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Landscaping Unit Plants


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Landscaping Unit Plants

  1. 1. Japanese Barberry• Shrub, deciduous• Hardiness Zones: 4a to 8a• Height: 3’ to 6’ by Spread: 4’ to 6’• Exposure: shade to full sun• Leaf Color: Green, Purple – Grown for Foliage not blooms• Has small red berries in fall• Grows very slowly• Looks like a red boxwood• Has small thorns
  2. 2. Boxwoods Buxus• Broadleaf evergreen shrubs• USDA zones 6 – 8• Dwarf varieties grow to about 3’ high• Many varieties and sizes• Full sun to part shade• May or may not be pruned and shaped• Usually a formal style of planting• Propagate by cuttings (allow to callus)
  3. 3. Euonymus alatus Winged euonymus• Deciduous shrub• Also called burning bush• Zones 3-9• 5-6’ tall & wide• Brilliant red foliage in fall• Full sun to pt shade• Uses: Hedge, specimen, accent
  4. 4. Japanese Maple Acer palmatum• Plant type: Tree• USDA Hardiness Zones: 5b to 8a• Height: Dwarf: 3-8”, Std 15-20’• Exposure: shade to full sun• Leaf Color: Green or red• Growth Rate: slow• Landscape Uses: Standard, Specimen, Woodland garden• Special Features: Attractive foliage,• Weeping or upright forms• Very expensive
  5. 5. Junipers• Juniperus• Plant type: Groundcover• USDA Hardiness Zones: 4a to 10a• Height: 11" to 24" Spread: 10-20’• Exposure: partial shade to full sun• Leaves: Green to yellow green• Growth Rate: slow• Form: Prostrate, Spreading or horizontal• Landscape Uses: Erosion control, Ground cover, Massing• Susceptible to bagworms
  6. 6. Saucer MagnoliaMagnolia x loebneri• Plant type: Tree, deciduous• USDA Hardiness Zones: 4b to 8a• Height: 25-30’,• Exposure: full sun• Bloom Color: White, pink• Bloom Time: spring• Landscape Uses: Espalier, Specimen• Special Features: Fragrant flowers,• Blooms are very showy
  7. 7. Southern Magnolia• Magnolia grandiflora• Evergreen Tree• USDA zones 7-9• Has large white flowers in summer• Sun or part shade• Grows 40-50’• Has a pyramid shape• Leaves are valued for holiday decor
  8. 8. Nandina• Also called Heavenly Bamboo• Evergreen shrub, grows 6-8’• Red fall color, white spring blooms, red fall/winter berries• Light: Sun to shade.• Moisture: Moist to average; tolerates dry spells once established.• Hardiness: USDA Zones 6 to 8.• Propagation: From cuttings during warm weather or from seed.• Very low maintenance• Can be invasive
  9. 9. Periwinkle Vinca minor• Perennial, evergreen, groundcover• USDA Hardiness Zones: 4a to 9a• Height: 6" to 12" , spread 12-14”• Exposure: shade to full sun• Bloom Color: Blue, Lavender, Purple, White• Leaf Color: Green• Growth Rate: fast• Can become invasive• Landscape Uses: Erosion control, Ground cover
  10. 10. Photinia Red-tip• Plant type: Evergreen Tree or shrub• USDA Hardiness Zones: 7b to 9a• Height: 15 to 25’ and 10 to 20’ wide"• Exposure: full sun• Leaf Color: Green, Purple• Growth Rate: Quickly out grows small spaces• Landscape Uses: Hedge, Screen, Standard, Specimen, Street tree
  11. 11. Yews• Genus: Taxus• Evergreen shrub• Many varieties from 2’ to 20’ tall.• Exposure: Shade to full sun• Flat needles up to 1” long• Used for hedges or foundation plantings• Tend to be over-pruned