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KegNation (Belle Stout) Orientatino


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A fictional introduction for new employees to a company producing a new facility and new line of product.

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KegNation (Belle Stout) Orientatino

  1. 1. “Custom beer lovers making Custom beer for Custom beer lovers!”
  2. 2. It is YOU that has been carefully chosen to be the polish of the KegNation Foundation as our newest and unparalleled production team. We just can’t shine without you!
  3. 3. • The introduction of a new generation of beer, fine tuned flavor just to the taste of our commonly overlooked enthusiasts. We were simply asked – “Where is the beer for women?!”• It is time to unveil the freshest flavor to the world of indulgence:
  4. 4. The Juicy Details…• STYLE American Spiced Stout• BASE Milk Stout w/ Strawberry & Hibiscus• MALT Pale, Crystal 60, Flaked Oats, Roasted Barley, Crystal 80, Flaked Barley• HOP Cluster, Glacier, Perle, Cascade• ABV 5.5% ALC• IBU 22 °L• SRM 36• BREWED Exclusively in St. Petersburg, FL
  5. 5. What you can expect from US We, as a company yet also like our beers, are the result of acombination of tradition, human chemistry, creativity, and wonder. Ourcompany traditions are those of quality, growth, respect for others, open-mindedness, and hard work. We believe that everyone has a valuablecontribution to make and that all of us are free to express our opinions,provided we do so constructively and without personal motives. It is theprocess of interaction that exists between the people of our company,manifested in an absence of boundaries to communication andimprovement that shows that we believe in the value of the individual,both inside and outside the company. “Custom beer lovers making Custom beer for Custom beer lovers!”
  6. 6. “We just can’t shine without YOU!” Our people are our most valuable asset and only our people canhelp our company be better tomorrow than we are today. That’s why welook to attract the very best talent, and through training, mentoring andproviding a challenging and engaging environment, we provide afoundation that allows us to come together to generate industry-leadingresults.We benefit by each person bringing their own perspectives, ideasand energy to our organization. A key to our continued success is drawing on the diverse, uniquebackgrounds and experiences of our employees. Our commitment toequal employment opportunities, diversity and inclusion not only helpsmake our company a great place to work, but it is also a defining value thatguides our relationships with customers and the communities we serve.
  7. 7. Here at KegNation we support the important aspects of businessand hold our rules close. Everyday our breweries should be safe,secure, and potent facilities that promote:•honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparentconflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships;•full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in reports anddocuments that the Company files with, or submits to, the SEC;•compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations;•the prompt internal reporting to an appropriate person or persons identified inthe Code of violations of the Code
  8. 8. Resources to turn to:• Welcome and shake the hand of our very own Director of Human Resources.• Feel Free to take a pamphlet in the lobby at lunch Codes of the Beer World that explain what you can and cannot do in the Brewery.• Open reference to your Codes of the Conduct that you signed when you were hired.
  9. 9. Rules and Regs• You cannot be drunk at work or come to work drunk. If you are under suspicion, you have already signed a wavier stating that we can use a breathalyzer on you at anytime.• Contest held once a year to encourage suggestions for future beers. If you win your beer recipe may be featured for the season.• If a keg of beer has been damaged, you go through the proper paperwork and can take it home. Although if we find out it was unethical and not an accident you will be terminated son the spot.• Beer is half off at the bar in the brewery at any time unless you are currently on the clock.• Drunk Driving is ZERO tolerance. If you receive a D.U.I. for any reason you are terminated on the spot no questions asked.• Stealing is not tolerated. If you want beer, it is at warehouse price for our employees, although our quaintly is limited per person. If for some reason demand is high and we do not make enough of a certain style you may be denied and be required to pay full retail price.
  10. 10. James Welch Proudly gracing us as our Director of Human Resources Currently working on his 6th academic degree, James still finds time to enjoy getting to know our employees, serving the US Army Reserve, volunteering, teaching at a local college, and somehow still having free time for running and even playing the guitar! Voted employee of the year for 2013 by our company, we look forward to his further time spent in the KegNation family.
  11. 11. • Powerpoint brought to and made by: Raneata Lemke & Derick Smith• PHI 1600 – 2246 (Professor James Welch)• Made and edited July 18th, 2012• Presented unrehearsed and last minute (of course)