaScript LibraryjQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. 9260 line (1.71 dev) 9260 line + 1 line <script src="jquery.js"></script> <script> $(‘div’).show(); </script>
  6. 6. $(‘Selectors’). method(...); example $(‘#box1’). hide(); $(‘.box2 a’). fadeout(); $(‘#box1, .box2 a’). show(); $(‘div’). css(‘display, none); [Application Program Interface]
  7. 7. $(‘Selectors’). .method(...) .method(...); example$(‘#box1’).show().css(‘left, 300).animate( { left: 600 }, 1000 ).fadeout();$(‘#box1’).show().addClass(over); 8/skin/images/jquery.html
  8. 8. var name = $(‘Selectors’). .method(...) .method(...); examplevar box2a = $(‘.box2’).find(‘a’);;
  9. 9. Navigation Design Main-menu Html + CSS jQuery click & hover Sub-menu html + CSS
  10. 10. { Develop helper
  11. 11. Jsfiddle
  12. 12. jQuery Selectors
  13. 13. jQuery Plugins Inspector
  14. 14. { jQuery plug-in
  15. 15. in sequenceCall jQuery Call plug-in JS Call CSS
  16. 16. jQueryUI
  17. 17. BX Slider
  18. 18. Apycom menus
  19. 19. Flex slider
  20. 20. { Thank you