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Sampling Research Corporate Profile Nov 2010


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Sampling Research Corporate Profile Nov 2010

  1. 1. SAMPLING RESEARCH pling Research – Glob Research Solution bal S 109, 1st Floor, Laxman Plaza, Munirka, New Delhi ‐ 110 067, India +91‐11‐47440500‐24 Samp To protect the confidential and proprietary information included in this material, it may not be disclosed or provided to any third parties without the approval of Sampling Research. 1
  2. 2. ABOUT US Sampling Research is a full service Market Research company based  in India  i I di pling Research – Glob Research Solution We are one of the most innovative and fast growing international  services firm providing accurate, high quality, reasonably priced,  S cutting edge research, analytics and outsourcing solutions to clients  across the globe.  bal Headed by a PhD from IIT Kanpur, in the area of Innovation and  Headed by a PhD from IIT Kanpur, in the area of Innovation and Technology Management Have a strong team of consultants having expertise in various areas  Have a strong team of consultants having expertise in various areas of Market Research Samp Expert team includes Professors from IITs and IIMs and specialists  E i l d P f f IIT d IIM d i li having 25‐30 years of industry experience 2
  3. 3. OUR OFFERINGS • Market Research • Recognize Your Solutions Customer • Social Economic • Sales Lead Research Solutions Generation pling Research – Glob Research Solution • Financial Research • Data Analytics Database Dtb Solutions S l i S Research Management Solutions Solutions bal Outsourcing Field Solutions Solutions • Assessment • CATI Services Operations • Survey Programming • Survey Operations • Online Surveys • Census Operations p Samp • Mystery Shopping 3
  4. 4. OUR BASIC FRAMEWORK Features F t Technology T h l Manpower M pling Research – Glob Research Solution S * 50 workstations. * Permanent staff of 40 * End to end IP solution - * VLAN based network. employees. Scalable & Flexible. * Restricted Internet * Staff consists of 80% * Analysis based on access based on domain MBAs and 20% PhDs. Intelligent tagging bal Authentication A th ti ti * 30 field executives * Server Based Storage * Enterprise-wide, real time & historical data, web * Virus protection by Symantec Corporation S t C ti * A panel of language based reporting. experts for conducting * Ability to Data Mine. * VERITAS Backup suite for recovery surveys across the globe. * Continuous quality * An expert team for monitoring * 100% Call Recording * 100% power backup sales lead generation Samp 4
  5. 5. OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS • World-wide CATI Solution (English and Non English ). World CATI Services class CATI facility with 100% call records. Data delivery in spreadsheets/ custom report pling Research – Glob Research Solution S • Programming to custom surveys • Versioning & Rolling back of incomplete surveys Survey Programming bal • Translation of survey into various different languages • Online reporting • Panel of more than 10,000 respondents in India • Includes urban/rural/all age groups & all professions Online Survey • Panel of Senior management world-wide (10,000 +) Samp 5
  6. 6. DATABASE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS • Data Generation & Collection, Data Updation & Recognize Your R Y Standardization, Database Re-Engineering & Refinement Customer Practice, Database by Blueprint, Email, Address & Vertical Research pling Research – Glob Research Solution S • SLG services are targeted to those clients whose primary focus is selling B2B products or services. Our SLG Sales Lead Generation bal services iincludes llead t ki llead promotion, t l l i ld d tracking, d ti telesales and channel management • DAS provides data collection, coding, validation, storing, extraction, cleaning, transformation, interpretation, Data Analytics Solutions analysis facilities. We also do report auditing & strategic analysis with available tools like SPSS SAS etc SPSS, SAS, etc. Samp 6
  7. 7. RESEARCH SOLUTIONS Market Research M k R h • B2B / B2C Research New Product Research, India Advantage Research, Research Research, Industry Research & Competitor Research, Dipstick Solutions Research pling Research – Glob Research Solution S Social Economic • Evaluation Research, Ethnographic Research, Education bal Research Solution R hS l i Research R h • Portfolio Management, Benchmarking of Financial Instruments (shares, Mutual Funds, Equity, Commodity, Derivative etc.) Financial Research ,Corporate Benchmarking, Beta Achieving, Investment Research & Alpha Generating Investment Strategy Research Research, Samp 7
  8. 8. FIELD SOLUTIONS • Review your existing markets from where you may be able to generate new Assessment client b li t base. M k t d l Market development, consolidation and penetration. It also h l t lid ti d t ti l helps Operations to know the market opportunity & business opinion of various product line, services and product development pling Research – Glob Research Solution S Survey • Customer survey, employee survey, market survey, election opinion survey, Operations business opinion survey bal Census • Large-scale survey operations under the household segment and commercial Operations market. Mystery • Mystery Audit, Mystery customer survey, Custom Designed mystery shopping, Shopping Market Report Report. Samp 8
  9. 9. OUR METHODOLOGY Field Survey Depth pling Research – Glob Research Solution CATI Interview Mystery Services Shopping S Online Focus Group Survey y bal Discussion Samp 9
  10. 10. FEW CASE STUDIES • Sales Lead generation - Building a database of 5 lakh+ across Database Management US and Canada. dC d pling Research – Glob Research Solution • Conducted analysis for a leading Apparel brand for determining Data Analytics Solutions the women trouser sizing . S • Impact assessment of Smelting industry in Chittorgarh and the Socio Economic Socio-Economic Research bal nearby areas b y y • Conducted an IT study in US, UK, Canada, France , Germany, CATI Brazil and Korea. Sample Size was 250 per geography. • Conducted F2F and FGDs with Gastroenterologists for a Qualitative company which was launching a new medicine in the Indian Samp market. 10
  11. 11. WHY SAMPLING RESEARCH Being a full service market research agency we have a strong understanding of the end to end research process pling Research – Glob Research Solution S Sampling Research provides a one stop research solution to all your research needs bal We design, provide methodology, administer the research and analyze the results We partner with you to take your market research to the next level... by turning "data" into actionable information Samp 11
  12. 12. FEW ESTEEMED CLIENTS Deloitte India European Union Insta Power pling Research – Glob Research Solution French Embassy Singapore National University Schneider Electrics Daimler Ch l D i l Chrysler S Cross Index- Japan University of Australia IRC- Iran Boston University, USA bal Pizza Hut University of Winconsin, Madison, USA Hindustan Zinc Limited University of Pennsylvania, USA Levi’s Strauss NIIT Life Science Dynamics – USA Cvent Incorporation, USA W Brand Samp 12
  13. 13. FOR BUSINESS RELATIONS • Please contact: pling Research – Glob Research Solution Shilpi Kindo: 9871303072 S bal Dr. Shikha S D Shikh Suman: 9871756326 li h@ il Thank You!! Samp 13