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Asymmetrical triangle designs


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Asymmetrical triangle designs

  1. 1. Asymmetrical Triangle Designs L shape (Right Triangle) Scalene
  2. 2. Right Triangle• Step 1 - Secure foam in a shallow container – It should extend ½” above the rim of the container• Step 2 – Establish the framework – Height along the upright edge and width on the horizontal edge
  3. 3. Right Triangle• Step 3 – Soften the upright edge with similar line elements• Step 5 - Conceal the foam
  4. 4. Right Triangle• Step 5 – Establish a focal point• Step 6 – Fill with mass and filler flowers
  5. 5. Scalene Triangle• Similar to the right triangle except:• Arrangement must be elevated and the lower side of the triangle must dip below level• or• Upper side extends beyond center and the lower side is level